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16 Easy Ways to Make $100 Online in a Day

Wondering how to make a quick $100 today? Earning can sometimes be extremely hectic and troublesome. You often find yourself hardly meeting both ends of life. Things you loved are out of the picture of your life, and you have to settle down with ordinary stuff all the time.

In that case, Money might seem to be the only perfect solution to your problem. Earning online as a Side hustle has now been a demanding skill and a major necessity of life. To sum up, the internet has literally boosted the ways to earn in today’s life. Making $100 within a 24-hour period is now not an alien term at all.

In this article, I promise to acknowledge you with the 16 most innovative yet simple ways to make $100 a day guaranteed by doing remote things while sitting at home.

Stay tuned and pick the one that interests you the best. You can either try each one and let me know in the comments about your experience.

Remote jobs To Earn $100 Above In 2022:

#1 Participate in research work (UP TO $100/ HOUR):

Participating in the research conducted on focus groups can earn $30 to $150 per focus group without any experience or prior knowledge. A Focus group refers to a group of people invited to share their experiences and opinions. You can also share your opinion there and earn easily.

Different companies out there are looking for eligible candidates to conduct their research work. And on the other hand, it is not difficult to give an hour or two of your time answering basic questions.

How does Focus Group work?

  • In-person:

If you want to participate in an in-person focus group, then you’ll be required to attend the interviews in person and share your opinions. The interview will be conducted in a group, and each participant will be allowed to intercommunicate with each other.

A researcher or moderator will make the notes and record the results accordingly. Note that for in-person research work, you might be needed to attend more than one interview.

  • Online:

Online participation works similarly to in-person, however, you’ll join the interview via chat. You’ll probably be given a link to access it, and from there, you can join the discussion and share your valuable opinions in between chats.

Note that some online focus groups are required to open their web cameras. this may take you to download a particular software ahead of the interview.

Nowadays, more researches are focused on online focus groups as they are less expensive to hold. Plus, it invites the possibility of having a bigger pool of people able to participate in the research work.

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How can we participate?

  1. Apply to the research you want to participate in and think is a good fit for you.
  2. The researchers will review your profile and will send the invitation to the best-fit people.
  3. After receiving the invitation to participate, choose a slot from the inviters’ available time.
  4. After completing the study, you will be paid via cash, amazon gift cards, or PayPal.

Websites to Look at:

User interviews is one of the legit companies conducting research and internationally hiring people for this purpose. They pay around $75 if you give 30 minutes and up to $450 for very specific studies.

It has diverse topics of studies covering technology, beauty, food, hobbies, pets, social media, music, family, software, transportation, consumer goods, and you name it!

Click here to check User Interviews and earn by giving feedback on real products and participating in different focus groups. is another legit awesome company conducting research on focus groups. So, if you are interested to earn $50 to $250 per research internationally from sitting anywhere in the world, you may find them a perfect match for you. looks for students, parents, and industry professionals. They have jotted their projects for US residents as well as internationals. All you need is a LinkedIn or Facebook profile to connect.

Click here to check and apply now to participate in market research studies.

#2 Get paid by Taking Surveys ($10 – $50 per survey):

The easiest side hustle to make money is by taking surveys online. Now, there are many websites out there that do not offer a great experience. So, let me jot down five sites below that includes sign-up bonus as well as money offers for surveys, watching videos, and more.

Below are the Best Sites to Get Quick Cash:

#3 Work as a Virtual Assistant (Earn UP TO $4,000/ Month):

Spends a few hours of your day by becoming a virtual assistant and earn up to $35 to $50 per hour. The qualities needed to be a virtual assistant are:

  • You must be highly organized
  • Familiarization with blogging and social media networking.
  • Knowledge of Administrative skills.
  • Extraordinary communication skills.


If you want to know more about VA, then I would recommend you to read the journey of Abbey and check out her free training course to become a VA.

#4 Sell Craftwork:

If you like to make creative small crafty things, did you ever thought of selling them online?

Websites like Etsy allow you to sell your cute craft stuff by organizing your own Etsy shop. The only trick is to make users attractive items that will for sure sell.

