ProtonVPN Review 2021: A proper guide to Pricing, Security, Servers, Privacy and Streaming Services

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Every day, we hover over various websites to gain some information for our day-to-day life, business, services, jobs, or studies, but do you know our online privacy is no longer limited to us?

Various online advertisers, governments, fraudsters, hackers, and other players are always trying to snatch what we do online and get information about our visible practices for various reasons. In this blog we will learn about ProtonVPN.

In some cases, this lack of transparency may prevent us from accessing specific online resources simply because of our location. Naturally, this leads to an increase in the popularity of VPN services now known and widespread.

A VPN is basically a network of servers that redirect users’ traffic, effectively encrypt their I.P., and prevent third parties from keeping an eye on human browsing activities, thus providing more security and privacy. There are several significant benefits of using a VPN. For example, a VPN service may allow you to access geo-restricted sites and services and keep your browsing private, while the data you transfer over the Internet is much safer and out of hackers’ reach.

In this blog today, we will discuss one of the famous VPNs, Proton VPN. Let’s start with the ProtonVPN review.

ProtonVPN Review

ProtonVPN is not the largest, fastest, or cheapest VPN, yet it is one of the best services available. It places great emphasis on user safety and privacy from various “privacy attacks” and has an excellent client base that is very easy to use. It also offers a set of advanced privacy tools often reserved for more expensive products.

ProtonVPN Review

ProtonVPN is a Swiss-based VPN provider that excels in various features and usability; it is a competent VPN in the market with unique free plans. Its name might sound familiar if you had the opportunity to meet another famous brand created by its creators. This email platform is encrypted end to end, i.e., ProtonMail.

This ProtonVPN service may not have thousands of servers like any other, but the ones it does have are well distributed worldwide; you will get the top speed with reduced noise at all times – more than 1000 of them are located in 54 countries, including India, South Korea, Brazil, Hong Kong, South Africa, and the list goes on and on.

Another immense detail is that the provider owns and operates all of its servers, which means more control over how they are installed and used, leading to better security and performance.

Let’s roll our ProtonVPN review ball, and talk about its functionalities.


Some countries have strict government laws against privacy and heavy security systems to monitor data passing through servers in a particular country. It can be a big challenge to protect traffic with these servers as much can be done if government agencies decide to break these servers.

This is when the need for secure servers enter into the image. These servers are standardized in countries with strict privacy laws and no major surveillance programs.

ProtonVPN Review

ProtonVPN currently operates around 1000+ servers and in 54 countries.

The server network is divided according to your subscription, so the Plus and Visionary options offer more server access than the free and essential programs. The client gives you upload information on each server, allowing you to avoid crowds and noise and ensure maximum speed at all times. If you are unsure of an excellent local server, the Quick Connect option with this VPN will automatically select one for you.

Note that the software will select a location in your country, so Quick Connect is incorrect when looking at some popular geo-spoof services. Finally, the task can be configured to determine a faster server for your location or select one randomly.

ProtonVPN provides regional servers with oppressive internet policies, including China (Hong Kong), Turkey, and Russia. Having servers in these regions does not allow users to avoid further researching, but it can provide security and privacy for many people.

Privacy and Security

ProtonVPN supports OpenVPN and IKEv2 / IPsec connection protocols and does not provide any PPTP and L2TP / IPsec protocols. Servers with these protocols are very cheap to maintain, but these security options are outdated. ProtonVPN supports TCP and UDP connections, the updated ones.

ProtonVPN Review

When it comes to encryption, the company has chosen the AES-256 cipher with HMAC SHA-384 authentication and RSA-4096 handshake, which is a pretty reliable method, according to modern cybersecurity standards. AES-256 is virtually indestructible with modern computers and is used by soldiers and banks to protect sensitive information.

ProtonVPN also uses full encryption, which means that a new security key is made all the time. In other words, even if someone were able to get your encryption key for that period, it would mean that there was nothing to disconnect. Today’s standards cannot violate the encryption standard offered by ProtonVPN, so this is a failure that you will probably not use.

The line break feature allows you to move some of your applications via ProtonVPN while keeping others out of the secure VPN tunnel. You can use this to prevent any speed bumps when handling safe and reliable applications that do not require encryption.

Streaming Services

ProtonVPN Review


Most streaming services limit other T.V. shows and movies based on geolocation. With a free VPN, you can’t turn on Netflix. ProtonVPN can open streaming services and separate libraries; however, you can only get advanced development options with Plus servers. To access this feature, go to the Plus or Visionary subscription plans.

For Android and iOS apps, you will see a list of Plus Servers. For macOS and Windows applications, Plus servers will be indicated by a ‘P’ icon displayed. From then on, opening up the American Netflix library is as easy as connecting to a U.S. server.


