How To Make Money On Temu: Unlock The Newest Methods To Earn Big

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Hotter than Amazon, Cheaper than Walmart, and faster than Etsy, that’s Temu. But is Temu Legit? Is Temu safe? How to make money on Temu? These questions are not new since the arrival of Temu, the online marketplace in the US.

Well, we will give the answers to these questions in this blog, but before that let us look at Temu data. Temu, which is an ECommerce app that sells its products at quite cheap prices and made quite a big name in a very short time, is now ruling 30 million smartphones. And it sells items at 90% less than its competitors.

There is a natural question in the mind of people who have seen all these things, how Temu make its mark in the online market amidst such tremendous competition and sell the cheapest items? The biggest question that shakes users’ minds based on its explosive growth in the market is whether Temu is safe. Is Temu legit? And how can we make money on Temu?

Let’s check it out in the blog.

Amazing Features of Temu App With Overview

Temu was launched in 2022 and has become a successful name in the online market in no time. The secret to providing the best product to the customer at a very low price is to deliver the product directly from the manufacturers to the customer. There is no wholesaler or middleman in Between, due to which a lot of cost is saved and it allows Temu to swiftly provide items to customers at low prices.

Some of Temu’s best features:

  • Free shipping on all orders.
  • Wide range of items, such as clothing, electronics, personal care, toys, automotive, home decor, etc.
  • Continuous flash sales, discount offers, and coupon codes to save more.
  • Great facility to earn cashback.
  • User-friendly interface.
  • Best and responsive customer support 24/7.
  • Accept Credit cards, Net banking, Online banking, and Cash with utmost security and privacy.

Apart from this, Temu is available for iOS and Android devices which is equipped with a great interface.

Is Temu Legit? What Makes It A Legal Online Business?

The way Temu sells good products at low prices, people start wondering whether Temu is doing any scams. Is this online marketplace legal?

Sometimes people are dissatisfied with the products because the product they got was of poor quality, but we have never heard of Temu taking anyone’s money away. Along with this, we will give some pointers here which prove that Temu is completely legit and is not doing any scams.

 1. Temu is a Registered Online Marketplace or E-Commerce Company

Temu Marketplace is owned by Azoya Limited, a Hong Kong-registered company. All its registration documents are available online, you can see the details by visiting the company’s website.

2. 24/7 Customer Support

Temu’s customer service is very good, whenever you have any issue related to any product, return related or delivery related their customer service is always ready to help you. Many Temu users on social media have given good feedback about their customer service. This shows that Temu is legit.

3. Legit User Reviews

From Temu’s product review to Temu app review, you will get to see genuine user reviews. Go to the Temu website where you can see customer reviews about the products they have purchased, and if you go to the iOS app store or Android app, you can also see positive user reviews about the Temu app, going through which we can say that Temu is not a scam, but a genuine online store.

 4. Influencers Participation

Temu uses influencers in its promotional campaigns, associating famous faces with the brands and building a true public credibility is no easy feat. No fake app can make its brand name known to the public with high credibility. This proves that Temu’s business is legal and it is a legit app.

How To Make Money On Temu? Is it Really Possible To Make Money On Temu?

Yes, it is possible to make money on Temu, there are several methods to do this, such as:

 1. Earning Profit from Cashback Rewards

You can earn cashback rewards from Temu. Temu provides cash back ranging from a minimum of 2% to 25% to its customers on any purchase. And if users want to earn more cashback, they will need a club membership of $10. After taking this membership, the reward percentage of users increases and there is a possibility of more earning.

2. Affiliate Marketing

Temu runs its affiliate program, in which users have the option to earn affiliate commissions by registering themselves on Temu. Users have to promote the products of other sellers, to promote the products users can create Videos, blog posts and social media posts by adding their affiliate links to them. Whenever a buyer purchases an item with that affiliate link, the user will get the commission.

3. Earn Using Referral Income

This is a great way to earn income from Temu. If your friend circle is big enough then you can make a good income from it. You can give your referral code to your friends, and if your friend signs up and makes his first purchase using that referral code, you will get $10. The more people make their first purchase from your referral code, the more benefits you will get.

4. Earning Via Reselling

This is just another mini business model you can set up for yourself. You can buy products from Temu at lower prices and sell them on other websites like Amazon or eBay. As you know, you can get very cheap products on Temu, buy them from there and resell them on other websites at slightly higher prices and simply earn your dollars.

5. Earning By Playing Games

Temu has also given its audience an opportunity to earn money by playing games. You can get cash rewards, discounts, Temu gifts, and PayPal credits by playing games on Temu and completing tasks. Apart from this, users can earn Temu coins by playing the game on Temu, and these coins can later be redeemed for gift cards and other prizes. Additionally, you can refer Temu games to your friends on playing those games, you will get additional rewards and bonuses. Overall earning money by playing games on Temu is just like earning with fun.

6.    Earning By Becoming a Temu Influencer

If you are a social media influencer and your audience is 10K+ then kudos, you are eligible for the Temu influencer program. Temu has an influencer program and you can earn by participating in it. As an influencer, you can select some products and promote them on your social media page. For this, you can tell the benefits of a product, you can show the unboxing of the product, and make some offers to your audience so that more and more audience buy that product. If someone buys your recommended product, you will be given commission. Temu’s minimum commission starts from $5.

7.     Using Ad Monetization

You can also earn from Temu by ad monetization. Opt for video ads and make additional reward points.


Temu is a legit app and you can also use it to make money. If you have skills, you are creative then it is quite easy for you to make money on Temu. You can generate good income through the above-mentioned methods like cashback rewards, affiliate marketing, ad monetization, reselling, and referral.

This will require your dedication, strategic thinking, planning, and consistency. If you are ready to do all this then Temu will help you to double your income. We have also given complete details on whether Temu is a scam or not, you can do research if you want to succeed.

Happy shopping with good earnings..!!


What is Temu and how can I make money on Temu?

Temu is an affordable online marketplace with various ways to earn money, including referring friends, reselling products, playing games, affiliate marketing, contests, and giveaways.

What is the Temu affiliate program and how do I sign up?

Earn commissions on purchases made through your unique referral link by signing up for the Temu affiliate program. Simply create an account and generate your link.

How much can I earn from Temu affiliate marketing?

Your earnings from Temu affiliate marketing depend on the products you promote, the traffic you drive to your links, and your conversion rate. Affiliates earn from hundreds to thousands of dollars per month.

How do I find profitable products to resell on Temu?

To find profitable products to resell on Temu, look for high-margin products with low competition. You can also use Google Trends to identify trending products.

How do I play Temu games to earn coins?

Play games on Temu to earn coins for cash, gift cards, or prizes. Open the app and click “Games”.

How do I refer friends to Temu and earn bonuses?

Refer friends to Temu with your unique link and earn bonuses based on their country.

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