Best Hotstar Promo code: HOT45 | Get $45 Discount Coupons with Hotstar Subscription (2021)

In the Recent era, Entertainment became an integral part of daily life needs, and that is why India’s #1 streaming platform Hotstar has a records subscription in India and the USA.

In 2021, Hotstar is launched special Hotstar promo code: HOT45 which give 10% discount on annual Hotstar subscription offer with 2 streaming watch. 

With Hotstar Subscription, users can watch various shows and movies anywhere, anytime. Hotstar annual plan includes Cricket, IPL 2021, and Worldcup 2021, sports, movies, news channels, TV shows, Web series Hotstar specials, and Indian Movie premiers. All these contents, one can stream just for $44.99 annual basis. Let’s discuss in detail Hotstar features, the Hotstar signup process, Pros, and cons.

About Hotstar US- Premium Indian Leading Video Streaming Service:

Hotstar is an online go-to video streaming app owned by Novi Digital Entertainment Private Limited. Hotstar platform offers best Indian entertainment, TV shows, LIVE cricket, news, and movies.
Hotstar currently offers over 100,000 hours of TV shows, movies, live cricket across 9 languages, and every major sport covered live. Hotstar uses highly evolved video streaming technology and a edge-cutting quality HD videos for consumers.

Hotstar is a top Indian over-the-top streaming service similar to Amazon Prime and Netflix. As of March 2020, Hotstar has at least 300 million active users. Hotstar offers the best Indian Entertainment, All-star TV shows, LIVE sports and cricket, all major news channels, and many Blockbuster Bollywood and other regional languages movies. 

Hotstar Subscription offer
Hotstar Subscription offer

Hotstar Subscription offer in 2021:

In 2019, The Hotstar Sports & Entertainment Yearly Pack cost was $99.99 (plus state taxes) in the United States. 

In 2020, The Hotstar Yearly Pack cost was $49.99 (plus state taxes).

In 2021, Hotstar launched special discount Promo code: HOT45 which gives $5 Discount and 2 streaming devices.

Apart from above $5 discount, you will also get below Hotstar offers: 

  1. $45 Discount Gift card from various partners.
  2. $300 Hotel Saving Gift card.
  3. $20 Rakuten referral promo
  4. $10 Amazon Gift Card after redeeming Rakuten offer.

Hotstar Free Trial:

Hotstar used to offer a 1-month free trial initially but discontinued now. However, You can watch one free episode for most of the webseries under Hotstar free. If you subscribe to Hotstar and are not satisfied, you can cancel in 48 hours and get a full refund without any question asked. .

How to Subscribe to Hotstar in US:

Follow the below steps to subscribe to Hotstar at a discounted price:

  1. Log on to Hotstar US official site and select the Annual plan. Click on “Start Subscription.”
Hotstar Subscription offer

2. Returning users can click on Login, and the new user can signup by entering the full name, valid email address, and password. The user also has the option to signup by Facebook credentials.

3. You will see Billing page and Button Apply coupon

4. First click on “APPLY COUPON” , enter the promo code  HOT45 correctly and hit on the “Apply” Button.

5. You will see Hotstar price is reduced from $49.99 to $44.99.

6. Accept the terms and conditions and click on “Start Membership.”

Congratulations, You successfully subscribed to Hotstar US annual plan. Relax, and enjoy your favorite shows, movies, sports, and news on Hotstar. 

Note: Remember if you use Promo code: HOT45 then you can watch Hotstar on 2 streaming devices together.

If you are living in UK then use Hotstar UK link to subscribe and avail same offer as Hotstar US.

Hotstar Features:

Hotstar offers numerous features as listed below:

No Commercials

Because you pay Hotstar a monthly subscription fee for access to their catalogs, it would cost Hotstar more subscribers leaving than they would accumulate by running ads (long term), so they don’t run them.

Available in Multiple Languages

Apart from English, Hotstar steaming is available in 8 Indian languages such as Hindi, Tamil, Telugu, Marathi, Bengali, Punjabi, Kannada, and Malayalam. 

Live Sports

At Hotstar, you can enjoy the most fantastic live sports events from the most-watched tournaments of Cricket, Kabaddi, Badminton, Hockey & IFL Moreover, you can access all reply videos, upcoming events, scores, and stats. Live sports coverage is a massive attraction for the Indian audience where they used to pay heavy charges, but you can get the same content and reliable streaming service with Hotstar. 

High-quality Video Playback

Hotstar’s uses cutting edge video streaming technology, which is played back, automatically adjust based on the available bandwidth. This ensures a high standard on all mobile networks and WiFi internet connections. No matter what’s the bandwidth availability or videos are well optimized to play on mobile networks with inconsistent throughput.

Smart Search 

Hotstar offers a high-quality search option, which reduces complexity and delays. Users can easily surf and find the channels and contents that they would like to watch. This helps users to find accurate and relevant search results with fast navigation. 

