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Frndly TV is one of the handful live TV streaming services in the U.S that offer on-demand TV at the lowest starting price of only $6.99/ month, with 40+ live TV channels for different age groups.

With 12 channels and $5.99/month price point, the service launched about two years ago as a highly targeted skinny bundle. Since then, it has doubled the lineup with channels like Hallmark history, Curiosity, Heartland TV Game Show Network, Weather Channel, GAC Family, and Family Movie Classics – at an increased price of $6.99/ month. 

In short, Frndly TV is one of the best cable alternatives that allows you to view and record live TV over 40+ channels while charging as little as $6.99/ month. Although, the price and package sound great but don’t replace cable TV such as Youtube TV, Hulu TV entirely.

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This article aims to give you insight into a few important things about frndly TV and help you decide whether its the right choice for you or not.

What’s New? [New Features to Frndly TV]:

  • The ‘Movies’ channel will soon be added for all subscription levels. This will add up the total count of channels to 41.
  • Hallmark movies are now offered as an add-on with an additional $5.99/ month despite the regular subscription price. This on-demand service includes many popular Hallmark movies for users of any subscription package to enjoy.
  • After the boycott of Weigel Broadcasting by many over-the-air broadcasting channels, Frndly TV has now become the cheapest streaming option in the Market to access MeTV.
  • User-Requested Features: 

Three new user-requested features are added to Frndly TV service in June.

  • Provide a choice for the customer to choose between a regular program guide or an alphabetized by-channel name program guide.
  • Discover the wide variety of content, including movies and TV shows, whether live or on demand.
  • ‘Time bar’ at the side to allow viewers to keep track of where they are in a movie or TV show.

How Much Does Frndly TV Cost?

Frndly TV Cost
Source: Frndly TV Cost

Frndly TV provides the cheapest live streaming services with three plans costing between $6.99 to $10.99 / month. No contract or commitment is required, and you can cancel a plan anytime you want without any penalty.

The three plans are Basic ($6.99), Classic ($8.99), and Premium ($10.99). With a seven days free trial for each of them, you know what suits you best.

The number of channels offered in all plan types is the same. However, video quality, simultaneous streams, and cloud DVR capabilities may vary.

Frndly TV Plans:

Depending on your viewing preferences, you can choose from multiple Frndly TV packages.

SubscriptionMonthly PriceVideo QualitySimultaneous StreamsCloud DVR StorageRecordings Expire
Basic$6.99SD1 streamNoneN/A
Classic$8.99HD2 streamsUnlimited3 Months
premium$10.99HD4 streamsUnlimited9 months

Frndly TV Free Trials:

Frndly TV offers a free trial with all its packages, so that users may not have a hard time in choosing their best suit.

SubscriptionFree Trials
Basic7 days
Classic7 days
premium7 days

What Channels Do You Get With Frndly TV?

With Frndly TV, you can watch more than 40 channels, including Hallmark Channel, Hallmark Movies & Mysteries, and Hallmark Drama.

A+E Networks agreed to add seven more popular channels to Friendly TV in the first half of 2021, including Lifetime and The HISTORY Channel.

All three subscription packages have the same channel lineup- below is the list of all.

Frndly TV Channels:

Frndly TV Channels
Source: Frndly TV Channels
Frndly TV – Basic ($6.99)Frndly TV – Classic ($8.99)Frndly TV – Premium ($10.99)
Dove ChannelDove ChannelDove Channel
Dove KidsDove KidsDove Kids
FMC – Family Movies ClassicFMC – Family Movies ClassicFMC – Family Movies Classic
GAC FamilyGAC FamilyGAC Family
GAC LivingGAC LivingGAC Living
Game Show NetworkGame Show NetworkGame Show Network
Hallmark ChannelHallmark ChannelHallmark Channel
Hallmark DramaHallmark DramaHallmark Drama
Hallmark Movies & MysteriesHallmark Movies & MysteriesHallmark Movies & Mysteries
Heroes & IconsHeroes & IconsHeroes & Icons
Lifetime Movie NetworkLifetime Movie NetworkLifetime Movie Network
Local NowLocal NowLocal Now
Military HistoryMilitary HistoryMilitary History
Outdoor ChannelOutdoor ChannelOutdoor Channel
Sportsman ChannelSportsman ChannelSportsman Channel
Start TVStart TVStart TV
Story TelevisionStory TelevisionStory Television
The Weather ChannelThe Weather ChannelThe Weather Channel
World Fishing NetworkWorld Fishing NetworkWorld Fishing Network

Although add-ons have been made since the 2019 launch, but there is still place for streamers to desire for a full replacement for Cable TV.

Many important live, news and sports channels such as TBS, TNT, and USA Network are still absent from the menu. 

Services such as Philo TV, Youtube TV, Hulu + Live TV, Sling TV, and DirectTV Stream offer more robust channels at higher prices.

How to cancel Frndly TV subscription?

You can cancel your subscription any time you want without having to worry about any penalty or contract. The easier it is to sign-up for Frndly TV, the same goes for unsubscribing too.

Final Thoughts:

For Hallmark and lifetime programming fans, Frndly TV is the best service out there in the market available at the cheapest of all prices. Frndly TV provides a great opportunity to have access to those channels at a cheaper rate.Frndly TV when compared to Youtube TV, Hulu + Live TV, and Sling TV offer fewer channels but at a much lower price, which makes it a good choice. Other than frndly TV, Philo is the closest competitor with $25/ month but an expensive menu of channels.

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