Even by selling salt dolls for Christmas, you can make over $1000 in a couple of months easily.

#5 Teach online:

There are many websites that allow you to teach a particular subject you have the expertise. In subjects like calculus, Signals, Management, and electromagnetics which cause college students to have a hard time understanding, you can make their terms easy for them.

Teach on Preply:

Preply is a legit website enabling students and tutors all around the globe to connect. Over more than 1000 subjects are being taught at hourly based rates as inferred by tutors.

Students have the choice to select the perfect tutor for themselves, whereas tutors can set their suitable times visible for teaching and teach at their own pace.

How to get started?

  1. Make your account at Preply enabling the tutor option.
  2. Choose subjects you want to teach and your hourly rates.
  3. Provide relevant details and certifications of the subject you want to teach.
  4. Upload an introductory video on your profile to help students know about you.
  5. Set your profile so that it may attract more students.
  6. Ensure your timeslots help students choose the best option for them regarding time availability.

Get started with Preply now, and make your account.

#6 Freelancing ($100 an hour):

Freelancing is one of the most interesting and emerging online hustles nowadays. Find the one most likely skill, learn it and start selling it.

There are a number of platforms available to get started with your freelancing career,



You can literally sell any of the skills you are good at. Some of the most demanding skill sets are list down below.

  • Content Writing
  • Graphics Designing
  • Video Editing
  • Digital Marketing
  • UI/UX Design
  • Machine Learning
  • Mobile Development
  • Web development
  • SEO/ SEM Marketing
  • Blockchain
  • Data Engineering
  • Cyber-security

Where to Learn Skills?

The best way to sell a particular skill is to learn it fully, and acquire all the knowledge from the field and then start working. Some of the best websites to learn these skills are:

Sites For FREE online Education:

#6 Answer questions ($100 a year):

You can easily earn up to $100 a year by simply answering questions online. If you are in the US you can be a part of the JustAnswer community.

JustAnswer connects all sorts of people from different fields such as Doctors, engineers, lawyers, plumbers, and other experts to answer their questions.

Make sure you have a good internet connection plus a laptop or a smartphone to connect. You can set your availability, pick questions of your own choice and earn money by online helping others.

Sign Up for free and get paid monthly depending on the number of questions you have answered. Visit JustAnswer to make money now.

#8 Get paid to Test websites and apps:

If you are the kind of person that loves to give reviews by sharing his/her opinion on new products, ads, and websites, then this might be the perfect job for you.

Looking at the day-by-day inventions and new products being launched, website owners are required people to test their websites and products.

Website and App developers want to know how the user will interact with their app, that is the main reason to hire a tester. So that they navigate the overall user interaction rate at their website and check if it is user-friendly or not, and does it have bugs. Does it works fine or not?

  • is a website that pays $10 per test. The test takes around 20 minutes of your time. You can earn a possible $30 an hour, which is not too bad for online surfing.
  • Another legit website for online testing is BetaTesting, which lets you make $10 to $25 per test. To get started, you have to sign up and provide detail of the device you use, in order to get an idea of the task you can perform.

Sign Up now for BetaTesting and and start making cash instantly.

#9 Become a content writer ($4k to $15k / Month):

Millions of words roam on the internet, each day producing new content. If you are a person, who enjoys writing and find yourself lost in words. You might find freelancing as a writer the perfect job for you. Earn up to $4k to $15k per month just by writing. Pick niches that are in demand and highly paid to earn more.

Some of the amazing websites for writing jobs are:

Specialize in a niche and attract clients towards you. Make a portfolio of your work to showcase your best work. There are various people looking for writers for their blog posts and websites.

#10 Start blogging:

You can start blogging without having any prior experience. Blogging nowadays is such a welcoming and warming field to get yourself started.

Starting a blog may be the best investment of your time. You can earn by affiliate marketing, advertising, or reviewing products as per clients’ requests.

If you want to start a blog, but are not sure about the very intense process including step by step guide regarding it, you can click here to get started on a thorough free guide on blogging.

