Best NDS Emulators of 2021: Complete Guide with Best Takeaways

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There are many high definitions in modern times, animated games that cling to players for too long either to kill time or to enjoy with friends. There are many new and updated games in the market right now, whether it is Playstations or Mobile games.

However, we still love the old Nintendo DS games and will not miss this opportunity that allows us to play these games on our latest operating system.

The Nintendo DS is the most popular portable gaming console among all-time gaming. The Emulator enables your system to run applications designed for other applications. There were many fantastic games available in the app, and it is easier to put those beautiful games on a smartphone than to transfer it to another device to play on. All you need is to download the best NDS emulator for your PC, and you can enjoy any Nintendo DS game you like to be on your device.

If you search for the best NDS emulator online, you will find many such updated emulator names available, but not all emulators are suitable for your device; you need to choose them according to your device and support. So, today in this article, we have some suggestions for you that will help you select the best NDS emulator for your device.

So, let’s start-

Best NDS Emulators of 2021

1. Citra

It is one of the best NDS emulators for pc that allows you to play your favorite classic games like Zelda fairy tale and Pokemon.

Citra Best NDS Emulators of 2021

This Emulator will help you to be able to use almost all Nintendo DS games with full settings and exact adjustments. You will face no issue with this NDS.

Image resolution can be converted to 4k depending on the device you used to use Emulator.

With the advanced settings and features of this Emulator, you can get the best out of the classic Nintendo DS games.

It also allows you to use Wi-Fi and external controllers to communicate with friends and family to enjoy the advanced gameplay.

Best Take-Aways

  • The graphics solution can be upgraded to 4k with an excellent in-game and realistic feel.
  • This Emulator allows the use of an external controller.
  • Allows you to use multiple players over a Wi-Fi connection.

2. RetroArch

Research is an emulator that comes with various unique features that allow you to play different console games directly on your pc.

If looking for a single emulator capable of using SNES, NES, 3DS, DS, DSi, and more with high-quality output, RetroArch will be the best NDS Emulator.


Navigating and customizing the Emulator may be difficult during initial use. However, it will be free in the future.

It offers transparency functionality as some emulators allow you to customize your games.

You can also add your graphics to 4k depending on the device you are using with this Emulator. The realistic touch.

Best Take-Aways

  • Comes with a series of default games used in it
  • Supports both windows and mac.
  • Allows graphics expansion up to 4k.

3. Melon DS

Melon DS is one of the best Emulators that completely supports almost all the Nintendo DS games. Even the emulator graphic formats come with low quality; it will not make you feel unrealistic.

Melon DS

It’s still one of the best things because it allows you to connect via Wi-Fi and enable you to play all the multiplayer games with your friends even.

It offers control options and retains game features like other Nintendo DS emulators.

Best Take-Aways

  • Compatible with all NDS games.
  • It does not have image quality
  • It works very fast or with high resolution.
  • Also compatible with Windows and Linux.
  • Accept external control.

4. DeSmuMe

This Emulator is one of the best DS emulators that run on all Nintendo DS games successfully.

Developers of this Emulator are entirely focused on developing and improving the Emulator with reliable support that provides all the reported bugs.

This Emulator is based on open-source software and works well on all windows and mac devices. It has many customization options that enable you to change the graphics settings and controls to your liking.

Best Take-Aways

  • The Emulator is updated daily, releasing new updates and features many times.
  • Supports both Windows and Mac
  • Enables you to save your current game status.


The NO$GBA emulator is the best NDS emulator that allows you to play almost all Gameboy Advance and Nintendo DS games even with high-quality graphics.

You will also have the option to customize the Emulator set to suit your needs and requirements.

Even Low-end PCs also support this Emulator with the requirement of a series of conversion processes.

You can even keep your current game progress and add in-game cheats that will enhance your gaming experience.

Best Take-Aways

  • It also supports Gameboy advance games with Nintendo.
  • It requires low memory and works well on both windows and mac.
  • Allows the use of in-game Cheat.

6. OpenEmu

It is an emulator that works on both Mac and Windows to support more than one console like RetroArch, and this feature makes it one of the best NDS Emulators.

The Emulator interface and UI are standard and look like iTunes, where the games are correctly installed and well-aligned with the usage property.

Although this Emulator already has ready to use several games, the one thing which I dislike is that it doesn’t have graphics, unlike the RetroArch emulator that comes with 4k sets.

You cannot increase the graphic properties of this Emulator, and this is the most significant downward property of this Emulator.

Best Take-Aways

  • Allows you to use different console games.
  • It supports various types of controllers.
  • The interface and UI are organized.

7. DraStic DS Emulator

DraStic DS Emulator is an emulator that supports various applications such as Windows, Linux, Mac, and Android.

Enables you to run your favorite Nintendo games while customizing them to suit your needs. This is the best thing that I like about this Emulator, and I added this to the list of the best NDS emulators.

It works just like other Nintendo DS emulators and will allow you to configure graphics, controllers, and much more settings.

This Emulator also works on Android and also requires an Android emulator to work on Windows.

Best Take-Aways

  • Allows configuration for both control and graphics.
  • Works on all operating systems like Linux, Windows, Android, and Mac.
  • It runs on all Nintendo DS games in high settings with a stable frame rate.

8. IDeas

This Emulator is one of the best DS Emulators with many features and easy customization.

Allows you to play all your favorite games in one place.

You can customize the settings and upgrade the graphics to suit the highest quality.

Best Take-Aways

  • Allows you to customize in-game graphics, the realistic feel.
  • Updated regularly with the latest features.
  • It runs most Nintendo games smoothly.

9. R4 Nintendo DS Emulator

This NDS Emulator allows you to use your favorite Nintendo games to have a great experience. The purpose of this Emulator is to test various types of Nintendo games on pc. This Emulator uses many Nintendo DS games better than the native console for faster and improved performance. That is the reason why it is the best NDS Emulator.

When the simulation installation is complete, it allows you to position the game folder adequately. Clicking on a game file in the folder where you save it will automatically start the game.


Best Take-Aways

  • Runs Nintendo games with high performance.
  • Allows you to play all Nintendo DS games.
  • Works on both Windows and Mac.

10. NeonDS

NeonDS is one of the best NDS Emulators that runs all Nintendo games successfully.

However, the best NDS Emulator developers have stopped producing new updates, which have reduced the stakes in this Emulator.

Best Take-Aways

  • It is still one of the best NDS Emulators out there.
  • It uses Nintendo games with high accuracy and performance.

Wrapping Up

Let’s wrap up this fantastic conversation with a sweet page break. We have seen various types of fantastic Emulator available in Nintendo Video consoles. However, they may not work exactly like a game console. Still, they will make you happy with the right price and pocket-friendly functionalities.

We have shared all the details of the best NDS Emulators out in the market. On one side, some have the best specifications, whereas, on the other side, some are pocket friendly but with fewer specifications.

Now it’s your choice to download the game according to your requirement and try it out on the best NDS Emulators. I hope you enjoy playing them with your friends on your favorite Emulators.

Keep Playing..!!


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