How to Get Temu Free Deals? 13 Ways You Must Know

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Temu is an online fashion retailer that offers a wide range of clothing, accessories, and footwear for women, men, and children. Temu is known for its affordable prices, High quality, and trendy styles.

What if you could get many Temu items for free or at a discount price with Temu free deals? Will you not buy from Temu when you get a further discount using Temu coupon codes and with Temu free deals?

Before we board to the Temu free deals guide, use our Temu referral code com66980 to get $100 Temu bundle + 90% Discount coupon for next order.

In this post, we are going to discuss all the possible ways to get Temu Free deals.

How To Get Free Deals on Temu

There are so many ways to get free deals/stuff on Temu. You will get free deals for inviting your friends, playing simple and fun games, and using Temu free coupon codes.

Here are the 13 easiest ways to get free Deals on Temu:

13 Ways to Get Temu Free Deals

Temu free deals

Use the below technique to find Temu free deals, you can try the following strategies:

  1. Sign up for Temu using coupon code- com66980: If you use this Temu official link or coupon code: “com66980″, then Start by browsing the Temu website directly. 
  2. Search coupon code in Temu search bar: Get any first order almost for free on the Temu website or app, just by putting in code com66980 in the search bar. You will receive a 50% discount if you order within 1 hour of signing up.
  3. Add items in the cart and leave for few days: Get the most of your Temu free deals, from adding items to checking out. So put on your shopping shoes, grab a basket,
  4. Search Discount 777 in the Temu search bar: Search discount777, and you will get free deals for Kids, women, home decor, toys, Clothing, Electronics, and more.
  5. Visit the Temu section “Coupons & Offers”: You can go to your account > “Coupons & offers” to see your unused coupons. Each coupon has its own expiration date, so be sure to use it before it expires to take advantage of the discount. Only one coupon can be used per order.
  6. Temu Lighting Deals: Temu offer many lighting Deals, seasonal sales, flash sales, and promotions featured prominently on their homepage.
  7. Subscribe to Temu newsletter: Signing up for Temu’s newsletter can provide you with access to exclusive deals, discounts, and notifications about upcoming sales. You may receive promotional codes via email.
  8. Check Temu coupon codes: Search for Temu coupon codes on our coupon code page. You can find all working Temu codes that offer discounts, free shipping, or other promotions.
  9. Follow Temu on social media: Temu often promotes special deals and sales on its social media platforms, such as Instagram, Facebook, or Twitter. Following them can help you stay updated on their latest offers.
  10. Check out the “Weekend Deals” or “Super Deals” sections: Temu often features special weekend deals or super deals on their website. These sections showcase discounted products for a limited time, so it’s worth checking them regularly.
  11. Explore Temu mobile App: Downloading and using the Temu mobile app may give you access to exclusive app-only deals and promotions.
  12. Participate in Temu Affiliate Program: Temu has a reward program called the “TEMU Bonus Point Program,” which allows you to earn points for various activities. These points can be redeemed for discounts on future purchases.
  13. Chat with Temu customer care: If you dont see any coupon code in your Temu account and none of our temu coupon code is working then chat with Temu customer care, and they will activate minimum 20% discount coupon. I personally did the chat with Temu customer care to help our readers. You can follow the same. Here is the chat conversation:

Temu Customer Care: Hi, as much as I love to give you the 30% off, I’ve already exhausted my tool and check here on my end, but that Is the only coupon that we can provide. Thank you for your understanding.

If you’re interested, please don’t hesitate to reach us all I just need is your approval to process it.

Me: 30% is fine

Temu Customer care: I will apply for a [20% OFF, capped at $20] coupon valid for 7 days for you. Coupons are expected to be issued to your Temu account within 24 hours. Please pay attention to the Temu APP message and email notification.

Just a friendly reminder, please wait until tomorrow to fully apply to your account. What is good about it coupon is there is no minimum to spend.

Let me send you the procedure to see in your account tomorrow if it’s applied to your account.

You can go to your account > “Coupons & offers” to see your unused coupons. Each coupon has its own expiration date, so be sure to use it before it expires to take advantage of the discount. Only one coupon can be used per order.

Me: Thank you.

Temu Customer Care: Thank you very much, If that is all. I appreciate you for being so kind and understanding regarding this. It was a pleasure assisting and talking to you. Have a wonderful day ahead!

Temu Coupon Codes For Free Deals

Here are some of the latest Temu Coupon Codes to Get Free Deals from Temu:

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  • Temu free items code – afc77059
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  • Temu buy 4 get 6 free – afd41489
  • Temu 6 free items – afd35052
  • Temu buy 5 get 5 – ord77345
  • Temu 5 free items code – com80435
  • Temu buy 5 get 3 free com81291
  • 5 free gifts Temu – ord68994
  • Win free stuff on Temu – ord71359
  • Temu pick to get $100 – com17893
  • Temu Code for free stuff – com89572
  • Code to get free stuff on temu without inviting friends – com05418
  • Temu coupon 50% off – ord18629
  • Temu $100 coupon legit – com00787
  • Temu coupon code 2023 for existing customers – com73019
  • Temu $100 value coupon bundle – ord88214
  • Temu coupon code 40 off – com72500
  • Temu coupon bundle – com19390
  • Temu coupon code – com43697
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  • Code For Temu to Get Free Stuff com40534
  • Code for free items on Temu – ord11113
  • Temu Free Coupon Code – com73387

Play Games on Temu To Get Free Deals

Temu Game for free deals

To get Temu free deals, download the Temu app and start playing games. Once installed, users can browse through the wide variety of games available on the platform.

Many popular games include Fishdom Online, Baliz Online, and more. Just click on the icon of the game you want to play and wait for it to load. 

Some of its games may require an internet connection, while others can be played offline.

The gameplay controls will depend on the game, but most games are designed to be easy to learn and navigate. As you start playing the games, you can earn rewards such as game coins and discounts.

Why does Temu Give Free Deals?

Temu is an online shopping app with so much competition from the big old brands like, Amazon, Walmart, Shein, Alibaba, and more. Temu is providing something unique to gain attention from the cunsumers to be in the top position.

Teamu has already covered the market with its most affordable prices on high quality products, from Clothing to Kids, Electronics to Home Appliances.

Temu is giving free deals stuffs and many amazing things to gain the trust of users. Like Temu Affiliate program that gives $5 sign up bonus to users for signing up and a $5 referral bonus for inviting friends.

Read our detailed article on Temu referral codes to get more cashback and deals.

Use TikTok To Get Free deals on Temu

TikTok is most popular apps is the US. It is one of the easiest way to get free deals on Temu.

Just start your screen recording by showing the affordable items offered by Temu and upload it on TikTok with hashtags like #Temu and #TemuReferralCode. You will get tons of referrals easily to get free deals and discount.


Temu free deals and promotions are good ways to save extra money but Remember that these free deals can change or expire at any time, so It’s always a good idea to apply Temu free deals now, buy discounted Temu items and return if you dont like. 

Anyway Temu has free Temu return policy for 90 days if you are doing single return per order. Subscribe our newsletter for the most up-to-date information on the Temu current free deals.

Frequently Asked Questions

Are Temu free deals available?

Yes, Temu free deals are available simply sign up for new account or use referral codes, you can gain access to exciting free deals and stuffs. Moreover, you can participate in various games on Temu presents fantastic opportunities to win more valuable prizes.

Why does Temu give free deals and stuff?

Temu prices are so cheap so that Temu has launched a campaign on social media in which the more you invite others to join, the more credit you earn the more free stuff you get.

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