Capital One Shopping App Promotions: Give $75 and Get $75 Bonus

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Now get the best possible deals and coupons with Capital One Shopping and save on your online purchases.

“The Capital One Shopping app is a free tool for online shoppers that offers you various promotions. You can get promo codes, rewards, coupons, and the best deals by saving your time and money.”

Let’s get into all the details and explore Capital One Shopping app promotions here.

Capital One Shopping App Promotions 2023:

With the Capital One Shopping browser extension, you will get the best loyalty coupons, promo codes, cashbacks, and deals.

A free tool to find deals! You will relish automated coupon searches, shopping credits that are redeemable for gift cards, new offer alerts, and exclusive deal pop-ups that save you a lot of money.

All the special features and Capital One promotions are discussed below:

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Automated Coupon Codes:

You don’t need to find out a coupon code if you have the Capital One Shopping app with you.

If you are purchasing items from Capital One Shopping-partnered sites like Macy’s, Walmart, and eBay, it will provide you with the latest coupon codes that will automatically apply to your purchases

It will provide you with the coupon codes that are publicly available and are used by Capital One Shopping members.

Exclusive Deals: Get the highest cashback

The Capital One Shopping “Exclusive Deals” feature rewarded you with bonus rates on a store you visited previously. 

Like, if you go to any Capital One Shopping shopping partner site and search for the products, do not buy the desirable product. The very next day, you will receive an “Exclusive Deal” on that product from the store you visited. 

These Exclusive Deals save you income by giving you higher returns (cashback) in shopping credits, which you can redeem for gift cards. 

Capital One Shopping Credits:

You will accrue shopping credit promotions for your purchases made with retailers who have collaborated with Capital One Shopping. 

You just have to activate the offer that pops up on the site with the percentage of free money you can earn

You can withdraw your Shopping Credits balance via Amazon, PayPal, and Visa gift cards. 

Tools for comparing prices:

When you are shopping with Amazon and searching for products, Capital One Shopping’s price comparison tool works and gives you the best possible rates from thousands of sellers and retailers. 

And that’s how the Capital One Shopping price comparison tool promotion gives you the opportunity to save money

Capital One Shopping Hotel Deals:

Capital One Shopping gives you shopping credits on your hotel stays, like Rakuten, which gives you flash cashback on hotel deals. 

When these credits are applied to your purchase, you will get a comparatively lower price than Google hotels. 

Sometimes the prices are higher, but you also have Capital One Business Deals, which offers incredible rates. If you want to shop for hotel deals regularly, you will have the Capital One Business option.

Capital One Shopping Price Protection Policy: Get Your Refund

Capital One Shopping app promotions also offer a price protection policy by analyzing all your orders for price drops at selected retailers and asking them for a refund within a given period of time. 

Capital One Shopping also requests a refund automatically when the price goes down. 

Capital One Shopping App SignUp Bonus:

Usually, the Capital One Shopping app gives a $10 sign-up bonus, but during this Black Friday, it increases to $75. This offer is for a limited time, so sign up before it expires. Follow the below steps to sign up.

Simple Steps to Claim the Capital One Shopping app Sign-Up Bonus:

  • New User Requirement: You must be a new Capital One Shopping user.
  • Sign-Up Process: Click this Capital One Shopping referral link to Sign up, create a new account, and install the Capital One Shopping browser extension.
  • Purchase Criteria: Make Qualifying Purchases totaling $10 within 30 days of signing up.
  • Qualifying Purchase: A purchase via Capital One Shopping that earns Capital One Shopping Rewards.
  • Automatic Application: The bonus will be automatically applied to your account within 30 days after meeting the requirements.
  • Bonus Form: The bonus will be awarded as Capital One Shopping Rewards.

Capital One Shopping App Referral Bonus:

Get rewarded by referring your friends and family! The Capital One Shopping App allows cardholders to earn rewards through their personalized referral link. 

The referral bonus amount depends on the Capital One product you refer; most of the references indicate that you will receive the maximum of a $75 Capital One referral bonus

The steps to get a Capital One referral bonus are seamless; you just have to sign up for the account, get your personalized referral link, and by sharing it, you will get your Capital One Shopping rewards. 

The referee has to complete the sign-up procedure efficiently by using your link and making a qualified purchase so that you will both be rewarded with a $75 referral bonus. 

How to add the Capital One Shopping app?

The Capital One Shopping app is available to both Android and iOS users. You can easily install the extension on your phone by following these simple steps:

  1. Sign up with it by visiting the Capital One Shopping site.
  2. Now click the “Add Capital One Shopping to X” option.
  3. Select the “install” button to add an extension to your browser.
  4. To continue, fill in the required information, like a zip code.
  5. After completing it, your Capital One Shopping browser extension is successfully added.

Is Capital One Shopping safe and legit?

Capital One Shopping is a legitimate and safe platform operated by the trusted companies of financial institutions. 

It has a 5-star rating on the Google Chrome Store and millions of active users. 

This browser extension gives you online coupons and rewards at 30,000+ retailers, but the complete features and services are available within the United States only.


If you want to save money, the Capital One Shopping app is the best option. Capital One Shopping app promotions, exclusive deals, and saving features let users get cashback and rewards while keeping their pockets secure. 

This article mentioned for you all the latest promotions and features that are currently available to you on the Capital One Shopping app.

Although sometimes it might not perform well and take a long time, if you show patience, you will get better deals.

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