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Have you ever come across a situation where the video content is blocked in your country? This usually happens if you watch Hotstar content from another country. 

If you like some Hotstar content and want to share it with someone who lives in another country they cannot watch the clips due to GEO limitation. Then what to do? Download the clips and share them.

In this article, we will discuss step by step about Hotstar streaming services and How to download videos from Hotstar?

What are streaming services?

Streaming services refer to the technology of transmitting audio and video files through network connections.

Hotstar contents
Hotstar contents

These are the media contents delivered via the internet. It includes podcasts, websites, movies, television shows, music videos, and other forms of content. 

Each streaming service has their unique features and contents to transmit to users all over the globe. These are easy to access services available anywhere and anytime like you can go here to download videos from Hotstar number of them.

The streaming services can be accessed through any device such as mobile phones, laptops, tablets, and other support devices.

More exciting to know about streaming services is the growing number of streaming apps joining the ranks that will offer a world of new content.

Now, the question arises how does the streaming services work? Here’s the answer to one of the important questions.

  • Music, videos, and other media files are prearranged and transmitted in sequential packets of data so they can be streamed instantaneously. 
  • The stream is reliable and fast with a high-speed internet connection.

Streaming services are online entertainment sources of people, which provide an alternative to cable and satellite on-demand service at a lower cost.

It is a subscription basis that requires fees, either per view or monthly subscription. The subscription to these streaming services varies from place to place and application to application.

Steps to download Hotstar videos using Internet Download Manager (IDM):

Among a number of video platforms, Hotstar allows users to download and watch movies, TV shows, and other content in a mobile app. However, Hotstar videos cannot be download on PC, so we cannot get them directly.
It is possible to download Hotstar videos using some different tricks. These tricks are used in computers.

It is a powerful downloading tool that allows you to download software, files, audio, video, and other things. It is possible to download Hotstar videos from IDM as well. It is the easiest way to download Hotstar videos.

Steps to download Hotstar videos using IDM:

  • Download IDM from this link.
  • Install IDM on your computer.
  • After installing IDM you have to install the extension on your browser.
  • Now, Go to Computer > Local Disk (C:) > Program Files (x86) > Internet Download Manager.
  • Find IDMGCExt.crx and open chrome://extensions/ in new tab of Chrome browser.
  • Now drag IDMGCExt.crx to extension page.
IDMGCExt.crx to extension page
IDMGCExt.crx to extension page
IDM Extension
IDM Extension
  • Click on Add IDM Extension
IDM icon to Download
IDM icon to Download
  • Whenever you watch Hotstar videos you get a popup at the top of video to download it with IDM.
IDM Extension
IDM Extension settings
  • If the IDM Module not working, then check the IDM extension setting.

About Hotstar Streaming App

Hotstar App
Hotstar App

Hotstar is one of the biggest rivals to Netflix, Amazon Prime Video, and Apple TV+, available in Major countries: India, the US, Canada, the UK, and several European countries. Hotstar services target overseas Indians and focus primarily on Star India’s domestic entertainment and sports content. It offers a rich catalog of films and TV shows– Live News, Sports, National Geographic, Web Series as well as a slate of new Hotstar Originals.

Hotstar videos download Directly from App

How to download videos from Hotstar
download videos from Hotstar

The Downloading process in Hotstar depends on the type of supporting device one uses. 

Hotstar Video Download format
Hotstar Video Download format
  1. Open the App. Click here for Android or IOS App
  2. Tap on the home tab to browse for a movie, or tap on the search bar to browse for the videos.
  3. Select the movie one wishes to download.
  4. Tap on the download icon to the right of the play both on add to watchlist buttons.
  5. The arrow will change to a loading icon as the download begins.
  6. Once it has been successfully downloaded, tap the play bottom to begin streaming offline your selected movie.

As with Netflix and Amazon Prime Video, you’ll be able to download Hotstar films to your mobile device, so you can watch Hotstar content when you don’t have an internet connection. Only feature-length entertainment is available to watch offline, not television series, but movies and documentaries, from Marvel films to National Geographic programs, are available.

The download symbol can be found next to the ‘Watchlist’ button on each piece of content’s landing page.

An Hotstar subscriber may download all of their shows, movies, etc. as many times as they like. One proviso is that the device must connect to the Disney plus Hotstar servers at least once every 30 days

Use a microSD card for Hotstar downloads

The Hotstar app lets you choose the location of your downloads. If your device is already jumbled with downloads, the best way to avoid wasting space is to use a microSD card.

You can keep your little, movie-stacked, removable disc library with you in your wallet and switch it into your mobile device whenever you’re ready to watch.

Note: You can keep your Download videos safe on your device but you cannot able to share to other device.

Ease of use

The Hotstar site is simple to navigate and similar to Netflix’s interface. It doesn’t strive to do anything new with its layout, so most people can use it quickly and easily.

Above Hotstar categories – sandwiched between the featured content banner and title categories – These allow subscribers to dive right into the offerings of each of those specific Hotstar-owned brands.

Share your Hotstar subscription

With Hotstar, you can stream content from your subscription on two devices simultaneously. You don’t need to worry about letting your kids and partner install the Hotstar app on their own tablets, phones, or computers.

Hotstar packages: streaming on the cheap

Hotstar isn’t offering much in the way of cheap deals and lengthy free trials, but that doesn’t mean you have to pay full price. Hotstar Partner website may offer deals and Coupons along with Discount offers, so people can save more and pay less.

Follow the below steps to subscribe to Hotstar US:

  1. Visit Hotstar official site.
  2. If you are an existing member and already have created an account then click on Login. If you are new to Hotstar then click on Subscribe Button (right-hand top corner). 
  3. You will see the price of $49.99 Annual but this is the price if you don’t have a coupon code. Since you came to the right blog you will be paying less. We will provide a discount coupon code which will give you an additional $5 discount. But for now, Click on Start Subscription Button.
  4. Apply Coupon code: HOT45 and the price will reduce to $44.99
  5. Now Enter Credit card details, Accept terms and conditions. And you are officially subscribed for 1 Year of Hotstar US. Note: If you don’t like Hotstar for any reason then cancel and get a full refund in 48 hours without any question asked.

(I am sure you will not get disappointed because Hotstar has such a low price and provide so much quality content)


Streaming services are the most trending entertainment platform. This allows users to access any movie, series, and other entertainment media files through online mode via an internet connection and supports the facilities of download videos from Hotstar content and viewing offline anytime and anywhere. The media files are easy to download with few steps followed sequentially, which are available in the downloaded files. One must subscribe to these streaming services in order to avail of the best offers and facilities.

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