Best Cashback Apps for Groceries in 2024

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If you’re like me, then you love saving money. Grocery shopping is one of my favorite ways to do that! However, I’ve learned that it’s not always easy to save on groceries by simply clipping coupons or using a loyalty card. Luckily for us, tons of Best Cash Back Apps for Groceries out there which can help us save more money at the grocery store.

Best Cash Back Apps for Groceries

Topcashback, Ibotta, Timesclub, Fetch Rewards, Shopkick and Checkout 51 are some of the best grocery cash back apps to consider.

One way is using a cashback app if you’re looking for ways to save money on groceries — or want to make sure you’re getting a good deal on your everyday purchases. An easy way to do this is through an app that offers cash back rewards on specific items at specific stores. When combined with other discounts and coupons, these apps can be very useful in saving money when buying groceries. Let’s discuss all Cash Back Apps for Groceries and how to save money using these apps. 


Topcashback is a cashback site that allows you to earn money back on your online purchases. You can use it just like any other cashback website: when you’re making an online purchase, instead of going straight to the retailer’s website, go to Topcashback and do shopping from there. Here is how topcashback works:

  1. Sign up Topcashback using an official referral link.
  2. Enter the same information there—name, address, and email—and the site will take care of the rest.
  3. Once you’ve signed up on Topcashback’s site, then use for your daily purchase.
  4. You need to search retailer, and it will redirect you back to whichever marketplace or e-tailer (such as Amazon) where you were planning on shopping. 
  5. As long as that site has a partnership with Topcashback, then whenever someone makes a purchase through their links (for example), they’ll receive cash back based on how much they spent there and what program they signed up for (more about this below).
  6. Each time someone Joins through one of these partner sites using one of these links from Topcashback, both parties receive a Bonus. A person who refers will get a referral bonus, and those who sign up will get Topcashback sign up bonus.

Note: You will get a percentage amount from every dollar spent using Topcashback. So let’s say that we bought something worth $100 using an affiliate link at Amazon’s website; after taxes were applied, our final cost would be $103 before shipping charges, but once all rebates were calculated, we’d only end up paying $98 because 10% was taken off without us even realizing! That means we could get away with spending less money overall than we normally would have had we not redeemed anything at all – which makes sense considering most people don’t realize how much money they could save until after they’ve made their purchase anyway!


Rebatesme is a cashback app that allows you to earn money on everyday purchases in the form of rebates. These rebates are paid out through PayPal, or you can use them to purchase gift cards or donate them to charity.

The Rebatesme app works similarly to other apps that offer rewards when you shop at certain stores. For example, it might reward you with a rebate if you buy groceries at ShopRite or Dunkin Donuts coffee at Starbucks. You’ll need an internet connection for this program because its features require downloading additional software from their website onto your phone—it will not work unless you have internet access! The Rebatesme app has many different types of offers available, including travel deals and coupons for specific stores like Home Depot and Lowe’s (the big home improvement chains).


Times Club is a free Cashback app where you can make money from shopping at Indian stores in the USA along with many US stores like Walmart, Macy’s and more.

Earn cash back when you make a purchase from any timesclub partner stores or redeem an offer online using our app. To get cashback on any offer, you must use the credit card which you have linked with the Times Club.

Another way to make money from Timesclub is by sharing the link with friends via Facebook, Twitter, email, or by text. If they sign up for free membership, you will receive $1 for every person who signs up. Once you reach the $30 reward, your money will automatically be deposited into your account via PayPal or Direct deposit. Signup now to start earning!

<Join Timesclub and Get $20>


Rakuten is an online shopping site that offers cashback on purchases made through its website. Rakuten offers a wide range of products, including electronics and fashion.

Rakuten also has an app available for download in the Google Play Store and Apple App Store.

Last but not least, Rakuten is a trusted site with over 10 million users worldwide who can confidently shop with peace of mind knowing they’ll receive their order promptly as promised.

<Join Rakuten and Get $30>

Fetch Rewards

Fetch Rewards is a cashback app that gives you points for shopping at grocery stores and other popular retailers. You earn 1 point per dollar spent when shopping at participating stores (up to 10,000 points per month) and then they convert those points into cash rewards automatically. Their system uses “cardless checkout” technology, which means you can use the app to shop with your phone or tablet just like any other digital wallet.

<Join Fetch Rewards and Get $10>

The first time I tried this app was on a trip to Whole Foods with my roommate—and we were both skeptical about how well it would work in practice! But it turned out that he could buy groceries without having any cards on him. It was also nice being able to see all the things we bought throughout the day right after each purchase happened so we could stick to our budget and make sure everything was going smoothly before moving forward with our list.


Ibotta is a cashback app that rewards you for buying groceries. In order to get the money, you’ll need to upload your receipt and verify it by taking pictures of the receipt barcode and UPCs from each item on your receipt. Once you do this, Ibotta will send a text message with instructions on how much you’ve earned and how to claim it (usually within 48 hours).

