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HealthifyMe Cost: Get Consultation Free

HealthifyMe is the only Indian app that allows users to track their calories, workouts, and water intake. The app also tracks health-related activities like sleep and steps.

Users can also get a diet plan from qualified dieticians available on the app. HealthifyMe has some of the best dieticians in India who will help you achieve your weight loss goals by providing personalized and customized diet plans.

There are two types of coaches for each plan, one is a general coach who does not specialize in any particular field like fitness or weight loss, and the other is an expert coach who specializes in a particular field like weight loss or fitness. The value-added service that you get from these coaches depends on the type of coach you choose to work with. There are also special packages available for specific health issues such as diabetes or arthritis, which come at discounted rates.

HealthifyMe Cost and Plan

HealthifyMe Plans and Cost
HealthifyMe Plans and Cost

HealthifyMe has different plans, but if you mention promo code HPRO09 or HELPINGDESI, you will get up to 40% discount. The plans are follows below: 

  1. The standard plan costs $99
  2. the premium plan costs Rs 1999,
  3. The elite plan costs Rs 2999.

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HealthifyMe is a nutritional app that helps you maintain your health and fitness goals by providing expert advice on diet, exercise, and lifestyle. The app offers many features such as recipe recommendations, a home delivery service for supplements, and personalized meal plans based on your age, gender, and health condition. It also helps you set weight loss goals through its calorie counter feature; You can meet these calorie requirements through the food database, which categorizes recipes into different food groups like breakfast or smoothies etc., making it easy to identify healthy options while cooking at home or dining out with friends.

HealthifyMe (Nutrition App) – Monthly Plan

The monthly plan is a 24-month nutrition plan that includes:

• A daily, customized meal plan based on your dietary preferences and nutritional needs

• Personalised videos by health experts, including dietitians and fitness trainers, to help you understand what you’re eating and why it matters for your health

HealthifyMe’s 24 Months Nutrition Plan is available for Rs. 4999 monthly.

This plan includes:

  • Personalized diet plan based on your health, fitness, and nutrition goals. The meal plans include recipes from 10 different cuisines with their macronutrient breakdowns, including calories, carbs, proteins, and fats per serving. You can also add custom meals to your HealthifyMe account by uploading images of the food items you want to add to your diet plan.
  • Personal training at a gym (4 sessions) or home (1 month or three months). You can choose between a trainer who will visit you at home or one who will come to your gym or workplace to provide personal training services (1/2/3). You can also opt-in for an additional two sessions of personalized training after the first six months at no extra cost!

24 Months Nutrition Plan

HealthifyMe provides various plans that are designed to suit your requirements and lifestyle. It aims to help you achieve the best health through a customized diet plan, personal training at the gym, at home, etc. Here’s a list of all the plans:

  • 24 Months Nutrition Plan + Trainer ($195)
  • 6 Months Nutrition Plan + Trainer ($124)
  • 1 Month Diet Consultation at Home (Each Session costs $20)
  • 3 Months Diet Consultation at Home (Each Session costs $10)

The 24 months Nutrition Plan is the most comprehensive and effective diet plan available in HealthifyMe.Our expert dietitians and trainers have created the plan and have gone through 100+ hours of training from IIHS (Indian Institute of Health Sciences). This high-quality plan will help you lose up to 20kgs in three years!

The 24 months Nutrition Plan + Trainer comes with an additional benefit of personalized coaching sessions with a certified trainer for four weeks at a gym near you. You can choose from our wide range of gyms across India (find out more here) and book your session over the phone or by email.

2 Coaches Nutrition Plan

Our two coaches’ nutrition plan is the most comprehensive option if you have a specific health or weight loss goal. It allows you to work with two trained fitness experts at once who will provide you with meal plans, workout routines, and one-on-one support.

The two coaches’ nutrition plan costs $149 per month for the first month (a $100 discount), then $149 each additional month thereafter.

A nutrition plan comprising two coaches is available on the HealthifyMe app.
The plan is priced at $20 USD per month, which is approximately INR 1 600/-.
This package offers you two coaches who will help you with your diet and exercise routine.

2 Coaches Nutrition Plan + Trainer

 The HealthifyMe 2 Coach Nutrition Plan is an advanced diet plan that helps you lose weight by coaching you through the process. This plan will assist you with your meal planning, food shopping, cooking, and even exercise. The HealthifyMe 2 Coach Nutrition Plan comes with two coaches who will help to guide you throughout the program.

The features of this plan include:

  • Three meals per day + snacks
  • Meal plans based on a daily calorie goal (1500 calories)
  • One expert personal Trainer who provides feedback on your progress as well as healthy recipes and exercises
  • One health coach that provides support for nutrition and lifestyle changes

6 Months Nutrition Plan + Trainer

The six months nutrition plan costs Rs. 999 + GST. The price varies based on your location, as you can see here:

  • The six months Nutrition Plan is available in all cities except Chennai, Hyderabad, and Mumbai. It’s not available for new customers unless they have a referral code from an existing HealthifyMe member (you can find a referral code here).
  • The six-month Nutrition Plan with a Trainer would cost you Rs. 4499/- or $65.
  • The six-month Nutrition Plan without a Trainer would cost you Rs. 3999/- or $56
  • The six months Nutrition Plan with a Trainer and a trainer would cost you Rs. 5299/- or $79

Diet Consultation at Home (1 Month)

HealthifyMe plans are designed to provide you with the highest quality diet and nutrition services at the most affordable price. All our diet plans come with a personalized health coach who will help you achieve your goals by providing expert guidance on healthy eating habits and exercise routines.

You can choose from three different HealthifyMe plans based on how much time and money you have to invest in improving your health:

  • The Starter Plan – Rs 999 per month (a one-time payment of Rs 999)
  • The Premium Plan – Rs 1999 per month (a monthly payment of Rs 1999)
  • The Platinum Plan – Rs 4999 per month (a monthly payment of Rs 4999)


HealthifyMe offers a wide range of plans to choose from, each offering different services. Each plan is carefully curated based on your goal to give you the most effective and efficient results.

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