How To Make $800 Quickly and Legally

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“In our busy, modern lives, we spend our days working hard to earn money. However, sometimes unexpected things can happen that cost a lot, such as a sudden medical emergency, our car breaking down, or an exciting opportunity to go on vacation with friends. In these situations, we often have to dip into our savings to cover the costs. If you find yourself in a situation where you urgently need $800, you might feel stressed and start thinking of all the ways you could make $800 Quickly.

Well, there is no need for you to worry at all. We are well aware of your situation. In this blog, we will tell you how you can make $800 quickly and Legally. Although you will find many blogs that will give you tips to make an extra $800 per month, you might end up earning nothing but a headache. But the tips we are telling you are the ones we have tested ourselves and we have made $800 using them.

Let’s earn $800..!!

How To Make $800 Quickly and Legally?

There are a few best ways to earn $800 quickly. Using the ways given below, you can make your desired dollars working within a few weeks to 1 month. There are a few ways like bank bonus, referral offers, coupon codes and even playing games can make you earn $800 fast. 

Let’s check them out and make $800 today.

Here is the list.  

  1. Join Referral Programs

Another best way to make $800 quickly is by joining a referral program. There are a few good referral programs out there, sign up with them and fill your pockets with good cash.

Suppose you have joined the referral program of an X company, after that you have to recommend the products and services of that company to your friends. Whenever any of your family members or friends purchase the product or services of that company using your referral code, the company will give you a fixed amount.

Below are some referral programs you can join today and Make $800 quickly.

  • Temu – Get $10 to $100 by referring Temu to a friend
  • GetResponse – $30 account credit per referral
  • Hostinger – 20% commission
  • Fiverr – Up to $100 per referral
  • Robinhood – A reward stock per referral
  • Wise – $50 per three referrals
  • SoFi – between $50 and $500 per referral
  • Chase Bank – $50 per referral
  • Charles Schwab – Up to $1,000 per referral
  • Wealthfront – $5,000 managed for free per referral
  • Sam’s Club – $10 gift card per referral
  • Coursera – Pay $1 for the first month
  1. Earn By Playing Games

We have played free games all our lives in our childhood, from PS1 to PS5. But if you have the opportunity to earn dollars by playing games then this is the best way to earn money. And if it is your hobby then you can not only earn $800 but you can easily earn even $1000.

We will definitely advise you that before downloading any game or playing it online, you should first gather the necessary information related to finance in that game so that there should be no risk.

How can you earn money by playing games:

  • By consuming ads and signing up bonus
  • Win contests in games
  • By playing games that need a skill
  • Earn milestone rewards

List of the famous games that can make $800 quickly:

Swagbucks – Get $10 as a sign-up bonus.

Mistplay – Every game will pay you 200 points, and when you earn 1500 points, you will be eligible for a $5 gift card.

Kashkick – kashkick offers to play games like Scrabble Go and King of Avalon. With Scrabble, you can earn $2.50 for reaching level 16 within 7 days. And King of Avalon makes you earn $20 if you reach level 17 within 20 days. As soon as you hit the $10 in your account, you can cash it via PayPal. 

Second Life – Love creating avatars and getting paid? Yes, Second Life allows users to create avatars and then perform tasks, based on the specific tasks Second Life will give you Linden Dollar, which you can convert into actual money.

  1. Using Cashback Apps

What else can be done if you get a chance to earn $800 at home? You can take advantage of the opportunity by using cash-back apps. Whenever you do online shopping through any app or any website, you must read its cash back policies. We are telling you some apps with the help of which you can earn good cashback and earn up to $800.

The most popular cash-back apps include:

Temu – Temu is an online marketplace that promises to provide good products to its customers at very low prices. Since Temu is new in the market, it keeps running many offers to attract its customers, through which customers also earn. Below we have given you some coupon codes using which you can get cash back.

  • Temu 100% off coupon – ABCDEF
  • Temu coupon $50 off – ABCDEF
  • Temu £100 coupon bundle – ABCDEF

Rakuten – Rakuten is a shopping rewards company that gives cash back rewards and rebates to users for online shopping. You will get a bonus after you sign up on Rakuten, and you will also get a certain cashback on every purchase. Although you can’t make $800 just using Rakuten, this is one of the best ways to reach your earnings to $800.

Capital One – Capital One is an app which provides coupons, promo codes and discount offers to its users. When the price of the products drops (after purchase), then with the help of Capital One you can get a refund of your product which you have bought at high prices. 

Dosh – If you shop with a debit or credit card, you can earn cash back on every shopping by linking your card to the Dosh app. Always remember that you can only shop with the merchants who are partnered with Dosh.

  1. Earn by Bank Bonuses
  2. U.S. bank Bonus

The U.S. bank keeps issuing offers from time to time to promote itself. You can earn up to $800 by opening a personal checking account or a new business checking account with a U.S. bank.

Currently, U.S. bank offer a bonus of up to $800 when a customer opens a new platinum, silver, or gold business checking account. This is one of the fastest ways to earn $800. You have to complete the below requirements.

  • Open an account using promo code – ABCDEF.
  • After opening the account, enroll in the U.S. Bank Mobile App or U.S. Bank Online Banking within 60 days.

U.S. bank Offers

  • Earn $350 on the deposit of $5,000
  • Earn $800 on the deposit of $25,000
  1. Chase Bank Offers

Chase Bank keeps releasing coupon codes for its customers, with the help of which you can easily earn up to $800. Chase Bank will give you $125-$600 for setting up your Chase checking account. Apart from this, you can also earn money by creating a savings bank account in Chase Bank.

Chase Bank Offers

  • On direct deposits, you can earn a $500 combined coupon ($300 total checking & $200 savings) – Click here to get
  • $450 combined coupon ($300 total checking & $150 savings) – Click here to get
  • $250 combined coupon ($150 total checking & $100 savings) – Click here to get
  • Earn $300 by opening a Chase Business complete checking account.
  • Earn $200 by opening a Chase total checking account.
  • Earn $100 by opening a new Chase College checking account.
  • Earn a $3000 bonus by upgrading the Chase account to a Chase private client.
  1. Earn By Selling Your Stuff

Although you cannot use this method for a long time, if you have a big expense at once, you can make $800 quickly by selling your stuff. There are many legit apps and websites where you can earn money by selling your old or unused stuff. Below are some legitimate tips with the help of which you can sell your stuff.

  • Facebook Marketplace – You may already know about this. So you have to list your item which you want to sell and earn money by selling it.
  • Mercari – Here you can sell your clothes, furniture, and homewares.
  • Poshmark – This is one of the best apps to sell your shoes, watches, handbags, and clothes.
  • OfferUp – This is just like Facebook Marketplace and is best for selling your items locally.
  • Worthy – Best website to sell your luxurious items like jewellery, diamonds, designer watches, and wedding rings for cash.


In this blog, we have given the best and most practical ways to earn $800 fast. However, $800 is not a small amount. If you want to earn this amount you will also have to work hard. You will have to work on your skills or develop new skills in yourself. To make $800 quickly, you need to double your skills. Or if you’re not in a hurry, or you have two or three months to earn $800 then you can focus on cashback apps, coupon codes,  and referral bonuses. 

All the best.

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