#11 Create online courses:

If you are a university or college student who loves to teach but got no students. Here’s a very bright opportunity for you. There are websites that allow you to upload your self-made course (a series of videos on a particular topic) and are willing to pay you for that.

You just have to be potential and elaborate enough on the subject. You can sell your courses on plenty of websites. List some of my favorites below:

Claim your spot on Teachables by clicking here.

#12 Proofreading documents:

If you have your expertise stand in grammar, punctuation, error, and spelling. Use your eagle eyes to find out mistakes in other people’s work, and get paid for it.

Proofreading can make you earn up to $65,000 a year. Another best thing about this job is you can do it anytime, anywhere, even while traveling or sitting aimlessly at home.

If you are interested in learning how to proofread, start earning immediately. Here’s a free workshop for you to get started. Sign Up now and become a proofreading expert.

#13 Get paid by Watching Videos online:

Imagine getting paid to watch online videos!

InboxDollars is a legit website offering a $5 sign-up Bonus. InboxDollar lets you make money by watching movie previews, celebrity videos, news, TV shows, and many other things.

How to get started?

  • Sign Up to InboxDollar and get your first $5 for free.
  • Login to see the list of videos and choose the one you want to watch.
  • You can watch them either on your phone or laptop, there are no necessary criteria for that.
  • Get rewards in terms of free cash or gift cards for watching them.
  • The playlist of videos can range from a few minutes to half an hour, so get ready with your popcorns in hand ahead.

You can earn up to $200 a month by watching videos. Click here to check the videos out.

#14 Get paid by playing games online:

Are you the one, who loves to play games and can spend endless hours doing it?

Then, this might be the perfect job for you. Become an online gamer and get paid to play games. There are apps like Cashyy and Mistplay that will pay you to just play games.

You just have to play to receive free money. You can make more and more money by just playing.

Get started with Cashyy now and make free money. The app has a rating of more than 5 million downloads and 140K+ reviews.

After reaching a particular amount of Units, redeem them as gift cards. The feedback will help developers to improvise the game and add more features in it.

Get started with Mistplay now and download the app to start making money by playing games.

#15 Teach the English language Online ($25 an hour):

If English is your native language, or even if you’re a ‘cheetah’ in English, earn by transferring your expertise to others.

School teachers, college students, home-staying moms, and anyone who likes the idea of teaching from home can earn side money by teaching English or any other language they have expertise in.

They are many websites, and you can approach them as a tutor and earn on an hourly basis.


EF Education First is a USA-based English school available all around the globe. They have online teaching jobs for the citizens of the US and UK.

You can earn up to $500 / Month by setting your hourly rates to $20 / Hour. Classes are 25 minutes each and your salary is deposited directly into your bank account.


  • You must live in US or UK to be a tutor at EF education first.
  • A bachelor’s degree or above is required in any field.
  • You must complete 40- an hour of TEFL by the start of your contract.
  • Also, have to agree on background checks online.

Check out their website here.

2. VIP Kid ($2,000 / Month):

VIP Kid is a legit online platform made to teach English to Chinese students. The platform uses Skype or Google Hangout. It provides 1 to 1 experience to kids, and all course plans and materials.


  • You must live in the US or Canada to be a tutor at VIP Kid.
  • Prior one year of teaching experience is required to be eligible to teach.
  • You must know Chinese to teach kids at VIP Kid.
  • A bachelor’s degree in any field is required.

Check out their website here.

#16 Get paid to Search online:

Imagine getting paid for searching!

We all search more than a thousand times in a day. think of getting paid for doing that.

Swagbuck is the website that will pay you to use its search engine.

How to get started?

  • Sing up to Swagbuck and get $5 as a bonus.
  • Go to their search engine and start making searches to earn.

Go to the Swagbuck bonus link, to find the $5 sign-up bonus right in your account.

The bottom line:

Exploring is the fundamental necessity of life. Every job has its own advantages and drawbacks. Make sure you have enough know-how before jumping into anything. These jobs may not make you a billionaire, but somehow will help you get started with things and get on with even bigger ones.

I would recommend you to try every opportunity out. Learn what you need to learn, consume the knowledge, and put it to use. That’s the way we live.

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