What is Temu App? And How does it Work?

temu app

I heard about the Temu app during FIFA World Cup. The e-commerce app ran 45-second ads highlighting products at cheap prices with free delivery. Their slogan encourages “Shop like a Billionaire” I was shocked at that moment. This app was number one in trending on …

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The Future of Social Media Apps

Social Media apps

The extraordinary potential of social media was apparent from the early 21st Century. Some early frontrunners in the social media sector included companies such as MySpace. For those old enough to remember MySpace, it was a place where people would share photos, music and comments, …

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Top 3 Amazing apps for creators using a Windows PC

Apps for creators

Just like a sculptor needs professional carving tools to be able to create a piece of art, creators require professional apps that help them create unique content. Creators on the internet have an abundance of talent that they can showcase through social media platforms, but …

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