Best 9 Ways for Calling Someone Who Blocked You

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Communication problems can arise when someone blocks you, but there are strategies for attempting to get in touch with them. In this article, we will give you the best 9 ways of calling someone who blocked you. To improve your chances of reaching the blocked person, we’ll give you a lesson in a respectful and cautious approach and check that you have been blocked using different methods on Android or iPhone devices.

How to Check if Someone Blocked You?

It is necessary to confirm that you have been blocked before trying to communicate with someone who has attempted to block you. If anyone blocks you, we have a couple of ways to look for it:

  1. Call or Message: Try contacting the person by calling or sending a message. If your call always goes to voicemail or your messages aren’t delivered, it could mean you’ve been blocked.
  2. Online Status and Profile Visibility: Visit social media or messaging platforms for the person’s online status and profile. It may indicate you are blocked if they remain offline or out of the service, their profile is unavailable, and your posts aren’t visible.
  3. Mutual Connections: Check with mutual friends and ask if they can keep in touch with the person you think is blocking you. They can contact them if you can’t, which suggests that they may be blocking you.
  4. Direct Communication Alternatives: If you have other means of contacting the person, such as email or a different messaging app, try contacting them. If they consistently ignore or don’t respond to your attempts, it could indicate they’ve blocked you.

Remember that these techniques do not provide absolute proof, and the observed behaviors could also have other causes. It’s critical to address the matter respectfully and with the knowledge that the individual may be blocking you for personal reasons.

How to Call Someone Who Blocked You?

Here’s a more detailed explanation of some tips for calling someone who has blocked you:

#1 Hide Your Caller ID

Hide Your Caller ID

You can conceal your caller ID on many phone systems before placing a call. The “Hide Caller ID” feature in your phone’s settings can be used for this, or you can add a certain code before dialing the number. Your number will appear on the recipient’s phone as “Unknown” or “Blocked” if you hide your caller ID. Some people might automatically ignore calls from random numbers.

#2 Call with a Different Phone Number

If you have access to another phone, you can use that phone to call the person who has blocked you. This way, your original blocked number won’t be recognized, increasing their chances of answering the call. Borrow a friend’s phone or use a temporary phone to make the call.

#3 Free Apps to Call Someone Who Blocked You

When you want to call someone who has blocked your number, using a third-party app to get a new number can help. These apps provide virtual phone numbers that allow you to make calls even if you’re blocked.

Here’s a simple breakdown of how to use a third-party app:

  • Choose a Reputable App: Find a trusted app like TextNow or Google Voice that offers virtual phone numbers.
  • Download and Install the App: Get the app from your phone’s app store and set it up.
  • Sign Up and Get a New Number: Create an account on the app and get a new virtual phone number.
  • Make the Call: Utilise your new virtual phone number using the dialer or calling feature of the app. Enter the recipient’s number.
  • Communicate Respectfully: When contacting someone you’ve been blocked by using the app, always act responsibly and with respect.

Remember to check the app’s terms and any costs involved. Some features may require a subscription.

#4 Use a Special Code (US Only)

Some carriers offer special codes that allow you to unblock your number for a specific call in the United States. These codes are specific to each carrier, so you’ll need to check with your provider to determine if they offer such a feature. By dialing the code before the phone number you want to call, your number will be temporarily unblocked for that call only.

#5 Try to Contact Them on Social Media and Email

You might try contacting the individual who banned you through these methods if they are active on social media or know their email address. Create a courteous and respectful message outlining your desire to speak with someone and resolve any problems. But remember to respect their choice to block you and refrain from being aggressive or intruding.

#6 Check if They’ve Turned On Do Not Disturb (DND) Mode

The individual who blocked you may have their phone set to “Do Not Disturb.” Even if you contact a different number in this situation, they cannot get calls or notifications as they are in DND mode. Check their social media postings or ask friends with the same interests whether they have discussed utilizing DND mode before attempting to call.

#7 Leave a Voicemail

If you cannot reach the person directly, you can leave a voicemail. Ensure your message is concise, respectful, and clearly states your intention. Avoid leaving multiple voicemails, as it can become annoying or bothersome.

#8 Call a Landline

If you know that the person who blocked you has a landline phone, you can try calling that number. Landline phones typically don’t have to block features like mobile phones, so your call might go through. However, remember that many people rely primarily on mobile phones, so this option may only sometimes be effective.

#9 Making a Skype Call

Skype call

You may use Skype to call someone if they have blocked your phone number as an alternate method of communication. Create an account on Skype after downloading and installing the software on your smartphone. Log into Skype, look up the blocked user by username or email address, then call them by clicking on their username and choosing the call option. If they decide not to answer or reject the call, you should accept their decision. Remember that they could have banned your phone number for a cause, so address the issue with patience and acceptance.

