Windows 11: Best features yet to come

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Hello, folks; today, we will discuss Windows 11, its features, and Specifications in this blog. Microsoft is the biggest brand in the IT industry; it always stunned the tech mavericks with its new updates in its famous Operating system, Windows.

I hope everyone knows about Microsoft. The window is a Microsoft product. Windows is the Most Using Operating System all over the world. Windows 10 is Microsoft’s latest Operating System. But these days, we are listening to the features of Windows 11 as they announced that Windows 10 would be the last and final version of the Windows series. Users have high expectations for Windows 11, but now Microsoft will harm Windows users.

Windows 11

Microsoft has not yet unveiled its next major project. They are busy delivering new updates for Windows 10. In 2016 Microsoft was expected to offer a recent update, code name such as Red Stone for Users. Although people rely on Windows 11, the previous launch of Windows 10 has been very successful. The successful iteration of Windows 10 could be to focus on Windows developers because Microsoft sees developers as part of the larger picture.

Windows 11 release date and it’s features

Microsoft was all set to launch Windows 11 on August 29, 2020. Still, due to some of the errors and technical issues, the Microsoft held it to the launch, Windows 11 which will be available to the general public. Microsoft also committed that The operating system will be available via Update Centre in Windows 10 and Windows 7.

Start Menu and Start Screen

Both the Windows 8 and Windows 10 screens look good, but that doesn’t work well with the various devices that people use in their everyday lives. There are different Windows eight features that benefit tablets, but they do not work with full functionality on desktop and laptop. People with computers like to have an icon on their computer, so it should contain the first menu to easily use Windows 11.

Direct Desktop Login

There is a big problem with Windows 8 and Windows 10 that it scans directly on the first screen, and you need to click on the desktop icon to display apps. We know it is not a big issue to manage this feature, but after a few days, the problem will get worse. That’s why people want Windows 11 to come with the option to disable or enable this feature. That will provide support for people, and they don’t have to deal with this problem in Windows 11.

Property Bar open Close with User Permission

The property bar option is ideal for you when using the Start Screen tabs as that helps you to see the latest views and active apps. But it is useless for desktop users because they do not need this feature. It becomes tough to remove this option because it appears on the screen from time to time. Therefore, this feature should come with a control option to easily manage to enable/disable this feature.

Ribbon Control Feature

Microsoft Windows uses the Ribbon User Interface in its Explorer, the Command bar located in Windows 7. The Ribbon UI is a handy feature that allows people to access various applications on the first trip, but most window users do not. Many people have written on Twitter on the official tweeter account that they should disable this feature from Windows 11.

Quick Power Access

In all the previous versions of all window platforms, power options were provided in the start menu. People could access other options such as restart, sleep mode (hibernate), shutdown, etc., efficiently. But window eight had made it difficult as most people could not find electricity options. As we know, in Windows 8, all the power options are switched to the magic charms that make it impossible for new users to understand that feature. Windows 11 will be upgraded with window 8, and people want the power option to be provided in this window. People are also recommended that it be included in the user photo provided on the first screen.

Aero glass transparency

This feature has been introduced worldwide on Windows Vista, and people have enjoyed this idea because they can enjoy the visual effects on their computers. All went well until Windows 7, but Microsoft removed this feature from Windows 8. Many people have started using third-party software to deliver that result, which has made their system more prone to cracking. That’s why they wanted to add the Aero Glass Transparency feature to their Windows 11 customization list.

Various Color and Font Options

It’s another big mistake for people to sign up for window eight because this feature is disabled in this version of the window. People lost this feature too much as they could not change the color scheme, font, and style. However, it is expected that this feature will be installed on Windows 11 so that people can customize it.

Customized Desktop Background

The first screen in Windows 8 does not help customize the background, so Microsoft has provided built-in images to cover this error. But users can’t use another image on their first screen, so they have to use the default image. People have asked Microsoft to add a custom desktop background to enjoy their favorite photos as a profile picture for their account and desktop.

Desktop Notifications

Windows update notification alerts are also deleted in window 8, and people are upset by this decision. In Windows 8, you should personally check windows updates as your desktop will not give you any alerts. In older versions of windows, people can easily keep their windows up to date without any problems as it always displays an update message in notifications in the taskbar.

On /Off Screen Switch

Window 8 has an excellent screen lock feature, but that doesn’t help desktop and laptop users. It can be added to tablets and similar types of the latest gadgets, but it does not benefit computers. Although there is a unique feature to disable the screen lock is installed in window 8, but that is a very tough and complicated process, and many users will not find this option in Windows 8. So people have demanded that this feature be removed from window 11 or given to the taskbar.

Windows 11 versions

There are six versions of Windows 11, and these are:

  • Windows 11 home
  • Windows 11 Pro
  • Windows 11 education
  • Windows 11 Enterprise
  • Windows 11 Mobile
  • Windows 11 Mobile Enterprise

The following is a list of specific Windows 11 applications, available as free updates:

  • Windows 11 home for customers and employees: this is for those who use their devices at work.
  • Windows 11 Pro: This type is designed for small businesses and is based on classic features.
  • Windows 11 Small and Medium Business: available as a free update.
  • Windows 11 Enterprise: This is for medium and large firms and is available on VL (Volume Licensing).
  • Windows 11 education: designed for schools used by students, teachers, staff, and administrators. Available in VL.
  • Windows 11 Mobile is an update to Windows Phone 8.1 OS and is designed for tablets and smartphones.
  • Windows 11 Enterprise Mobile: designed for medium and large firms with IoT and can be obtained under an OEM license.

Windows 11 System requirements :

Before downloading the decision, make sure your system has the following Specifications

1.    RAM

: 1GB for 32 bit, 2GB for 64 bit

2.    Hard disk space: 16 GB for 32 bit, 20 GB for 64 bit

3.    CPU: 1 GHz or faster processor or SoC

4. Screen resolution: 800 x 600

5.    Graphics: Microsoft DirectX 9 or later with WDDM 1.0 d

Final Call: Before proceeding, make sure your Windows 10 is up to date

Before making a decision and switching from Windows 10 to Windows 11, you should make sure that your device has the latest Windows 10 updates on it. This is very important because, without the latest Windows 10, you will not switch to Windows 11 as the system will not be ready for an upgrade.

Microsoft is launching two updates a year, one in April and the second in October. Find and update your Windows 10 if you haven’t already done so. Go to the operating system information window and check whether you have installed the latest version or version of Windows 10.

Every Windows 10 user will not be able to download and install updates simultaneously. Renewals are usually not released as a single clip and are instead placed as part of a component.

Hope you enjoyed the details in the blog regarding Windows 11 and your questions get the proper answers you are looking for.


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