7 Best Online Tools For Students: Make Your College Studies Easy

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College life can be so demanding. You will always feel like you have a lot to do. When you are in such a situation, you can find it challenging to track everything that’s happening. Imagine not being able to complete your assignment since you didn’t know when the due date was.

There are professionals who can help you organize your workflow well. However, this might come at a cost. Some students might ask, “Where do I get custom research paper service?”. When pursuing your education in Canada, there are some platforms you can use to make your life easier. These online tools can help you manage your time and assignments. With that said, let us look at a few of them.

1. Trello

Credit: Trello

As mentioned before, you will always have a lot on your plate as a college student. This is why teachers often encourage kids to try multitasking. If you feel overwhelmed, that is where tools like Trello come in. It can help you organize and manage your assignments. This ensures that you never miss any work given in class or after the lessons.

The platform is quite easy to figure out and use. The best thing is that it doesn’t need you to pay anything. It is completely free. It is among the best student tools for learning and collaboration on projects. More people can join the platform to work on the same task.

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2. Evernote

Credit: Evernote

Taking notes can be a tough task for most college students. But, at the end of every lesson, you must save some information somewhere. At least you can refer to them later to help you understand the concepts better. This is why you need to use a tool like Evernote. The app is quite convenient and will help you effectively keep your notes.

It doesn’t matter whether you research online or use a printed page. You can still access your notes anywhere and at any time. This is possible because it can sync across all your devices. You can work on your laptop and be able to access your notes from your phone or any other device for that matter.

3. College Tips

Students can really redefine themselves in school. Others will need more time to settle in, while some will adapt to the system immediately. This is why most students would appreciate some tips on how to get through university life. College Tips is a great website that comes in handy, especially for kids who like looking for information on various topics.

The site has a huge database full of articles. It can help students find tips and great advice on various things. You’ll save a lot of time since you won’t have to keep searching the Internet for information.

4. Canva

Canva Best online tools for student
Credit: Canva

Canva is a great tool for students as it provides an easy way to create professional-looking designs without spending hours learning the complicated software behind most design programs.

Canva is available on web version or as a free desktop app that makes graphic design accessible to everyone, no matter their level of skill. Unlike most other programs, Canva doesn’t require you to have any prior knowledge of design or experience using software like Photoshop. You don’t need to spend hours learning the ropes before starting your project—you can jump in and get started!

With Canva, you can create a poster in minutes and a presentation in minutes as well. If you want something more complex than that, there’s even an option for creating magazine articles and book covers and much more.

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5. InstaGrok

As mentioned above, some students sometimes struggle to adapt to the school’s system. Lecturers will sometimes teach and assume everyone in the class has understood everything. This can cause a few kids to have academic challenges. They will struggle to understand some concepts in school.

With InstaGrok, you don’t have to worry about this. You can use the platform to learn about various topics. This will equip you with the basic knowledge before entering class. It can help you concentrate on areas where you have challenges.

6. Rate My Professor

Your college life can be smooth if you choose the right courses for yourself. Some students usually pick classes, only to return and regret it later after finding out it’s not as easy as they thought it would be.

Well, Rate My Professor can solve this issue. When you buy products online, you always depend on the reviews. You will be inclined to buy something if it has a lot of positive reviews. This is how the app works. It allows you to find those amazing lectures that know how to teach. You will be more than happy if you find out they don’t overload their students with work.

7. Duolingo

Best online tools for students Duolingo
Credit: Duolingo

Duolingo is an app that can help you learn a new language, and it’s one of the best online resources out there for college students.

It works simply: you get translations from English to the chosen language and vice versa. For example, if you want to translate “I love my family” into Spanish, Duolingo will show you words in Spanish and ask if they’re correct. If so, say so; if not, choose another option until it gets right. This might seem slow at first, but once learning has started, it becomes easier to recognize words as they appear more frequently.

Another way Duolingo helps is by teaching sentence structures through practice—you’ll learn how sentences work together before translating them individually or as part of a conversation with someone else using your newly acquired knowledge of grammar!


There are plenty of technologies available for students. It is up to you to decide what you can work well with. These apps, when used accordingly, can make your college experience great. When you are organized, you will be surprised by how fast you complete your tasks. This will allow you to have some spare time to do other things. You can hang out with friends or play your favorite sports.

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