Is Honey App Legit?

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Coupons code are the best way to save money on regular online purchases. There are numerous coupon apps and cashback portals like TopCashback, RebatesMe, and Honey App. Still, their claims of giving online shoppers cold, hard cashback for making purchases at Amazon, Sam’s Club, Home Depot, Macy’s, and hundreds of other stores might give some good cashback.

Honey is one of the best ways to find coupons and cashback offers for everyone who likes shopping online. It doesn’t cost anything and offers you top-picked cashbacks. It has 17 million members and over 30,000 stores, whether you’re ordering pizza, picking up shoes, or booking travel that gives you cashback on everything you shop from the Honey app. But is Honey app legit or a scam?

Is Honey App Legit?

Honey app is a legitimate part of PayPal Inc and follows the respected guidelines to offer wide service to its customers. Currently, it has over 17 million active users and over 5,500 retailers partners.

Honey App is for everyone who likes shopping online and making regular purchases. It doesn’t cost any penny and offers your great savings.

Honey App doesn’t ask for your bank details, and it does not store personal information. However, it tracks your browsing behavior.

Hence, Honey App is safe and legitimate to use.

About Honey App?

PayPal acquires honey app in 2022. Honey was launched in 2012, and it has a free browser extension and mobile app that helps you to earn cashback by shopping through the Honey app or using its extension.

According to the Honey website, it has more than 30,000 websites for coupon codes and 17 million active app and browser extension members.

What is Honey App?

Honey App
Honey App

Honey app is a mobile shopping app that is similar to Rakuten. It allows you to browse your favorite products from over 4,000 available stores, find the best deals, apply coupons and earn rewards.

The Honey app is available on both Android and iOS platforms.

Honey App Features

  • The Honey app makes it easy to shop from tons of stores in one place.
  • Find products you love, try coupon codes, and check out easily.
  • Coupon-searching magic helps you find the best deals whenever you shop.
  • You can apply coupon codes at checkout with one click (at select stores).
  • Earn Honey Gold on select purchases when you shop through the Honey app.
  • Redeem your Honey Gold for a gift card.

Honey Browser Extension

The Honey browser extension is compatible with over 30,000 shopping websites.

Honey browser extension that takes the work out of finding the best coupon codes to get cashback on millions of products. When you install the browser extension and visit any partner site, the Honey extension will notify there is a price drop on any items in your Droplist from different online stores.

Is Honey App Safe to use?

PayPal acquires Honey App, and it takes security very highly. They use safeguards to keep your data safe and secure.

Also, you can set how much information Honey can access. But Keep in mind that some information is required for the extension to work.

You can uninstall the Honey app anytime if you think your data is not secure with Honey or don’t feel comfortable sharing it. This process is very simple, and you can do it whenever you like.

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