Where to get Quarters: 10 Best Solutions

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Many people find themselves in unexpected situations where they need just a few cents or maybe a quarter (depending on the situation). Recently, I was driving through San Francisco and needed to park my car.

The parking toll machines were only accepting quarters, which made me realize how much of a different change of quarters makes. It is best to keep yourself containers of Quarters and other dollar changes.

There are plenty of places to get Quarter!

In this article, we will discuss where to get quarters and why it’s good to have change on hand so that you will not run into any problems.

10 Best Places to Get Quarters

From Bank

A bank is the best place to get Quarters. By law, every bank must provide quarters to consumers. Just walk into your local branch and bring change.

If you have an account (checking, saving, or credit card account), they will always provide quarters. You can even withdraw money from your checking account and request that it be as coins.

If you do not have a savings account, some banks may change it as a one-time courtesy, so don’t make yourself regular.

Nearby Local Shops or Gas Pump

If you find yourself a little far off from the city center and can only see an abandoned gas station, then you might be in luck. Gas stations and pharmacies have registers that often have small coins such as quarters.

Once again, it’ll probably only be a couple of dollars’ worth, but if you buy something small like a candy bar and ask for 4 quarters instead of a dollar, then you’re done!

If the gas station or pharmacy offers cashback, you could also use this system to get $5 or $10 in cashback and ask the cashier to ask as many quarters as the register can spare.

Make a Purchase from any store and ask for cashback in Quarters

If you purchase from a Debit card, then there is an option if you need cashback, and if you select cashback and ask quarters from the cashier, he will give it to you.

It’s similar to the grocery store option, but here you are purchasing it rather than trading dollar to Quarter.

Laundromat machine

Where to get quarters
Where to get quarters

You know that feeling when you have a load of laundry, but all the quarters in your pocket are gone? This is a common problem for many people. It’s not easy to find change these days.

You can get some free quarters from an ATM, but it usually takes more time than we want to spend on our laundry day. The best way to make sure you always have change for the Laundromat machine is to invest in one of those nifty coin wrappers. These wrappers hold 100 coins and come with two straps, so they will stay closed until you need them! Get yours today at Coin Wrapper Depot!

Follow below steps to take quarters from Machine:

  1. There is a space (hole) in ATM where you need to insert Cash.
  2. Next, you need to put proper denomination. Ex. If You need a quarter for only $5 and insert a bill for $10. Then ATM Machine will process 20 Quarters and $5 cash.
  3. The Machine will process and give you quarters as per request. If no quarters are available in Machine Slot, then Machine will refund Cash.

Note: Few old machines will only have options to give you quarters for all the Cash you had entered into the Machine.

Grocery Stores

A nearby grocery store is a good option too. Whether it’s Target, Walmart, or any grocery store, head to the customer service desk when asking for change.

Cash registers have a limited amount of coins, and once again, you may hold up the queue for a little while. Some shops may also require you to buy something. In any case, the customer service desk is always your best bet.

Grocery stores are great if you need a couple of dollars in quarters. If you need more than $10, you’re better off heading to the nearest bank.

Pharmacies Stores

CVS, RiteAid, or any other pharmacy stores give quarters up to a $10 bill.

Make a Purchase

If your grocery store cashier or fast food attendant doesn’t want to exchange quarters for a $1 bill, consider making a small purchase. You can also try the cashback option if that is on offer! If not, enjoy your purchase and your change back—things that are cheap and useful include Bananas, Gummies, noodles, fruits, or chips.


Where to get quarters
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Fast Food Establishments Always Have Coins & Quarters

One way to get change in quarters is to walk up to the cash register at a fast-food establishment. There’s a good chance the staff won’t have a service desk.

You’re unlikely to get more than a couple of dollars in change, so don’t expect too much. Go at a time when it’s not too busy to maximize efficiency. And if they don’t have your required amount consider making a small purchase, and they will be happy to give you Quarters.

Ask a friend for quarters

You can ask friends and family to give quarters either Free or trade with the dollar.

Put Message in Social sites or advertisement:

You can ask or offer to exchange money with anyone willing to

trade you their Quarter (ex. $20 bill). People come forward and help

the neighborhood.

Look online on Craigslist who offers quarters:

This is another option for advertisements and trade quarters from dollar bills with nominal fees. Consider this as the last option.

Why anyone needs Quarters?

Below are the reasons where only quarter works and people need quarters to use the service:

  1. Daily usage: if you don’t have change and if stores are out of change, he will give some commodities that you might not need, but you have to accept or leave your change.
  2. Car Parking: Many car parking tool machines only accept quarters.
  3. Small or Business: Any small, medium, or large Store business cannot run without Changes, and they need Quarters in large quantities.
  4. Grocery Stores: Any Grocery stores also need Quarters to run the business in large amounts.

Our Two cents

Put some quarters in a cute piggy bank at home that’s just for quarters and small coins. And next time when you do shop and get any changes back, just keep collecting and putting in a piggy bank.


Nowadays, cashless transactions mean that people will no longer keep changes or quarters. But it is highly advisable to keep changes with you when there are multiple ways to swap quarters with Dollar bills are available. If you are in the market and need quarters for any reason like parking your car, laundromat usage, or any other reason, then don’t worry; we have a solution for you. The fast way to get quarters would be Going to a bank, and You don’t need to have a Bank account for exchanging the quarters from Dollars.

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