What is Vice City Market: Short Review

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Vice City Market is a marketplace where you can buy illicit goods for cryptocurrency. Let’s leave aside the specialization of this marketplace. We are only interested in the fact that cryptocurrency can be used as a means of payment. Especially if you use not volatile ethers or bitcoins but stable against fiat currency stablecoin.

So shortly, we can expect the emergence of international marketplaces that sell completely legal goods. But users will use cryptocurrency assets to buy and sell goods on them.

How to Get into Darknet from an Android Phone

Many online users wonder how they can get into Darknet. How to do it on a computer, for some reason, many have no problem. But how to enter the Darknet from a phone running android or iPhone (iOS) for many remains a mystery.

To complete the picture, it is worth noting at once. There are several ways how you can enter the Darknet from your Android phone. The most basic ones are to log in via the Tor browser or to enter the Darknet with Orbot + Orfox. If you have a personal dislike for this browser, you can check out its counterparts.

Tor is a fairly simple and easy-to-use browser. The second method, on the other hand, is more complicated, and you will not bother with its implementation. Once you have downloaded it to your iPhone – it will immediately install on your iOS device. All you have to do is go through the basic configuration of privacy and anonymity. And you can start using it.

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Features of Vice City Market

They have automated the process of buying something – if before, customers wrote to sellers directly, now they just go to the site and choose a ready-made bookmark with an item. The popularity of the top darknet stores fell because they failed to organize the smooth operation of their services. Because of this, resources were often unavailable, which is unacceptable in a world of easily broken people with complex addictions. That is why the Vice City Market project is so successful, and its auditory is constantly growing.

Alternative to Vice City Market

However, experts in the field of cybersecurity don’t exclude the appearance of Tor clones of this market but at other addresses. In this case, the users of vice city market will massively go to these clones and are guaranteed to become victims of fraudsters. Illegal trading platforms in the shadow Internet are numerous, and they are often closed down by law enforcement agencies of different countries, especially the largest ones.

For example, in 2020, a joint operation between Europol, the FBI, the British NCA, and law enforcement agencies in Australia, Germany, and other countries dismantled the largest criminal marketplace DarkMarket, its servers were shut down, and the alleged operator was arrested.


Competition develops the market, and it is always there. But at the moment, all of the competition is pretty weak. Administrators of Vice City in the darknet world are considered the highest-level specialists because they are well aware of all the problems of growth of such marketplaces, they know how to communicate with nervous customers and, at the same time, maintain a high image of the platform.

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