Remember that to make a Skype call, the person you are attempting to reach must both have a Skype account and be open to speaking with you on the service. It would help if you treated them with respect and consideration since they could have blocked your phone number for a good reason.

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How to Call Someone Who Blocked You on Android or iPhone:

Here’s a guide on how to call someone who has blocked you on both Android and iPhone devices:


Hide Your Caller ID: Go to your phone’s settings and find the option for “Caller ID” or “Show My Caller ID.” Disable it to hide your phone number from appearing on the recipient’s end. This way, your call may go through even if you’re blocked.

Use a Third-Party App: Install a calling app from a third party from the Google Play Store so you may call someone on a different number or a temporary number. TextNow, Google Voice, and Sideline are a few examples. Your chances of contacting the banned individual increase thanks to these applications’ alternate phone numbers.


Hide Your Caller ID: Open the settings on your iPhone and tap on “Phone.” From there, select “Show My Caller ID” and toggle it off. By hiding your caller ID, you can attempt to call the blocked person without revealing your number.

Call from a Different Phone: If you have access to another phone, try calling the blocked person using that device. Since it has a different phone number, it might bypass the block and allow you to connect with them.

Use a Third-Party App: Similar to Android, you can install third-party calling apps from the App Store that provide alternative phone numbers for making calls. Apps like TextNow, Google Voice, or Burner offer options to generate new numbers, enabling you to contact the blocked person.

Respecting Privacy and Being Cautious 

When dealing with someone who has blocked you is important for maintaining healthy relationships. Here’s a simple approach to remember:

1. Accept their Decision: Respect the fact that they have chosen to cut off communication by blocking you. It’s important to honor their boundaries.

2. Reflect on the Relationship: Consider any problems or misunderstandings that could have contributed to the obstruction. Consider approaches to address and fix any underlying issues as you reflect on your actions.

3. Explore alternative communication: Consider using those ways to get in touch if you know the person’s email address or any other way to get in touch. Make sure your motives are sincere and courteous, though.

4. Prioritize privacy: Don’t try to contact them through others or breach their privacy. Even if you’re attempting to reconnect, respecting their limits is important.

5. Move forward positively: If you cannot communicate effectively or find a solution, concentrate on your own development. Take lessons from the incident and work to sustain wholesome connections going forward.

Keep in mind that calling someone who has blocked you might exacerbate the situation. Empathy, comprehension, and respect for the other person’s limits should be used when handling the problem. This promotes greater general communication and overall wellbeing in addition to aiding in preserving relationships.


While attempting to call someone who has blocked you can be challenging, these 9 tips offer potential solutions to reach out to the blocked person. Remember to prioritize respect, privacy, and caution throughout the process. Using these techniques, you may negotiate the situation sensitively and increase your chances of starting a conversation.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can you call someone if they blocked you?

No, if someone has blocked your phone number, you cannot call them directly. While there are some methods you can try to reach them, such as hiding your caller ID or using a different phone number, there’s no guarantee they will answer or unblock you.

Is it legal to bypass a call block?

Bypassing a call block is not illegal in itself, as it simply involves using alternative methods to reach someone who has blocked your number. Engaging in harassment or using deceptive tactics to contact someone who has blocked you can be illegal and may have legal consequences.

If I call someone who blocked me, will they know?

No, they will usually not receive any notification or indication that you tried to call them. Your call will typically go straight to voicemail or simply not connect. Keep in mind that each situation may be different, and some phone systems or apps may provide limited information about the blocked calls.

Can you call someone who blocked you with *67?

NO, when you use *67 before dialing a number, it hides your caller ID and makes your call anonymous. However, if someone has blocked your number, using *67 won’t allow you to reach them. They will still see an unknown number calling, and they may choose not to answer.

Can I make a Skype call if someone has blocked my number?

Yes, making a Skype call can be an alternative method of communication if someone has blocked your phone number.. However, be prepared for the possibility that they may choose not to answer or reject the call.

How can I communicate effectively and resolve issues with someone who blocked me?

Approach the situation with empathy and respect. Reflect on any issues that may have caused the block and try to address them. Use alternative methods of communication if available, but be sincere and courteous in your approach.

Are any apps allowing me to call someone who has blocked me?

Yes, there are third-party apps available, such as TextNow, Google Voice, or Sideline, that provide virtual phone numbers. However, it’s important to check the app’s terms and any associated costs, as some features may require a subscription.

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