Top 8 Einthusan Alternatives to watch free south-Asian shows and Movies

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Once a south-Indian cinema fan, always a fan—no one can deny the fact. Well! If you have been watching south-Asian Tv shows and movies, you must know the website known as “Einthusan.” It is an online movie streaming application that serves with the trendy and underrated Tv-shows and movies not supported by any other application. From Telugu to Tamil to Kannada to Chinese to Malayalam to Bengali—you will get Content of different genres and languages on Einthusan Alternatives.

Regardless of your location, with this fantastic website, you can stream any show, trendy or not, online without making much effort. This is not it, for people who love Hindi Cinema—einthusan is an abode of Hindi movies that are not available easily on other websites. This website offers free streaming of trendy and vintage South-Asian Content, or if you want to watch ad-free movies and shows, you can buy the Subscription by paying for a one-time charge.

What is Einthusan Offering to its users?

As we have discussed earlier, it is a leading global website that serves with best south-Indian Content to users worldwide. The best thing about this website is the user-friend experience, whether we talk about interfaces or shows. It has several sections and categories where you can explore trendy or vintage tv-series and movies. To search for favorite movies, you can use the powerful search tool by typing the keyword or title of the movie/show.
Unlike other online Content streaming websites, it updates movies and shows as per the release date and trend. This is one of the things that makes it best for watching south Indian shows online on Amazon fire tv stick, NetFlix, Yupptv, etc. It has more than 4k legally licensed shows and movies from up to more than 7 seven regional Indian languages. It only strives to make sure that its customers are having entertaining hours while traveling or having dinner.

What is wrong with the Einthusan online content Streaming Website?

Well! If you have been using this site for a while, you must have known that einthusan is not working properly. The reason behind the sudden shut down of einthusan is that it has been accused of streaming copyright content. It is declared by the website that “their library has more than 4k legally licensed content from up to 7 Indian languages”.
According to the statement, reports, and streaming copyright content, einthusan, have been banned in several countries, including India. Other links suggest that this website fools’ subscribers by charging the one-time payment for watching bootlegged Content. Nevertheless, if you have watched series and movies on it, you already know that they claim to be 100% pirated Content free and legal with a catalog of 4k+ Content streaming on it.
The finale advocates, the website named “Eithusan,” has been banned permanently, and you need to find alternatives for entertainment as once a legend said, “the show must go on.” So, do you have anything in your mind? Have you searched for it? Have you found something worthy? If no! then keep going with the article to find the top 8 Einthusan alternatives to watch free south-Asian Content.

Top Einthusan Alternatives to stream free and legal content (100% Legal)

#1. Yupp Tv

YuppTv is an OTT (over-the-counter) website and app to watch south-Asian Content that includes movies with space clouds and recordings along with some Live TV. This app lets content providers and broadcasters reach audiences and allow customers to watch Content from up to six connected Consoles, Tablets, PCs, TVs, and Set-top Boxes.

Yupp Tv
Yupp Tv
Monthly SubscriptionINR 49/per month
Available LanguagesHindi, Malayalam, Kannada, Telugu, etc.
Free Trial90-days
Yupp Tv Subscription Plan

#2. Yuppflix

Another website to watch south-Asian Content for free and legally. If einthusan is not working in your country, then Yuppflix definitely will. This website is known to have an extensive collection of movies of all genres and languages. To explore the best Content in the collection, you can buy a premium subscription.

Monthly Subscription$3.99 for existing users, $6.99 for new users/per month
Available LanguagesHindi, Malayalam, Telugu, Kannada, Tamil, etc.
Free Trial3-days
YuppFlix Subscription Plan

#3. Hulu

Another service that offers online content streaming is owned by NBCUniversal, 21st-century fox and Comcast, and Disney. In 2019, Hulu became Disney’s one of the content streaming services after Fox’s acquisition.

This service obtained more than a 25million new customers demanding movies, Tv-shows and on-demand library shows. Hulu developed a neat interface for important events, for instance, World Cup, March Madness, and Olympics, that allowed customers to opt for their favorite games and join the best team. The home screen of Hulu is developed as per the choices of customers.

Hulu tv

As per the digital survey, up to 65% of Hulu customers watch on-demand or live broadcasts of Olympics that last 15hours per customer. This service also automatically provides recording games and places them on the top to easily be discovered by the viewer.

