Does Temu Sell iPhones at low Price?

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An evolving marketplace with a wide variety of products, amazing deals, and a user-friendly interface. Yes, we are talking about Temu, which is in the race to become the topmost online marketplace in the US. Be it electronics, home improvement or fashion and beauty, Temu has always responded to the demands of all types of customers.

But even after offering so many products, doubt remains in people’s minds: does Temu sell iPhones?

Yes, Temu sells iPhones. This brand new online place also sells branded items, and that too at competitive prices. Temu’s aim is to provide the best shopping experience to every shopper at a low cost. Branded items are now available on Temu, too. And for iPhone lovers, there is good news: Temu also sells brand-new iPhones at low prices. Let us give you all the information in detail.

How Does Temu Sell iPhones At Low Prices?

Temu is giving a good discount not only on the iPhone but on all of its products. This is because Temu directly buys products from original suppliers and delivers them directly to customers. This is the case for the entire product chain of Temu.

Temu’s inventory comes from China, where manufacturers manufacture many popular US brands. And from there, they manufacture and send it directly to the US. Neither is there any middleman in the whole process nor is there any warehouse. This has resulted in a lot of cost-cutting for Temu.

If we talk about the iPhone, then Temu has provided its users with a discount of up to 45%-50% on iPhones as compared to standard US retail pricing of iPhones.

  • iPhone 13 price on Temu is $549.99 (retail price $699)
  • iPhone 14 price on Temu is $679.99 (retail price $799)
  • iPhone 14 Pro price on Temu is $749.99 (retail price $999)

Are the iPhones Available on Temu Authentic?

Yes, Temu sells 100% authentic iPhones. Temu gets iPhones directly from Apple and directly delivers them to customers, so due to this, no reason for customers’ complaints is left. The iPhones sold by Temu are absolutely authentic and come with Apple’s warranty. 

The second thing is that Temu also wants to increase its market share so that it will never cheat on the users and will provide the original items.

Apart from this, if you are not happy with any of Temu’s products and want to return them, you can do it easily on Temu. You can get your money back by returning the product within 90 days.

How To Buy An iPhone From Temu?

It is very easy to buy an iPhone from Temu. Here, we have given some steps. Follow them and save your dollars by ordering your iPhone from Temu.

Steps to Buy iPhone on Temu

Step 1: Go to Temu website and browse the iPhone model you want to buy. Temu has a complete range of iPhones available. You can choose the model, color, and storage as per your requirements.

Step 2: Add the iPhone you have chosen to the cart.

Step 3: After adding an iPhone, you will be taken to the Temu checkout page. Enter your shipping details along with payment information on the checkout page. If you want to pay with your credit card, you can do that too; Temu accepts all types of credit cards.

Step 4: Your iPhone is ready for shipping. Temu offers free shipping on every product, which takes 5 to 10 days to be delivered to you. If you want to get your product quickly, you can choose the option of express shipping; your order will reach you in 3-5 days. For this, you will have to pay an additional fee.

Step 5: Hurrah, you have a brand new iPhone in your hand now. It’s time to activate it.

Purchases of Electronics from Temu: Common Concerns Of Shoppers

As everyone knows, Temu is new in the market, and to make its mark, Temu is selling items at very cheap rates. This creates doubt in the minds of customers as to why Temu’s products are so cheap. Are they selling duplicate products? Are they selling copies of the items? But let us tell you there is no need to worry; Temu always takes care of its customers’ concerns and never cheats them.

  1. Warranty: Temu gives a 90-day money-back guarantee to its customers. Suppose the customer is not satisfied with any of Temu’s products (whether the product is cheap or expensive). In that case, customers can easily return the product to Temu and get a refund.
  1. Authenticity: Temu’s products are 100% authentic. It is new in the market, and to build its trust and reputation, Temu always does whatever customers expect from it.
  1. Supply Chain: Temu takes its orders directly from manufacturers and delivers them to customers. There is no middleman and warehouse in between, which then helps Temu to reduce its products’ costs
  1. App Security: Temu guarantees to keep customer data completely secure. Its payment gateways are completely secure and trusted. Along with this, it never stores the customer’s credit card information.
  1. Product Condition: Customers never get a chance to complain about the condition of TEMU products. Temu packs its product very well and delivers it to the customers. Yes, the packaging conditions are sometimes bad, but the product’s condition will never be reduced.

Wrapping Up

This holiday season, if you are planning to buy an iPhone or any other product, then we would suggest you shop from Temu. You get a good discount by shopping with Temu, and you save your hard-earned money

Apart from this, Temu also keeps releasing offers and coupon codes from time to time, using which you can also get additional discounts. Overall, buying goods from Temu is trusted and secure.

If you want to buy an iPhone from Temu, then you can go for it. You will get genuine iPhones with a warranty and at the lowest price. We hope you like this article; if you have any queries, you can ask us in the comments.

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