Sony Home Appliances 2021 Everything you need to know

We live in a world where we are constantly dependent on some of the other gadgets to get by for a day. From early morning making your coffee to lazing around watching Netflix at the end of the day, we are always in aid of some appliances.

 Smartphones have become our best friends and one cannot possibly think of getting by the day without it. When we need so many appliances like washing machines, phones, television, home theatre system, and many more, we need a reliable brand to invest in. The long term investment is usually the goal of buying these appliances. 

Sony is one of the biggest electronics brands in India and each and every customer that has ever bought a Sony home appliance will tell you the same thing. Sony is very popular, trusted, and widely available online as well as offline pan India. 

Sony has service centers at many convenient locations and their customer support is top-notch. Be it for installation or for servicing any of your devices, the service provided by Sony is always top-notch. You will find at least one Sony home appliance in every household, that’s the kind of trust the brand has built over the years.

The technological advancement made by Sony is unparalleled and people will keep buying new products from Sony because of the trust they have. Quality above all is the motto with which Sony manufactures its home appliances. Although their products are not exactly cheap, you can rest assured that you will get every penny’s worth out of the home appliance you are investing in.

Sony has many types of home appliances and electronics that fall under a varied price range to satisfy all genres of customers with quality products in their budget. Here is an overview of some of these Sony home appliances.


Sony Xperia

Smartphones have become one of the key necessities for living in this uber technology world. It has replaced all other devices like a clock, a camera, an alarm, and much more. Nowadays, it’s even possible to make payments through your mobiles.

Mobiles have become so important that you can just have that and leave home for the day and you’ll still be fine. Keeping these factors in mind, Sony has many models of smartphones in their arena to suit different types of customers. Their Xperia series is the most popular of them all which is android based and has over 100 models to choose from.

Sony Xperia
Sony Xperia

 From basic to premium depending on the features of this android smartphone assures that all kinds of budgets are covered for customers. The price range for Sony varies from about Rs. 6000 to as high as Rs. 80,000 for premium models. Even if you buy the lowest model, it may have fewer features but it surely will be top quality and won’t be a bad buy.


Sony is one of the leading brands in the world of television. When we look into buying a television, most people’s first choice is always Sony. The picture quality is unequaled and the user experience is not like any other seen from other brands.


Sony has more than 50 models and their Bravia series is of high quality. Once you invest in a Sony Bravia, you don’t need to think about getting another TV for another 10-15 years. Such an investment is worth the price we pay. Sony TVs start at around Rs. 18,000 for lower models and up to Rs. 7 lacks for the premium higher-end model.

Many factors play a role in deciding the price point of any Sony appliance but even the cheapest TV will long you for the same amount of time as they don’t compromise on quality.

Sony Home Theatres

Sony is known for its audio entertainment devices. The home theatre systems and speakers from Sony are highly reliable and the sound quality is top-notch. And one always needs a good home theatre system to enhance their in-home experience while watching TV.

Good sound quality is very important where the sound, even at high volumes, is not harsh on the ears and stills makes us hear every beat of the track playing. Similarly, Sony has a lot of wired as well as Bluetooth speakers.

Sony Home Theatres
Sony Home Theatres

They come in various shapes and sizes. We have mini portable speakers for traveling as well as high power wired-in speakers to attach to your desktop PC. The price range for the Sony home theatre system ranges between Rs. 8000 to Rs. 80,000, while that for speakers ranges from Rs. 2000 to Rs. 24,000.

Sony Camera

Be it pin-point or a full-fledged DSLR, Sony has been a top name in the camera industry for as long as one can remember. If we are assembling a list of Sony home appliances, their cameras definitely can’t be ignored from the list.

Sony DSLR Camera
Sony DSLR Camera

The lenses and camera quality are highest in the market and professional photographers invest lakhs in their lenses. Their point and shoot cameras start from Rs. 8000 while the DSLR’s and lenses can go as high as Rs. 2.2 lakhs.

Sony Gaming Console

It’s not just entertainment for adults that Sony focuses on. The very famous PS series gaming console from Sony is a huge hit. Gaming has become very popular and has seen enormous growth and acknowledgment from the people. Sony Home Appliances also manufactures Gaming for its customers.

Sony Gaming Console
Sony Gaming Console

Sony has a variety of gaming consoles, from portable PlayStation to consoles you can attach to your TV. These are high definition gaming gadgets and loved by kids, teens as well as adults. In the gaming console market, PS series is one of the highest sellers. The gaming consoles from Sony home appliance range start from Rs. 20,000 and go as high as up to Rs. 50,000.

 This is just the console’s price. You need to buy the games separately as per your liking. Sony has high definition gaming consoles that can satisfy all age groups alike.

Sony Accessories

Sony Home Appliances contains more accessories. Sony is not just great in-home appliances but it also has many other personal use accessories. Sony has a great deal of variety in their headset and headphone range. Since Sony is known for its audio quality, even its ear-phones are of top quality. 

Sony Accessories
Sony Accessories

Sony has launched many newer models and now recently has even launched its own EarPods. With advanced technology like noise-cancellation embedded in these devices, they truly are of higher quality and will last longer.

The price range for Sony headphones starts from a mere Rs. 700 and can go as high as Rs. 30,000. These prices include not only their headphones but also in-ear headphones and wireless headphones as well.

Sony Home Appliance Showroom

Sony is larger than life brand and its availability is highly known. You can find Sony appliances at almost every electronic store dealer. Not only that but they also have their own showrooms in almost every city like Mumbai, Delhi, Bangalore, Hyderabad, Pune, Kolkata, and many other locations. 

They can visit any of these showrooms and test all types of Sony home appliances there are and check them out for themselves instead of relying on third-party dealers. The showrooms are big and spacious and all products are neatly segregated in different sections. They also sell online on Amazon and Flipkart so no matter how remote of an area you live in, a Sony home appliance can always reach you safely.

Sony home appliance customer care

Sony customer care is always just a phone call away and you just call on 1800-103-7799 which is their pan India toll-free number. They also have a live chat feature on their website if you want to resolve something small immediately or need to consult them for something at service center.

Solid Electronics Service center
Solid Electronics Service center

 The staff is polite and considerate. The installation team for any device is very quick to respond and they give out satisfactory demos so that you know all the features of your Sony home appliance.


This is all there is to know about Sony home appliance brand. They have a variety of product ranges and each and every category has many models to choose from. Sony can never be bifurcated as affordable or a high-end brand as they see to it that they cater to both kinds of audiences. 

They always make sure even their most affordable products are of the highest quality and make sure they never compromise on that. All the products from Sony are built to last and you will never be disappointed in the brand.

The trust they have built over the years is what keeps them going forward and the reason behind their popularity.


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