Friendly User Interface 

Hotstar organized the content based on an in-depth user experience approach and strong design principles so any user can enjoy surfing through the website without being overwhelmed with the breadth of available content.

Hot Content catalog

Hotstar is a hub of the longest-running and highest-rated TV content. Users are desperately waiting for upcoming movies and web series in Hotstar. Hotstar web series named as Hotstar originals and India premier movie is the Hot content catalog. 

Hotstar Subscription offer

Hotstar Channels

Hotstar US subscribers can access 22 live channels in 8 languages. These channels broadcast TV shows, movies, Hotstar specials, live, and a replay of sports matches and news. 

Hotstar Channel's
Hotstar Channel’s

The complete list of Hotstar channels is given below:

  1. Hotstar Special
  2. Star Plus
  3. Star Jalsha
  4. Star Vijay
  5. Star Bharat
  6. Life OK
  7. Asianet
  8. Star Maa
  9. Star World
  10. Select Picks
  11. Star Pravah
  12. FoxLife
  13. Asianet Plus
  14. Star Suvarna
  15. Maa Gold
  16. Star Utsav
  17. Channel V
  18. ABP News
  19. Star Sports 1
  20. Star Sports 2
  21. Star Sports Tamil 1
  22. Star Sports Telugu
  23. Star Sports Hindi
  24. Star Sports First
  25. Star Sports Canada
  26. Star Sports Bangla
  27. Star Sports Marathi
  28. Star Sports Select HD 1
  29. Star Sports Select HD 2

Hotstar Languages:

Hotstar is mainly for Indian viewers. As we know, India is a multi-language country; hence Hotstar has content for 8 Indian languages Tamil, Telugu, Kanada, Malayalam, Marathi, Bangla, and Hindi. By providing content in 8 languages, Hotstar covers 90% of Indian viewers. 

Hotstar Languages
Hotstar Languages

How to do language setting in Hotstar?

Hotstar Web series:

Most people subscribe to Hotstar because of the Web series. Below is the famous web series available in Hotstar. 

Hotstar Webseries
Hotstar Webseries

Note: One interesting thing is, users, don’t have to subscribe to Hotstar to watch the web series first episode as it is freely available to all users. You might need to put your email to watch the first episode free. 

Hotstar premier movies:

Below are the premier movies available in Hotstar: 

Hotstar Premiers
Hotstar Premiers

Hotstar Kids contents:

Hotstar KIDS
Hotstar KIDS

What’s latest on Hotstar: 

Hotstar Dream 11 IPL
Hotstar Dream 11 IPL

IPL Cricket on Hotstar: IPL exclusively available in Hotstar. You can watch IPL 2021.

TOP Hotstar FAQs

  1. How to get the best Hotstar Subscription offer?

    In 2021, Hotstar has launched a unique Hotstar promo code: HOT45, where users will get a special 10% discount and be eligible for an extra $45 perk from Hotstar partner. This is the best Hotstar deals we have ever found, which will work for new users and canceled users who want to renew the Hotstar service.

  2. Where to get Hotstar offer for existing customers? Any Hotstar renewal offer?

    Yes, HOT45 will work for all existing customer who has canceled the account. The user who has not canceled the Hotstar account will get renew automatically with the higher price. but the person who has canceled the account will be able to use Hotstar promo: HOT45

  3. Can we share a Hotstar Account?

    No, you can not share the Hotstar USA subscription. But Hotstar allows you to stream the service on 2 devices together within your family members. It means a single Hotstar account can be watched on 2 devices at the same time.

  4. Can I use a Hotstar India account in the USA?

    Yes, You can use a Hotstar India account via VPN, but it is illegal in the USA. So we highly recommended getting a Hotstar USA subscription and enjoy Hotstar premium content legally.

  5. How much does Hotstar cost in the USA?

    Hotstar USA annual subscription costs are $49.99. But if you Use Hotstar promo HOT45, then you pay $44.99.

  6. Is Hotstar free for one month in the USA?

    No. There are no monthly plans for Hotstar in the USA. They have only one annual plan, which includes all sports and entertainment streams. The Hotstar free trial period is just 48 hours.

  7. Is Hotstar offers a monthly Subscription?

    Hotstar USA has stopped monthly plans since November 2019. They have only a yearly subscription which covers both sports & entertainment packs.


Hotstar offers high-quality HD entertainment and covers entire Indian living in the USA by providing content in 9 languages. Either you want to watch your favorite movies, web series, reality shows, or any sports Hotstar has all. Even Hotstar has tie-up with India’s top news channels like India TV and Republic TV.

No wonder Hotstar is one of the leading online entertainment destinations and the best OTT app at a reasonable price for the Indian audience living in the USA. 

If you don’t have a subscription yet, then Subscribe before this Hotstar Subscription offer offer expires. 

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