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Swoop TV 2023: Plan, Packages & Pricing (Unbiased Review)

Have you been searching for the best Cable TV alternative to save the amount from your paychecks? Have you already read hundreds of articles suggesting the best cable options but didn’t find the “best one” out of them all yet?

Well! If the problem is this serious, then you should find the solution as soon as possible. What? You still didn’t find it? Okay! Let us help by reviewing the Swoop Tv plan, packages & pricing.

Swoop tv Latest Movies
Swoop tv Latest Movies

The best alternative to your cable TV is indeed Swoop—if you already knew this name, then there is no need to go anywhere else. Swoop is the best cable alternative, with hundreds of channels offering fresh and trendy content. The best thing about Swoop is that, unlike TV, you can watch it everywhere whenever you want to—there would be no restrictions. So, with swoop tv channels, you can catch your favorite shows anytime—while traveling or heading to the office. It can be operated on TVs as well as smartphones, MacBooks, and tablets.

Cable TV is the oldest method to watch shows, News, movies, and other stuff—now this trend is leisurely diminishing away by making, of course, great remarks, but you still need something better than that. And, when we talk about “best,” nothing beats Swoop streaming services.

What is more enthralling about this service is its prices and packages under which you will be getting more than 500 channels to stream. Whether you want to watch holiday series or cooking shows, or sports programs—swoop covered it all for you.

The next best thing about this platform is that you don’t have to fight with the remotes as it can be compatible with any gadget you own. So, cook that meal you want to cook for a long time and get ready to watch your favorite series back-to-back at an affordable price.

What is more about Swoop?

Well! You are getting the best of the best content at an affordable price—this should be enough for you. However, swoop comes with numerous unique features, for example, unlimited “tech support” (accessible through Email and Live Chat). This platform is not rocket science to understand—you need to take a subscription, sign in, and be all set. Even if you are a newbie, you will find it easier than operating a Cable Tv. 

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Furthermore, Swoop has a fancy and rich design that makes your eye watch it without hurting them. If you are a sports freak, this platform has the most acceptable sports channels to offer. Besides, it never lets you miss any trendy show, series, or movies—you will get them here just after airing time. Swoop has a system to update the library daily, so along with trendy content, you will also get some vintage movies here.

Unlike a few platforms, Swoop is legal everywhere. So, there is no need to doubt “is swoop tv legal or not.”

What are the Line-up channels of Swoop? 

Swoop has countless channels that include entertainment, lifestyle, News, sports, and health. If you check formally, there is no such information about the channels swoop has on each subscription, yet all of them have 500+. You can assume that there is a long list as the total number of postings is 504. You can search for channels individually to check if that is available on Swoop or not. 

Swoop tv Channels
Swoop tv Channels

Even if you don’t want to search, some popular channels, such as BET, HBO, Fox, NBC, MTV, are available on every subscribed package.

What is the Swoop Tv plan, packaging, and prices?

This is the most incredible thing about swoop Tv that makes it different and affordable compared to others. You will not be blasted with rows of channels individually that cost you more than a fancy meal in a fancy restaurant. With such tiers of media—you need to be attentive like no one knows when to get an upgrade or the cost will hike.

Unlike others, this platform provides a reasonable price for more than 500 channels. It merely means you can now watch your favorite shows and movies without paying a fat amount. The necessary amount Swoop is charging is $19.99. 

Swoop also offers a free trial service of three days to its new customers, under which you will get twice the content as the necessary amount it charges. It provides three options in packages, which are Premier Espanol, Premier Plus, and Free trial, of course. Keep reading to check the low prices of swoop TV.

Swoop TV Free Trial

Stream Device3
Sport ChannelsAll
Tech Support24×7
Spanish ChannelsNot Available
Adult contentNot available
Free Trial

This is a free-charge service available for three days, so you don’t have to pay a single penny to your streamer. There would be 500+ channels with three streams, including all sports channels. You will get limited tech support in a free trial. Also, you will not be able to access adult content in this package. 

Swoop TV Premier Plus

Stream Device3
Sport ChannelsAll
Tech Support24×7
Spanish ChannelsNot Available
Adult ContentYes
Premier Plus

This plan (cost-effective and basic one) will get 500+ channels, including all sports channels under three streams. It is also comprehensive for adult content along with unlimited live customer provision. This will allow you to watch movies, series, and other stuff in three gadgets at a time.

