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LG Home Appliances is serving its customers thoroughly. With frequent changes in technologies and everyday lifestyles, competition is increasing, and we are becoming busier Day by Day. Our lives are becoming more complicated than ever before. With all these hustle-bustle going on, we are in definite need to sit back and relax a bit. After working for hours, if we cannot have a chilled glass of water in an air-conditioned room watching our favorite TV shows or movies with a nicely cooked meal, our hardships go in vain.

Do we not need the ideal home appliances, which can make our lives easier? Life is good and a lot easier when we use the ideal home appliances. LG, serving Indians since 1997, provides us with a vast range of Home Appliances which are easy to use, durable, and trustworthy. The whole new range of stylish and durable LG home appliances cannot be missed. 

About LG

Originating in South Korea, LG is now a world-renowned brand. Globally leading the world’s electronic industry, LG provides us with a wide range of home appliances. It has been serving customers in India for quite a long time since its establishment in 1997. LG leads India’s electronic market in various home appliances like televisions, microwaves, refrigerators, washing machines, and air conditioners.

LG holds nearly 40 percent of the Indian air condition market and 27 percent in the television market. In 2019, LG Home Appliances earned a massive profit of 1534 crores. Today the name LG is enough for recognition and trust.  

LG Home Appliances in India offers a wide variety of electronics of premium quality. Some of them are stated below with the price range:

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1. Air Conditioners

With a rapid increase in temperature, summers in a Tropical Country like India is becoming unbearable. LG air conditioners never dissatisfied its customers. LG is a leading name when it comes to air conditioners.

LG air conditioner

( Price Range – – )

LG air conditioners hold 40 percent of the Indian market, and with LG’s excellent service, it can only increase in the near future. There are a variety of air conditioners. The price varies on several factors and features like split or window, inverter connectivity, number of stars, tonnes, or capacity. 

2. Televisions

( Price Range – -)

Who does not like to watch their favorite TV shows and relax? LG TVs provide the OLED TVs NANO CELL TVs UHD 4K TVs SMART TVs LED TVs Ultra Large TVs best premium quality televisions, which makes our home like a theatre. Ultra HD quality, the best audiovisual display, is what all one can ask for. The price of TVs depends on the picture quality, length in inches, audio and visual representation. 

3. Refrigerators

Going to the market daily is not possible for anybody. Why compromise with the quality of the food? LG refrigerators do not let us compromise with the fresh fruits, vegetables, and essential protein sources. With extra space and energy-saving technologies, LG refrigerators are the best. 

LG Refrigerators

( Price Range – -)

A wide range of refrigerators is available. The price depends on the capacity, number of doors, number of stars, design, and inverter connectivity. 

4. Microwave ovens

LG Microwave ovens

( Price Range -)

Why buy cakes when you can bake them? LG’s whole range of microwave ovens lets us choose the perfect one for our family. The price depends on factors such as capacity, design, and options available. 

5. Washing machines

LG Washing machines

(Price Range – )

It must be tiring to do all the chores on your own. Moreover, who has got the time to do this stuff? LG’s Washing Machines are here to remove all stains and technologies to protect your clothes and clean then correctly. Load capacity, look, functions fluctuate the price. 

6. Vacuum cleaners

LG Vacuum cleaners

(Price Range – )

For a perfectly clean and hygienic home, we need to clean it every day. It not only takes plenty of time but also is an exhausting chore. LG presents us with various powerful vacuum cleaners that will save time and clean our surroundings correctly. LG Vacuum Cleaners can be classified by power and size, which also fluctuates the price. 

7. Water Purifiers

LG Water Purifiers

Why compromise our health and drink unhealthy, polluted water. Water can transmit various diseases in our bodies. To avoid risks and protect our loved ones, LG Water Purifiers purifies water with the latest and trusted technologies. Their price of LG water purifiers is dependent on factors like UV or Blue light availability, capacity, and others.


With everything becoming more technology-based, comfort is just a few clicks away. LG Home Appliances even has a range of smart home appliances such as smart TVs, smart refrigerators, smart dishwashers, and even smart ovens! Just a few clicks, and your work gets done. Comfort within fingertips is what LG is offering us with its new and innovative ThinQ technology.


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LG Smart Home Appliances is genuinely changing the world and making it a lot easier for us with its ThinQ technology, which lets us control smart appliances with a remote, which makes our lives good and easier. These smart home appliances can be easily bought from your nearest LG Brand Store. 

LG Home Appliances Showrooms

 LG has established its place in all the big cities in India, such as Hyderabad, Mumbai, Delhi, Pune, Kolkata, and many more. There are several showrooms in these developed cities. The customers can directly contact them and enquire about the necessary. They provide 100 percent genuine products with various discounts. 

LG Home Appliances Customer Care and LG Home Appliances Service Centre. 

LG Home Appliances gives a warranty to each of its home appliances and ensures its quality. If any difficulty is faced by the customer regarding any appliance, they can contact LG Home Appliance Customer Care.

They are available 24hours a day and 7 days a week. If the appliance is faulty and within the warranty period, it can be replaced or repaired free of cost. Any complaint about the service or regarding any appliance can be filled. If an appliance needs to be repaired, a customer can quickly contact the nearest LG Home Appliance Service Centre. Given below are some numbers a customer can contact if needed: 

18001809999 toll-free customer care number (24 x 7)

18003159999 toll-free customer care number(24 x 7)

9711709999 All India WhatsApp Number 

LG Advertisement

Only a recognized company can afford mass advertisements. We can see LG Home Appliances Advertisements on televisions, radios, and other platforms such as YouTube and social media. We can often see vast banners of LG Home Appliances. LG’s basic tagline is “Life’s Good,” which is also what “LG” stands for. LG’s advertisements are unique on their own. “LG Innovation Story” advertisement became one of the most viewed YouTube videos in India. 


Does LG make good kitchen appliances?

Yes, it does make good kitchen appliances.  LG ranks highest in appliance ratings for washers, dryers, dishwashers, oven ranges, French door refrigerators, and top-mount freezer-fridge setups.

What appliances does LG make?

LG makes basically every kind of electronic appliances like refrigerators, washing machines, tumble dryers, vacuum cleaners, air conditioners and microwave ovens.

Are LG appliances better than Samsung?

LG has few appliances which is worth buying. But in compare to every product NO LG is not better than Samsung. Samsung is purchased by many peoples in compare with LG.


LG Home Appliances is trusted by millions worldwide. It won the confidence of millions through fantastic customer service and product longevity. With the increase in competition, many companies are compromising with the quality of the products but LG never did this.

Made to last, LG Home Appliances use 100 percent genuine products in the process of manufacturing. There are almost no complaints about the after-sale services provided by LG. It is wise to enquire before investing. LG Home Appliances provides every detail which is necessary for an inquiry on its official website www.lg.com . Buying LG home appliances is thus the best investment, which makes our lives good. 

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