11 Top Useful Apps for Students to Read E-Books on Android and iOS

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You need to read a lot of books for class, but you don’t have time? And you don’t want to carry printed literature with you everywhere. Modular has collected convenient reading apps, especially for you. They perfectly fit into your smartphone, and the main thing is that they simplify everyday life.

Students have a lot of time to do their homework. So if you don’t have time to read the book, download the audio version and listen to it during other activities. For example, you can do it on your way to college or on the treadmill. While with writing assignments, you can cope with a professional paper writer who is ready to provide expert help. We recommend students turn to the WritingAPaper service online for assistance with academic papers.

There are various applications for listening to books. Saves schoolchildren and students who are often assigned to read a lot of literature. Especially when it takes more than one day to read books. Find the necessary book in audiobooks and listen while driving home from classes. The program has a wide range of features and you can download add-ons, such as reading a book with a different voice.

Amazon Kindle (Android, iOS)

Amazon Kindle
Amazon Kindle

Amazon Kindle is one of the best options for your smartphone. The problem with this application is that you can’t always read all the books you want. Most of them have to be from Amazon, and it’s difficult to put them on a personal cell phone for this app to read them. The upside is that it can download books so you can read them without an Internet connection, or find all the books you want.

Aldiko (Android, iOS)

Aldiko eBook reader
Aldiko eBook reader

The Aldiko app is one of the simplest and most basic apps that really shouldn’t be bad. However, it comes to what goes, it is an e-book reader with which you can customize certain aspects such as font size, fonts, and backgrounds. You can search the text in the books and it accepts any format of books which will help you put the books down and be able to read them without any problems.

MyBook (Android, iOS)

MyBook is a great way to save time on busy days. The app lets you switch between reading and audio. It also has over 45,000 free books. With a handy search engine, you’ll quickly find the literary work you’re looking for. MyBook is paid, but with a trial subscription, the entire digital library is available for 2 weeks.

LitRes (Android, iOS)

You’ll find fiction, detective, non-fiction, and classics in this pocket library. You can read and listen with LitRes, too. The built-in player contains a huge number of audiobooks performed by famous artists. Only 30 minutes left before class and you haven’t had time to read a given work? Take advantage of LitRes short annotations.

QuickReader (Android)

Are you the kind of person who puts off reading because “I’m slow”? Download QuickReader. It will teach speed reading, a useful skill these days. The app determines your initial level of proficiency and tells you how to speed up your reading pace by gradually making the tasks harder to practice.

Moon+ Reader (Android)

You’ll love this app if you like to customize everything. It has preset themes, flipping animation effects, and subtle display settings. Moon+ Reader supports different formats: epub, fb2, pdf, Mobi, CHM, CBR, cbz, umd, txt, and HTML. Conveniently, the reader itself will find books that are already on your smartphone.

ReadEra (Android)

ReadEra is a reader that works for free and without the internet. It supports fb2, pdf, epub, Microsoft word (DOC, DOCX, RTF), kindle (MOBI, AZW3), txt, odt, and chm. With ReadEra you can read multiple books and documents at the same time. Just put an fb2 book and a PDF magazine on your screen in two windows modes. Voila – and you’re learning the topic you want without getting confused by the downloaded files.

Pocketbook (Android)

The app contains many tricks for those who like to bookmark and write their thoughts directly in the text.

Cool Reader (Android)

As in the previous case, we have Cool Reader. It is an application where you can change the text (font and size) and easily navigate. Features the ability to convert text to speech to listen to the book and not read. It also has a page count counter of how many pages have been read or the ability to mark chapters.

OverDrive (Android, iOS)

OverDrive eBook
OverDrive eBook

And continuing the theme of libraries, in this case, OverDrive has over 30,000 libraries around the world offering thousands and thousands of books to read for free. As well as audiobooks. Now it has a bit of a problem, and that is that to use it and read you will need to have a valid account with a library, school, or institution. And not anyone; It has to be from someone who participates in the app.

Google Play Books (Android)

Google Play Books
Google Play Books

This is another app for reading e-books on Android. It has free books and other paid books. It also has audiobooks. The advantage of this app is that you can control the color and size of the font, have a dictionary, and even have a translator to read books in other languages.


As you can see, many e-book reading apps will make life much easier for students. Everyone can find the best app for themselves. We hope our article will help you choose the most convenient reading app for you.

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