Monthly Subscription$5.99/per month
Available LanguagesHindi, Malayalam, Telugu, Kannada, Tamil, etc.
Free Trial30-days
Hulu Subscription Plan

#4. Spuul

Spuul is again an OTT (over-the-top) service like YuppTv that works on Chromecast, smart TV, Android, and iOS and lets you download trendy long movies in Tamil, Hindi, and Punjabi. This service also streams short films and series in Telugu, Malayalam, and other Indian Regional languages.  


Regardless of your location, you can watch trendy and fresh Content on Spuul at a comfortable cost. In 2018, Spuul expanded its genre by integrating with Live Indian, Bangladeshi, Nepalese, and Pakistani TV shows and offering customers DVR selections. You can also watch early broadcasts in Spuul.

Monthly SubscriptionINR 99/per month
Available LanguagesPunjabi, Tamil, Hindi, Telugu, Malayalam
Free Trial30-days
Spuul Subscription Plan

#5. YouTube

Other than DIY videos, series, cooking lessons—you can also watch free and paid movies on YouTube. It is advocated by the reports that half of the internet data is engaged by YouTube Videos. It is one of the largest video streaming brands globally, where users not only entertain and teach themselves but also earn great money by uploading Content on it.

YouTube consists of a huge video library where you will content with every niche by searching with the specific keyword. It is a platform for both teachers and learners; once you learn something from it, you can also earn by teaching that to others.


This is not it; YouTube offers a massive Variety in movies and series of all languages. There are some movies and series you can watch free, and for some, you need to pay per month or annually. It has many features and is known to be one of the most advanced video streaming applications.

Monthly Subscription$64.99/per month for up to 6 members login
Available LanguagesPunjabi, Tamil, Hindi, Telugu, Malayalam, etc
Free TrialNIL
YouTube Subscription Plan

#6. Hungama Movies

While the internet achieved its stability in 1999, it started its expedition as an online content promotion agency. Now, Hungama has become one of the best leading kid and adult content-streaming applications. For all regional movie fans, it offers everything offered by Einthusan—from Tamil to Hindi; you can watch the best movies here.

Hungama Movies
Hungama Movies

Nevertheless, this website needs you to buy a subscription; otherwise, only 10min movie streaming would be available for free. It also provides a one-month free trial to its customers who are using its application. During the free-trial period, you would be able to watch free movies and download to watch offline.

Monthly SubscriptionINR 149/per month
Available LanguagesPunjabi, Tamil, Hindi, Telugu, Malayalam, etc
Free Trial30-days
Hungama Subscription Plan

#7. ErosNow

Another best alternative of Einthusan—ErosNow. It is one of the most demanded leading south-Indian Content streaming networks that offer the internet associated screens that include Web, Mobile, and TV regardless of time and location.

This application has up to twelve-thousand digital videos developed to offer endless entertainment to its 155million registered and 1.88million daily-basis watching customers across the globe. It has an extensive library of movies and audio tracks, music videos, and trendy TV shows.


Content available on ErosNow is streaming in HD quality, where you will get the option to watch it with subtitles, download movies. This all makes ErosNow a unique and best entertainment application.

Monthly SubscriptionINR 49/per month
Available LanguagesHindi, Punjabi, Tamil, Telugu, Marathi, Swahili, Polish, Russian, Gujarati, Bengali, Kannada, and Malayalam.
Free Trial14-days
ErosNow Subscription Plan

#8. Netflix

You already have heard this name so often, as it is another leading content streaming platform at cheap rates. You can watch every genre’s movie and series in almost all regional languages, including foreign ones. It has subscribers from more than 150 countries. To watch movies and series on Netflix, you need to have a strong internet connection. You can also download Content to watch offline.

Monthly SubscriptionINR 99 (on-mobile), INR499 raw/per month
Available LanguagesHindi, Punjabi, Tamil, Telugu, Marathi, Swahili, Polish, Russian, Gujarati, Bengali, Kannada, and Malayalam.
Free Trial30-days
NetFlix Subscription Plan

Wrap up!

If you have been watching einthusan, get addicted to it, and now searching for its alternatives since it has been banned in several countries due to violating content streaming rules—these eight sites will help you. The above-given applications offer alike and somewhat better Content to einthusan in almost all regional languages. Hope this article Einthusan Alternatives helps you find applications that suit your entertainment taste and serve with the best south-Asian movies and shows. 

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