College Dorm Party Takeaways

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A college dorm party is a college student’s way of expressing their newfound freedom and being social with other college students. How they decide to do this can vary greatly, but the basics of having one are always the same. Throwing a college dorm party is as simple as inviting some friends over along with some snacks and drinks, such as soda or water. Some college students will even go to theme parties where everyone dresses in certain clothes or all wear name tags.

What kind of college dorm party you choose to throw depends on your situation, personality, or both. For example, if no alcohol is allowed in your college dorm, you might enjoy hosting a college prank night for everybody at the school. If instead, you’re someone who likes to party, you might decide to throw a college frat party instead.

What college dorm party should I have?

Deciding to host a college dorm party is the easy part – how you go about doing it is what can sometimes be difficult. There are several options available for your college dorm party, so consider which would work best for you and your college friends:

College dorm birthday parties

College dorm birthday party
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As an alternative to simply inviting everyone over on the day of your friend’s birthday, why not get one or two days prior altogether and plan an entire birthday celebration for them? College prep classes also offer themed events such as Casino Night, “Nice” Day Picnic, Prom-themed dance, and Bachelor/Bachelorette Party for college students who want to get their party on.

College live shows or concerts

Seeing a band in concert is always an exciting and unforgettable experience no matter the person, and seeing one of your favorite bands do it right in front makes it ten times better! Though many artists tend to be more expensive, others such as Drake, Adele, Radiohead, and The Weeknd sell tickets at a lower price. Some college students will even go so far as to pay upwards of $1,000 just for the opportunity to get backstage with their favorite performer.

College dorm parties can also be found on campus via dance companies, theater groups, Greek life events (such as Formal or Semi-Formal ), college student organizations, college fraternities, college sororities, college sports teams, college club activities, and more! The key to finding the best college dorm party is in knowing others who are also interested.

What college dorm party decorations should I have?

College dorm party decoration
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Once you’ve decided on what kind of college dorm party you’ll be having it’s time to decide on your college dorm decor! College students will host some pretty cool parties when they put their minds to it, but ultimately, it depends on your budget. If one of your college friends likes to make balloon animals for a living, see if they’d be willing to design one just for the party; if not, that’s okay too. College birthday party supplies are readily available online at sites such as Oriental Trading.

If you have a college sports team nearby your college dorm, their mascot will make an excellent decoration for the party. As far as decorations go, streamers, balloons, and banners can be hung from the ceiling or across the room to help create a festive environment. College students also often go all out with centerpieces for their parties – sometimes even using items they found on campus! If that’s not something you’re into, you could always place candles around the room instead – just make sure to use some caution when doing so!

What college dorm party food should I have?

College dorm food party
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College dorm dares are typically easy snacks designed to be eaten with the hands like pigs in a blanket, college college college college college college college wings, and pretzels. If you’re throwing a birthday party for one of your friends, you could always bake them a cake or some cupcakes – they never go out of style and can usually be made in bulk.

What college dorm party drinks should I have?

College dorm drink party
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College students are known to get creative when it comes to coming up with new alcoholic beverages that won’t break their bank account, but several classic cocktails are great for college parties: Vodka cranberry, rum punch, light beer, vodka soda/ tonic water/ lemonade, tequila sunrise/sunset, or any other drink with low to moderate alcohol content, college party drinks can also be served in punch form so that guests don’t have to worry about remembering how many of each drink they’ve had.

What college dorm party games or activities should I have?

College dorm dance party
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To ensure that your college roommates will never forget their birthday, try throwing them a memorable college dorm party! Activities such as Spin the Bottle (for those 21 and older) and True or False (usually done with partners) are always good for a laugh, but you could even get creative and host an event like Charades! Some students may not mind hosting drinking contests at their parties either; just make sure to set some basic ground rules beforehand.

If planning a fun college party sounds like your kind of fun, head over to the DormCo online college store today! College dorm shopping is quickly becoming one of the best ways for college students to plan out how to decorate their college rooms, buy college furniture, and get unique college supplies!

What other advice can you give me about throwing a great birthday party?

The best thing that you can do before throwing any party is to set expectations ahead of time – this will help prevent problems from arising. College roommates may not share or like all the same interests, but there should always be respect between friends; try coming up with simple ground rules if things ever become heated.

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