Career Change Without Degree (11 Best Options)

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What if I told you a no-risk path to change careers and earn a passive income!

Check out our Best Career Options to switch without degree and you could earn $100 a day. Isn’t it fascinating to learn certain high-paying skills and transform your life?

A February 2022 study by the Statista Research Department revealed that 60% of people fear changing or switching their profession or workplace area. The corporate career model is almost on the nerve of everyone and does not allow people to take many risks.

How To Do Career Change Without a Degree

Contrary to traditional belief, you don’t need a degree to build a career in a well-paid domain or industry. Even if you want to try something new, a university trademark is not required at all.

The spread of online certificates and courses has led many people to choose alternative study options within their range and time. Virtual classrooms and online training centers have invited a new skill rage in the market. Where you stand out on the basis of the skills you possess rather than the degree you hold.

“If you don’t find a way to make money while you sleep, you will work until you die.”

– Warren Buffett

Best Easy Career Changes That Pay Well

  • Accounting
  • Cloud computing
  • Cyber Security
  • IT
  • Mortgage Advice
  • Project Management

The best study careers without college that pay well:

  • Obtaining work experience
  • Having yourself certified


Don’t have time to spend on education? If you don’t find yourself spending further money or time on education, there are other options for you.

Many students jump into a degree because of the charm of its high-paying jobs. They spend years studying the degree they don’t connect to, only to get paid high in the market.

Well, the truth is that you don’t need a degree or years of studying to get good pay. There are several career paths independent of the need for experience or prior education.

9 Best High Paying Jobs:

Here, we will discuss 9 high-paying jobs available that do not require a degree or prior experience. There are numerous career options that require skills and training over the traditional degree system.

I have provided you with the hourly rates, bonus, profit sharing, commission, and the total pay of all the jobs to let you have a clear graph in your mind before switching. All the research-based information is conducted from Payscale.

#1. Content Writer ($52,500/ year):

Content writing
Credit: Canva
Base Salary$18,000 – $35,000
Bonus$100 – $5,000
Profit Sharing$0 – $2,200
Total Pay$100 – $5,000

Primary Duties:

If you are precise and clear with the words you write and have expertise in describing your position through your words, then content writing is the best job for you to switch. Depending on your preferences, it can be totally remote and on-site.

In 2022, freelance Content Writer is one of the emerging fields in the market.

#2. Personal Trainer ($64,566/ Year):

Personal Trainer
Credit: Canva
Hourly Rate$10 – $50
Bonus$20 – $5,000
Profit Sharing$0 – $65
Commission$0 – $40,000
Total Pay$18,000 – $90,000

Primary Duties:

If you are the one who always takes care of your physique and health is the major benchmark of your life, then you can utilize your time helping them achieve self-growth.

You can instruct them through exercise programs and personal training. This career can help you implement your passion in the light of health and fitness and make a good yearly income easily out of it.

Being a personal trainer provides a flexible schedule and a great work-life balance.

#3. Graphics Designer ($52,800/ year):

Graphics Designer
Credit: Graphics Designer
Base Salary$18,000 – $32,000
Bonus$200 – $3,000
Profit Sharing$220 – $2,200
Commission$800 – $3,100
Total Pay$18,000 – $35,000

Primary Duties:

One of the emerging and packaged fields in the design industry, with thousands of ways of learning online. This can be the best career shift, even if you don’t know anything about the field. And with your expertise, with time, you can easily make up to $100 a day.

The jobs can be done both remotely and on-site. The freelancing industry incorporates the biggest market for Graphics design.

#4. Nutrition Coach ($46,908 / year):

Nutrition Coach
Credit: Canva
Base Salary$37,700 – $48,144
Bonus$983 – $3,000
Total Pay$22,000 – $42,700

Primary Duties:

For those searching for a career in nutrition outside their obtained degree, even if they don’t have prior knowledge about it. They can get started by taking a few nutrition courses available online.

Your job will include coaching and providing pieces of advice to individuals with no nutrition knowledge. You can lead the nutrition of s small group by maintaining their diet and intake of food and drinks.

#5. Estate Agent ($76,655/ year)

Estate Agent
Credit: Canva
Base Salary$22,000 – $62,990
Bonus$1,000 – $25,000
Profit Sharing$0 – $3,500
Commission$2,000 – $28,000
Total Pay$41,000 – $84,459

Primary Duties:

State agents sell or rent out properties that are commercially or residentially available.  There is no degree or test required to become a real estate agent. Although, you can get training and a diploma which may help you get started.

Having a background in Mathematics, law, and economics may help perform the role.

#6. Fire Fighter ($47,000/ year):

Fire Fighter
Credit: Canva
Base Salary$22,000 – $38,000
Bonus$10 – $13,000
Total Pay$28,000 – $45,000

Primary Duties:

You will have to pass a written exam and an aptitude test to become eligible for the job. Note that the selection process includes a number of physical exams. Firefighters work in a community set to put out the fire. Alongside this, you will have to help the community with fire safety precautions. The job also includes support for car accidents and floods.

#7. Marketing Executive ($53,893 / year):

Marketing Executive
Credit: Canva
Base Salary$35,000 – $68,600 
Bonus$850 – $9,000
Profit Sharing$625 – $8,500
Commission$1,100 – $9,200
Total Pay$101,690 – $142,170

Primary Duties:

Marketing Executives are the most crucial members of the marketing team or club. Work catering to social media marketing, promotion, brand managers, digital marketing, analysts, and strategist are included in their job criteria.

Although, you can enter the field without any prior experience. You just need to know the marketing algorithms on which certain platforms work on. Even small expertise in marketing, communication, and business can help you secure a well-paid job it.

#8. Creative Director ($137,000/ year):

Creative Director
Credit: Canva/ Creative Director
Base Salary$31,500 – $135,000
Bonus$1,000 – $20,000
Profit Sharing$500 – $85,000
Commission$0 – $22,000
Total Pay$35,000 – $135,000

Primary Duties:

In charge of the company’s creative department is a Creative Director. The market span for jobs is in fashion, advertising, and creative agencies. Creative directors are responsible for innovating a unique strategic scope and vision for different types of clients and employers.

Having a few years of experience may help in seeking out jobs; otherwise, starting fresh also works in the creative domain, although creative and out-of-the-box thinking is a must in all ways.

#9. Software Developer ($110,140/ year):

Software Developer
Credit: Canva/ Software Developer
Base Salary$12,000 – $65,000
Bonus$550 – $6,500
Profit Sharing$350 – $6,500
Commission$0 – $3,500
Total Pay$55,000 – $110,000

Primary Duties:

Software developers work with writing code, integrating software, and troubleshooting the software’s existing bugs. They may work to innovate and design new software for global use.

The key point is the designing part in helping the client with fulfilling their needs as much as possible. Being a software developer does not require a degree but a set of tech and development skills, including proper knowledge of a particular programming language.

The most popular programming languages in use nowadays and can easily be learned via the internet are:

  • C++
  • JAVA

  You can start with the basics of any one of them and go along.

Bottom Line:

Career change/switch without a degree is technically not as difficult as it sounds. Knowledge of a field may help you get started, but no prior knowledge does not hold that you can’t try.

You primarily don’t need a degree to change the environment, field, and domain around you. Although you may need a set of skills to survive in the new domain. Every domain has it very unique prior values and requirements. Study them thoroughly before sifting to a field. Also, read our guide on low-stress jobs without a degree.

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