Swoop TV Premier Espanol 

Stream Device3
Sports ChannelsAll
Tech Support24×7
Spanish Channels200
Adult ContentYes
Premier Espanol 

With premier Espanol, you will get 200 Spanish channels, and all sports channels are offered under three streams. You will also get unlimited tech support with the streaming of adult content. This is one of the most expensive out of all three but provides more than the cost. 

Besides, Swoop Tv also offers to pay in different durations. You can pay once per month ($19.99), 3 months ($54.99), 6 months ($109.99) and 12 months ($199.00). All of these options are compatible with all gadgets and have live USA support.

What else should you know about the Swoop Free trial?

If you want to check whether Swoop can be your “best option” or not—you can go for the free trial package. It is one of the best options to clear your doubts before paying for a streaming service. Under the free trial option—you will get three days to explore it properly. The benefits include under this option are: 

  • 1. It is accessible on three devices 
  • 2. There are 500+ channels 
  • 3. On-demand video available 
  • 4. It has all sport channels 
  • Privacy level is advanced. 

Note: The free trial days are only three. There would be no need for a credit card, which is again the unsurpassed thing about Swoop that makes it outshines other platforms. You can download the Swoop TV App and explore it to get to know it better.

After completing three days, if it doesn’t suit you, cancel your subscription and it is always there. You can cancel your subscription anytime—if you don’t like it. Swoop will not charge any amount.

How to download a Swoop Tv app?

Total Time: 10 minutes

You can follow the steps given below to download the app on your gadgets: 

1. Visit the official website of Swoop Tv by typing the keyword in your browser. 

2. Once you reach the homepage of the Swoop, tap on the pricing or subscription. Click on your preferred plan to go further. 

3. It will take you to the payment option, fill in the essential details that include your name, id, and payment method. 

4. After filling in all details, click on the install tab and download the app in your gadget. 

5. Wait for a while and then click install.

Note: If you don’t want to follow those steps, you can download the Swoop Tv App. To download through this link, you will need a registered account.

What are the devices on which you can operate Swoop TV?

Swoop tv wall mount
Swoop tv wall mount

Unlike other content streaming platforms that don’t allow the user to watch shows and movies other than tv, Swoop lets you watch your favorite shows on any gadget anytime, anywhere. If you take an enhanced subscription package, you can watch it on more than three devices at a time. Whether it’s iOS or Android, like laptops, smartphones, and tablets—content would be available in all. Also, customers can operate it through TVs, and there would be no need to purchase any extra equipment; Swoop is accessible on devices like Apple Tv, Kodi, and Android Tv, etc.

Last but not least—swoop TV reviews

More than 500 channels under three streams at an affordable price—swoop is a dream come true for all customers who are tired of paying big-fat checks to their cable Tv operators. There is not even a single reason available that can convince you not to try Swoop at least once. Price is not only affordable but comparatively much lower. Also, you can watch shows for free with a free trial package.

Live USA SupportVery few reviews available
Downloadable AppShort-trial-period
500+ channels
Most Devices Compatible
Advanced security
Swoop Tv Pros & Cons

Top FAQs

Can you stream live tv for free on Swoop tv?

Watch Live Sports & TV Without Cable | Try It Free. Watch ABC, CBS, FOX, NBC, ESPN, and other top channels live. 

Can I get swoop tv on Firestick?

It is all thanks to the fact that it is compatible with Andriod and iOS devices like tablets, smartphones, and laptops.

Which is better Swoop tv or Hotstar?

If you are from India or living in Countries US/UK, it is a great option to have Hotstar Subscriptions, but Swoop tv has provided only US-based content.

Is Swoop tv giving free trials?

Yes, Swoop tv provides 7 days of free trails with No Credit Card required.

Is NBC free with Swoop tv?

Developed by NBC Universal and available for Swoop tv, the app gives you full free access to the latest episodes and clips from select series such as The Blacklist, LAW & ORDER: SVU, or more.

Swoop tv set up guide for Amazon fire:

If you want to know how to set up swoop tv on amazon fire tv stick, watch this video to know by steps:

Swoop tv setup on Amazon fire tv

Swoop tv Conclusion

We believe that Swoop is a dream come true for all customers who are tired of paying big-fat checks to their cable Tv operators. There is not even a single reason available that can convince you not to try Swoop at least once. Try it with our free trial package and see the benefits yourself!

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