New Credit Card Technology That Will Change How You Pay

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Today’s innovative technology makes it possible to get through life without having to struggle with paying bills or shopping because of all the online platforms that have popped up. You can conduct any business or personal transaction you want without ever having to leave your home. Of course, with this amazing convenience comes a few downfalls, such as security. 

It has been shown that 1 in every 9 people in Australia has experienced personal fraud of some kind. One of the most significant ways this occurs is through credit cards and the information attached to them. Luckily, along with all the online platforms, today’s technology is helping criminal combat activities and is making it harder than ever for people to get ahold of your personal information.

Let’s dig into some of the new credit card technology that will change how you pay for your items or services, making the online world safer for us all.

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Contactless Payments Are The Way Of The Near Future

Contactless Payments
Contactless Payments

One of the first types of technology that will become available everywhere will be the increase of brick-and-mortar business locations implementing contactless payment options. This technology works remotely with credit cards that are designed for use with them.

How it works is simple; all you have to do is place your card close to the decal showing that it accepts contactless payments. The system will read your information over a secure, encrypted line.

In this way, there is no need to ever swipe your card through a reader, which is one of the easiest ways for people to get ahold of your information. Plus, you will never have to insert your chip into a chip reader, which is also one of the ways that people can get your info. Wireless, encrypted lines make all your in-person transactions safer and less likely to end with your identity being stolen.

Virtual Credit Cards Are On The Rise

Virtual Credit Card
Virtual Credit Card

Back in 2019, Apple Pay introduced a new way of paying through the use of virtual credit cards. For people living in the Apple world, it became a popular, safe way to pay for their goods, but those that solely use Droid products did not get to see the advantage it brought. Luckily, PayPal has also decided to follow suit and has started offering their users a virtual card through them that will allow them to pay by using a virtual wallet. 

Other companies have also brought this idea to life, which will continue to grow because it makes this easier, and more secure for everyone involved. How this technology works is just like if you had a credit card in your hand and wanted to pay for goods with it. Instead, your card information will be saved on your locked and secure mobile device. All you have to do is scan the checkout location in the appropriate spot with your mobile device, and the information will be transferred over to finalize the transactions. 

One great thing about this technology is that you can use any of your cards because they can be added to your virtual wallet. If you don’t have anything except a debit card, now is the time to go to the iSelect compare credit cards site and get yourself a couple. It is stated that it is better to pay with a credit card these days than with a debit card simply because of their current level of security.

Biometric Cards Will Start To Make An Impact

More than likely, you already understand how this technology works because many have chosen to use it on their mobile devices and laptops. The only way those devices will unlock is by the owner’s fingerprint. This technology will be shifted over for use with credit cards, making it more secure than in the old days when a picture ID was required when using one.

Today, all you do is scan the chip in your card, and away you go. There is no one checking to ensure that the card’s name matches the face in front of them, so it is easier than ever for criminals to use stolen cards. If you have to scan your fingerprint into the system before the transaction is finalized, it will be much harder for anyone to use your card if they find or steal it.

This may not be an easy transition, though, because the retail and grocery stores around the area will have to get specialized equipment and upgraded software. However, you can still take advantage of this when ordering online because you can lock all the apps down to only authorize through a fingerprint.

Multifactor Verification Will Never Go Away

The final technology that needs to be mentioned is something you have probably already been dealing with. For a long time, people have complained about having to verify all of their transactions through different means, such as a text, to authorize something. If you think about it, this is not meant to be inconvenient for you, even though it is. This is intended to protect you and your finances. 

With two-factor verification, it will be much harder for someone to use your credit cards, even if they have stolen all your information. This works because when someone is at a store and scans your card, your phone receives a message asking to authorize the payment. If you do not respond, the transaction will be denied, and your finances will have been saved.

Final Thoughts

For the younger generation coming up in the world, the use of any of these types of technology is like second nature because they have grown up with it, but for the older generation, it can be a scary thing. Relying on the technology of others to keep their information safe was not something they could ever rely on. That is why many companies have not fully converted over to using the innovative tech on the market.

Still, before you know it, all the online and brick-and-mortar locations will be on the same page, keeping the world safe for those who use credit cards throughout their lives.

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