Enjoy $1,000 Bank Bonus Offers: 2024

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A bank bonus is a special incentive offered by some financial institutions to entice customers to open new accounts. The amount of the bonus varies from institution to institution, but generally speaking, the bigger the better. Some banks offer hundreds of dollars in free checking, credit cards, debit cards, home loans, mortgages, etc.

There are two main types of bank bonuses. One type requires you to transfer a certain amount of money into your account within a specified time frame. This is called a Direct Deposit Bonus. Another type allows you to receive a lump sum of money at once. This is known as a Transferable Account Bonus.

Whatever the purpose, it’s possible to earn $1,000 bonus from these bank offers.
Below is the complete list of current bank bonuses and requirements.
This list also includes some credit cards since they offer bonuses over $1,000. The terms are usually spend-based rather than deposit-based.

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Citigold Checking Account — up to $2000

Citigold checking account
Citigold checking account

Citigold is comprehensive wealth management for banking, investing and lifestyle. Citigold is offering up to a $2,000 cash bonus when you open a Citigold Checking account and deposit $10,000 or more in your account within 20 days of account opening and maintain the targeting balance for 60 days.

The Citigold checking bonus is a tiered bonus based on the amount you’re able to deposit and maintain funds in your new account. Like if you deposit $10,000 in new account will earn you $200; $30,000 in a new account will earn you $500; $75,000 will earn you $1,000; $200,000 will earn you $1,500, and $300,000 or more will earn you the full $2,000 into your bank account within 30 calendar days after you complete the required activities. 

To participate in to this offer, as you have not owned a Citi Checking account in the last 180 days or are less than 18 years old, you are not eligible.

  • Offer Expiration date: Jan. 22, 2023
  • Cash Bonus Value: Up to $2,000

Citi Priority Account — up to $2000

Citi Priority Account is our first choice, they are offering up to $2,000 cash bonus when you sign up for new Citi Priority Checking Account and deposit at least $15,000 within 20 days of account opening. Cash bonuses are based on how much you fund you deposit to your new account.

Citi Priority Account Bonus Tiers. For example, if you deposit $10,000 in a new account will earn you $200; $30,000 in a new account will earn you $500; $75,000 will earn you $1,000; $200,000 will earn you $1,500, and $300,000 or more will earn you the full $2,000 into your bank account within 30 calendar days after you complete the required activities.

You must maintain a balance of at least $30,000 across your eligible Citi accounts to avoid the $30 monthly maintenance fee.

  • Offer Expiration date: Jan. 22, 2023
  • Cash Bonus Value: Up to $2,000

Ally Invest – up to $3,000

Ally invest
Ally invest

Ally Financial is best known for Ally Bank, a full-service bank that offers checking, savings, mortgages, and loans online without any physical locations.

This month, Ally is offering bonuses of up to $3,000 for opening accounts but it takes a very large deposit to earn the highest amounts. New trading and investment customers are eligible to receive a cash bonus for making qualifying deposits into an Ally Invest Self-Directed trading account.

The bonus amount is based on the following tier:

  • $10,000-$24,999: $100 bonus
  • $25,000-$99,999: $250 bonus
  • $100,000-$249,999: $300 bonus
  • $250,000-$499,999: $600 bonus
  • $500,000-$999,999: $1,200 bonus
  • $1 million-$1.99 million: $2,000 bonus
  • $2 million and up: $3,000 bonus
  • Cash Bonus value: $100-$3,000
  • Offer Expiration date: March 31, 2023

Chase Sapphire Preferred Card – 60,000 Ultimate Rewards points

Chase Sapphire Preferred Card
Chase Sapphire Preferred Card

The Chase Sapphire Preferred is one of the top choice of starter travel rewards cards. If you use your Chase card abroad, you’ll never have to worry about foreign transaction fees. Cardmembers get a lot of perks and rewards for the digestible $95 annual fees. New Cardholders who spend $4,000 within three months of opening an account can earn 60,000 bonus points, which is worth $750 toward travel redeemed through Chase Ultimate Rewards.

Chase Sapphire Preferred Benefits

  • $50 annual Ultimate Rewards Hotel Credit
  • 5X points on travel purchased through Chase Ultimate Rewards®
  • 3X points on dining
  • 2X points on all other travel purchases

Capital One Spark Cash Plus – up to $1,000 cash bonus

Capital One Spark Cash Plus
Capital One Spark Cash Plus

The Capital One Spark Cash Plus Credit Card is a charge card, meaning that there is no predetermined spending limit.

With this card you can eaen up to $1,000 cash bonus, once you spend $5,000 in the first three momth, and $500 once you spend $50,000 in the first 6 months of account opening. This card has an annual fee of $150, but it comes with lots of benefits. There is no foreign transaction fees, you earn unlimited 2% cashback on every purhcase. Arat from that you earn an annual $200 cash bonus for every year you spend $200,000 or more using this card.

Capital One Spark Cash Plus Benefits

  • $150 annual fee
  • Earn $500 after spending $5,000 in the first 3 months, plus an additional $500 if $50,000 is spent in the first 6 months
  • 2% cash back on every purchase and 5% cash back on hotels and rental cars booked through Capital One Travel
  • It’s a charge card, so there’s no APR but there is a late fee of 2.99%
  • $200 annual cash bonus when you spend $20,000 in a year
  • Pick your own monthly due date


You should always read the fine print before signing up for a new account. Bank bonuses are an excellent way to earn extra money, but only if you know what you’re getting into. Do your research first if you’re considering signing up for a new bank account. That way, you can avoid potential pitfalls and ensure the company is right for you.

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