How To Join Temu Referral Program And Earn Huge Rewards?

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Temu not only offers products to its customers at low prices but also gives them an opportunity to earn. The special thing about this popular online shopping platform is that you can easily join its referral program and earn good rewards. So you might be thinking, how? How to Join the Temu Referral Program and earn rewards?

This blog will give you complete information about how you can send Temu referral codes. You just have to follow our step-by-step guide, and we promise that after reading this blog completely, you will understand how to join Temu Referral Program and send a referral code to earn great rewards.

What Exactly Is The Temu Referral Program? Who Can Join the Temu Referral Program?

For users who are new to Temu, let us clear the picture under the Temu referral program, Temu gives an opportunity to its existing users to earn rewards from Temu. Under this referral program, existing users of Temu get a unique code. Temu users can share their unique referral code with their friends, and when their friends sign up on Temu using that referral code and have some shopping, Temu users will earn good rewards.

On every successful referral, the user who sent the referral code and the person or his friend who used that referral code will both get some monetary credit in their account. In return for this credit, the user and his friend get a discount on their next shopping from Temu.

Now, you must be clearly aware that Temu is new to the market, and it will have to make some strategies to survive in the market. Under this strategy, Temu gives rewards to its users who promote Temu more and more. This increases Temu’s user base, and on the other side, Temu also grows. The more friends you refer Temu to, the more rewards you will get.

How does the TEMU referral program work? What Are The Major Requirements?

If you also want to be a part of the Temu referral program and are curious to know its process, then let us tell you how the Temu referral program works and what its requirements are.

Temu referral program works in 3 ways:

Step 1: If you are a referrer and want to earn rewards by referring to the code, you will first have to share your unique referral code with your friends. You can use Text, Email, Social Media, and other channels to share the referral code.

Step 2: After this, your friend (with whom you have shared your referral code) will have to sign up on Temu using your code and create his Temu account.

Step 3: When your friend makes his first purchase using your unique referral code, you and your friend both get monetary credit that you can use as a discount on your next purchase.

How To Invite Friends and Send a Referral Code On Temu?

So you have created your account on Temu, and now the question will come to your mind: how can I earn rewards using my referral code, and how can I invite more and more friends? Because the more friends you invite, the more benefits you will get.

Below, we are going to tell you some ways to send a Temu referral code successfully; you must follow them:

By sending a text message

  • Go to your message app, open it, and create a new message.
  • Create an engaging text and enter your referral code in our text. Your text must be short, sweet, and informative.
  • Enter the sender’s number and click on the send button.

By sending email

  • Create a perfect email with an eye-catching subject line.
  • Enter your referral code in our email and describe how, by using this code, you can get a good discount on Temu.
  • Write your unique referral code clearly, cross-check it, and use the same code in the email body and signature.
  • You can send this email to your family, friends, colleagues, and acquaintances.

Utilizing Social Media Channels

  • You can add referral codes on your own social media accounts like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Snapchat, and YouTube; apart from this, you can create a dedicated social media channel in which you can only post related to Temu codes, discount coupons, and referral codes. You can share posts.
  • You can share interesting posts on social media from time to time, write your successful referral stories to engage users, and then share your referral code in the comments.
  • Be consistent with your social media posts regarding referrals. Your followers are waiting for you to get the referral code from you.

Send Referral Codes in Person

  • You can tell the benefits of Temu to your friend or neighbor. And you can make them join with your referral code.
  • You can tell your colleagues in your office about Temu’s discounts and show them how they can get discounts on Temu shopping by using your referral code.

What Rewards Do Users Get From Temu’s Referral Code?

Temu is giving great rewards to its users and people who shop using referral codes.

Reward For Temu users who Send Referral Codes (Referrer Rewards)

  • Temu users will get $10 for every successful referral code usage if their friend creates his account on Temu and makes a purchase from that referral code.
  • Temu user will get $100 if his referral code is used by 10 of his friends.
  • He will get a chance to win 100% cashback on his future purchases.
  • Chance to win special badges.

Reward For Temu users who Receive the Referral Code (Friend Rewards)

  • If your friend uses your unique referral code for signing up and making his first purchase, he will get a $10 credit in his account.
  • Chance to win up to a 50% discount coupon on his first purchase.
  • He will get amazing new user special discounts and offers.
  • Cashback rewards.

How To Check Temu Earnings and Temu Referral Status?

To check Temu earnings and Temu referral status, you need to go through the following points:

  • Open your Temu app, go to your profile, and Tap on the referral section.
  • Here, you will get a list of all the referral links that you have sent to your friends and real-time status.
  • Now count the green tick marks; all the green tick marks in front of referral links show that this link has been used to sign up successfully on Temu.
  • Count the total referral credits you have earned.
  • The referral links that have expired or not been used will be shown with a red tick mark.
  • The dashboard also displays the current and lifetime referral counts.
  • Invite more friends to boost your earnings.
  • If you face any issues, you can contact Temu support.


By sending a referral code to Temu, you can earn good rewards and save a lot of money on Temu shopping. If you carefully use all the methods explained in this blog, you will see that you are successful in using and earning from referral codes. Now, send referral codes, check your earnings from the dashboard, and double your income.


What is the Temu referral program?

TEMU referral codes are unique codes that users invite others to join the platform with. Both parties earn rewards when a new user signs up using a referral code and makes a purchase.

How do I claim a Temu referral bonus?

To Claim Temu referral bonus, invite friends to Temu using the Temu referral code. Once your friends make their first purchase, a referral bonus will be added.
In addition, invited users will receive a $100 Temu sign-up bonus.

Where can I find my Temu referral code?

To find your Temu referral code, log in to your account and go to “My Account” > “Referrals” on the desktop or “You” > “Earn Credits & Free Gifts” on the app. Share your referral code to earn rewards.

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