How to Use Temu Coupon Code: Few Clicks to Get $100 Discount Coupon

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Who doesn’t want to save extra money by using the Temu coupon code? We are the official partner of Temu and provide different types of coupon codes. The most popular Temu coupon code is com95307, where you will get up to 90% discount on your first order. Also, you will be getting $100 bundled offer.

If you’re a new Temu user, you will get $100 Temu sign up bonu and 90% Discount coupon when you join Temu using this Temu referral code ‘com66980’ and make your first $100 purchase.

Congratulations, you’ve jumped into the right place! The best Temu Coupon code available in 2023 is com66980, which will give you the highest available discount of $100 + 90% OFF. You can find more Temu coupon codes page.

In this article, we will provide a brief guide on how to use a Temu coupon code to maximize your savings while shopping on Temu. Additionally, section #2 will present real data to demonstrate the significant savings you can enjoy if you use a Temu coupon code while purchasing items worth $105 or more.

We have also included a screenshot of the same product on Amazon for comparison purposes.

How to use Temu coupon code (First Time User)

Here is the step-by-step guide on how to put in a referral code on Temu in 2023. (Check the image below)

Step 1: Download the Temu app and finish the registration process which you have done already.

Step 2: Verify your account. (You have probably done this part as well)

Temu shopping cart

Step 3: Now, Place the items you want to buy in the shopping cart.

Temu check out step
Enter your shipping address

Step 4: Enter your delivery address when the pop up will appear. (You can choose your home or office address)

Step 5: Choose your preferred payment method and enter the details.

Enter Temu coupon code

Step 6:  Enter the Temu coupon code where have to enter the code “com66980” to get the maximum bonus offered by Temu.

Step 7: Congratulations to Temu. You have done it. Enjoy using Temu Shopping!!!

Note: If you are a first time user, then you can avail $3 Temu App download offer. Also, sign up Temu Affiliate to earn $5684.87 per month. 

How to use Temu coupon code (Existing User)

There are various Temu coupon codes for Existing User, but more than 50% of users are not using them. Personally, i ordered 2 times (images attached) without using Temu coupon and paying full charges. But Now my readers can save money by using Temu coupon code. The steps are mentioned below:

Temu free deals
  1. Login (If you are new then download first)
  2. Go into your account > “Coupons & offers” to see your unused coupons. 
  3. Each coupon has its own expiration date, so be sure to use it before it expires to take advantage of the discount. 
  4. If it is expired within 30 days then chat with Temu customer care (Bot) and the system will honor you. (See below)
  5. If the coupon expired more than 30 days, then chat with real temu cutomer care and at least 20% discount code will be given.
  6. Only one coupon can be used per order.

Bonus Trick: Create a couple of accounts with each family member (if you can) and keep adding items to the shopping cart. Don’t order for a few days. Temu system will give you some extra discount and even sometimes 5 Temu free items while purchasing 3 items.

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