Amazon Fire TV Stick Price, Features, and Reviews

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The all-new step from amazon is that it has entered the field of streaming set-top boxes. This step has the created smile on the faces of lots of TV users. The TV users who wanted to have a smart TV are significantly more and happier with the newly launched Amazon Fire TV Stick; with just a spare HDMI port and a small USB device, and they are now having their TVs turned into smart TV’s.

A new revolution

The launching of the Amazon Fire TV stick can be called a revolution in the world of television and streaming channels as it’s a new way to watch tracks on the go. The device is convenient and comfortable. Amazon Fire TV Stick is a thumb-sized device that you can plug into any HDMI port.

What it is?

The device gets power from the USB port on the TV via the converter included in it. The exterior helps the Amazon Fire TV device getting into the backside of the TV. The exterior itself comes with an HDMI cable, or you can say extender cable, which can be used when you have your TV in a wall-mounted setup, and you can’t plug the device into the HDMI port in the back of your TV. After you have filled the device into the TV set, you will have to provide a power connection to the device. You have to connect the micro USB to the USB port of the TV, or you can give the power connection by attaching the adapter and plugging it into the power socket. The specifications for the TV stick are quite superb.

The processor for Amazon Fire TV Stick is Broadcom dual-core processor; it has 1 GB of memory and 8 GB of storage capacity. Amazon Fire TV Stick is having a vast collection of apps for its users. Some of the examples are Amazon Instant, Sky News, Spotify, Netflix, etc. You can also find some games on the device which you can play on your TV sets.

The Amazon Fire TV Stick comes with the facility of the remote. The remote is real light in weight, and it has buttons like the menu, back, home, rewind, fast forwards, and plays/pause. There is also a circular directional pad on the remote for navigating the selection bar on your TV set. You can also opt for the voice search mode enabled remote which can allow you to control your TV set through your voice. For that, you also need to install the Fire TV app.

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Should you buy it?

If you’re in the market for a new $30 or $40 streamer, it comes down to a choice between Fire TV’s content-first approach versus Roku app-first one. If you’re familiar with Roku’s simple menu design, the number of tiles and options on the Fire TV Stick’s home page can be overwhelming.

If you already have a Fire Stick, there’s positively no reason for you to buy the 2020 version. Dolby Atmos and HDR are weird add-ons for 1080p devices, and if Amazon wanted to offer something unique at a price, it should have included full 4K support. As it is, if you have a decent 4K TV then you should get a real 4K streamer — it’s just another $10. And if you want to save money, go with the Lite.


The Amazon Fire TV Stick is having a friendly user interface and is real content-rich. The device is straightforward and simple to set up, and nothing technical knowledge is needed. It’s straightforward for even a child to handle. At a $35 price tag, it’s a real bunch of full entertainment and luxury on your TV. If you have an Amazon Prime Account, you can store your saved pictures and videos on Amazon Cloud as well, which you can access through any device from anywhere in the world. The Amazon Fire TV stick is available to all e-commerce giants to extreme media lovers. Amazon has given tight competition to Roku and Chrome TV stick, which are also doing well in the market.

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