<Join Ibotta and Get $10>

The best way to use Ibotta is when deals or rebates are available for specific items in stores near where you live or shop most often. For example, if there’s a deal on mustard at Whole Foods, snap up as much mustard as possible—you won’t be able to buy more later without going through some sort of verification process again. And if an item isn’t covered in any promotions right now? You can still save money with coupons or sales—the cashback offered by Ibotta isn’t limited just because they don’t have any promotions!


Fluz is a cashback app for groceries, which means it’s not a grocery store itself. You can use Fluz to buy groceries at any store that accepts credit cards. The best thing about Fluz is the fact that it offers very high cash back rates for certain items and categories of purchases: up to 10% on select items (think milk, bread, eggs etc.) and 5% on all other purchases within those categories. For example, if you shop at Target often enough to spend $500 per month on groceries and household items combined—which is probably true if you’re trying to build up your stockpile—then Fluz will be paying you 5% back on those purchases every single month ($250 in total).


Shopkick is a cashback app that rewards you for walking into stores. It’s not as straightforward as other apps since there are two different ways to earn points: by walking into a store and scanning items or by scanning your receipts.

The first option is pretty clear—you get points when you walk into the store and open up Shopkick on your phone and do what it tells you to do, which usually involves scanning an item’s barcode with the camera on your phone or entering information about the product manually (like its brand). You can also earn points by taking photos of receipts after purchasing items in-store or online.

However, if all that seems too easy, there’s another way to earn points through Shopkick: through “missions” that involve tasks like checking prices at multiple grocery stores or completing surveys.

Checkout 51

Checkout 51 is a cashback app that offers 3% cash back on grocery items. You can use the app to scan your groceries at the supermarket. If a product has an available rebate, you will be notified through Checkout 51 when you scan it and receive your reward within 48 hours of purchase. There are no membership fees or secrets to learn—just download the free app from either Apple’s app store or Google Play and start earning money back every time you go shopping!

Checkout 51 also has a referral program where they will give both parties $5 for each friend referred (up to $5 per month). They also have an Amazon gift card rewards program where members receive 300 points for every dollar spent on Amazon products. Points can be redeemed for various prizes, including gift cards and discounts on future orders with Checkout 51 partners such as Target, Walmart, Bed Bath & Beyond, Staples etc.)

Receipt Hog

Receipt Hog is another cashback app for grocery purchases.

It offers cash back on your grocery purchases from over 1,500 retailers. You can earn an unlimited amount of cashback each month with Receipt Hog!

To find out more about Receipt Hog, click here to read our full review of the app and learn how you can start earning money with this easy-to-use app.


NCPMobile is a cashback app that offers a variety of cashback offers for groceries. You can get up to 20% cash back on purchases at select grocery stores and restaurants, including Aldi, Kroger, and more. In addition to its grocery store discounts, NCPMobile also offers other rewards like travel deals and discounts on fashion items.


If you’ve ever wanted to save money on groceries, The DealsEarning is your best resource. DealsEarning has a blog and social media accounts where they share tips and tricks for saving money on groceries. They also provide giveaways with big prizes, including gift cards to grocery stores like Kroger and Costco (which are great places to get groceries).


Flipp is another cash back app for groceries and here how flipp works:

  • Flipp is a free app and website that allows you to earn cash back on your grocery shopping. It has a mobile app, but it’s also available as a web version, so you can use it on any device.
  • If you refer friends to Flipp, they will get $20 off their first order (they’ll get $10) — which means that you get $10!
  • The company has an extensive selection of coupons and deals in its grocery section, which makes it easy to find specific products at discounted prices. You can also look up recipes and see which items are on sale near you before heading out the door.*


CoinOut is a cashback app that rewards you with points for grocery purchases. You can redeem your points for gift cards, cash back, and more.

You earn CoinOut points by scanning your receipt from any store or restaurant that accepts credit cards. You also earn bonuses when you take surveys and watch videos.


ReceiptPal is a cashback app that lets you earn cash back on the groceries you buy. You can also earn money on other items, like gas and beauty products.

When using ReceiptPal, there is no need to clip or print any coupons. Instead, shop at major retailers like Walmart, Target, and Safeway and earn cash back from your purchases automatically.

The ReceiptPal app works with the following stores: Walmart Supercenter, Walmart Neighborhood Market & Pharmacy (including Sam’s Club), Target (including Target Store & Pharmacy), Kroger (including Dillons), CVS Pharmacy, and Rite Aid Pharmacy.


We hope that you’ve found this list of the best cashback apps for groceries helpful. Cashback means more money in your pocket. These cashback apps will definitely help you earn extra cash just for regularly doing what you already do—making purchases online and in-store. The best part is that they don’t even require membership fees or any other commitment from you. You can always check out our complete list of grocery coupons and deals if you need any other suggestions on how to save money at the supermarket!

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