To unlock Hulu on a desktop, you need to connect to a Plus server in the U.S. Why is it essential to use Server Plus? Like other streaming platforms, Hulu fights VPN services for violating its policy. If a company receives a VPN connection, it will prevent you from accessing its content. With the Plus Server option, the chances of doing this are meager.

Amazon Prime Video

With ProtonVPN, you can find Amazon Prime Videos in Germany, UK, and the U.S. So, you’ll get access to original content from Amazon, such as The Man in the High Castle, Sneaky Pete, and Transparent. The English Premier League can also be viewed via ProtonVPN on Amazon Prime Video.

Remember, accessing Amazon Prime’s separate libraries is not as easy as reloading Netflix. You will need to take a local registration if you want to browse the external catalog.

BBC iPlayer

To watch BBC iPlayer via ProtonVPN, you will need to connect to a Plus U.K. server, log into BBC iPlayer, and sit down to relax and enjoy your favorite content.

Disney +

Disney + has already bought Marvel Universe, Star Wars franchise, National Geographic shows, scripts, and Strong films. Classic Disney movies and other content from 21st Century Fox are also available on the site now. Thanks to ProtonVPN, you can unlock Disney Plus versions in Germany, Italy, the U.K., and the U.S.


The HBO Max may look like Disney +, but it’s full of entirely different and unique content. It streams from WarnerMedia library, including TNT, TBS, Cartoon Network, Adult Swim, CNN, and all Warner Bros. films. And D.C. HBO Max is famous for titles such as The Wire, Deadwood, Friends, Wonder Woman, Rick & Morty, etc.

The library includes many classics and new movies from their original production. ProtonVPN users can view all of this even more, anywhere in the world.


ProtonVPN is one of the few providers offering a free unlimited data VPN.

ProtonVPN Review

We are not fans of free VPNs, however, as is often the case. However, if you have decided to use a free VPN, ProtonVPN is probably the best option for you. The free version offers access to standard servers in three countries: the Netherlands, Japan, and the U.S. These are slower than the original but are sufficient for web browsing and general communication.

For $ 4 a month, you get an essential ProtonVPN subscription. You can use a VPN on both devices. Please note that this subscription does not give you access to U.S. Netflix servers (included in Plus-sub)

For $ 8 a month, you can access Plus Plus servers and use up to five devices. You also get access to dedicated P2P and TOR servers and Secure Core and Secure Streaming, which are used to access Netflix and other U.S. media platforms.

There is also a costly Visionary subscription, but it also gets you a ProtonMail Visionary subscription and helps you to use up to 10 devices. It will cost you $ 24 a month. This could be an exciting donation for those already using ProtonMail, which is considered one of the world’s safest email providers.

While the Basic package looks excellent, Plus subscriptions are the most versatile and popular option.

protonvpn review

Pros and Cons


  • 1000+ servers in 54 countries.
  • Solid configuration
  • Unlimited speed, bandwidth, and server switching
  • No activity logs
  • The perfect secrecy
  • Split tuning
  • Automatic kill switch
  • Built-in Tor Support
  • P2P enabled
  • DNS leak protection
  • It works perfectly for free without ads
  • Up to 10 connections support
  • 7-day free trial
  • 30-day money-back guarantee
  • Bitcoin and cash payments are accepted


  • No live chat Option
  • Bit Pricey

Speed and Performance

The free program gives access to servers in the U.S., the Netherlands, and Japan, so it checks those locations first. U.S. servers were generally able to maintain about 70% of the actual speed. The Netherlands’ locations held about 80%, and Japan provided an average performance of about 10% of an average connection speed.

ProtonVPN Review

In terms of top players, London at 90.55%, Frankfurt at 83.89%, Stockholm at 86.03%, and Amsterdam at 83.86%. The U.S. servers in Los Angeles and Denver have an excellent performance of 51.88% and 64.32%. Outside of Japan, it has recorded subpar speeds in Latur (India) (14.27%), Paris (15.36%), Sidney (8.67%), and Atlanta (12.99%).

During the ProtonVPN review test, we did not find any sudden connections or significant issues of any kind. With this, we were able to connect to any server very quickly and, once detected, the VPN connection was completely stable at all times. ProtonVPN does not provide seamless server switching, so restoring your connection to another VPN site will interfere with your download and expose your real I.P. to geo-restricted services.

The Conclusion

In terms of security and privacy, ProtonVPN is among the top VPN service providers globally. Mobile applications are very efficient, ensuring high security on the board. While some may consider it expensive, there is a degree of flexibility with four different software programs. The one thing you need to do is to make a choice that best suits your browsing needs.

Apart from security, the interface is clean and comfortable to download ProtonVPN.

The free program offers unlimited data usage, a feature most VPNs do not provide. For us, this is one of the best VPN services on the market. With its server options growing only, we strongly recommend downloading the free version before upgrading to a paid package.



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