Best 6 Useful Websites for Students Should Need to Know

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Dealing with academic pressures can be challenging. Student life can be hectic. However, some websites can help you deal with your academic life better. Do you want to know what those websites are? Read on to find out and make your student’s life better.

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#1 Quora: Questions, Answers, and More

Quora is one of the most useful websites for students today. From education to fashion to health, the site has various categories. All you need to do is sign up and choose the categories you are interested in. You will see related questions and answers on your homepage.

Thousands of questions are asked on this platform to explore and benefit from the answers. Besides, you can request a question yourself. Several qualified members are willing to give a detailed response to your question. No matter how lame your question is, someone will answer it. Thereby, you can ask anything to everything on this platform without hesitation.

#2 Custom Assignment Writers

When it comes to the best sites for college students, custom assignment writers is one of them. Students from various academic institutions and academic levels get help from this website.

If you’re seeking assignment help cheap, Custom assignment writers could be your best option if you seek professional Assignment help. They have experienced and qualified writers to cater to various writing tasks. The company offers all kinds of Assignment writing help, from pre-written to custom-made assignments. Their professional writers are at your back, no matter how urgent your order is.

#3 Edx

It is the leading online learning platform, which offers 3,000 programs and courses from many different institutions. Besides, it is one of the most useful websites for students, with 25 million learners across the globe. Here are some pros of this platform:

  • It offers various university-level courses from the best institutions globally, such as Microsoft, Harvard, and MIT. 
  • Most of the courses it offers are audited with no compensation.
  • The certificates it offers are verified.
  • It also offers self-paced courses.
  • Diverse and niche courses such as cyber security or women making history are also available. 
  • It also offers financial aid.

The best part is that you can earn a degree while working full-time. However, if you lack self-discipline, this could be challenging for you. Besides, the Master’s programs on this platform are pretty expensive. So, explore the website and choose what suits you the best. It is, undoubtedly one of the great educational websites for students.

#4 Coursera

Coursera stands out with its wide-ranging learning courses like many other online learning platforms. The website has many courses available for remote learning from high-profile universities. It provides students with recorded lectures, discussion forums, auto-graded assignments, and projects like other useful websites. Besides, you are rewarded with a shareable electronic course certificate for completing the course.

The Coursera app is also available and easily accessible through the Google Play Store. It provides an opportunity to learn from over 200 experts from high-ranking universities. A team of excellent educationists and field experts from huge MNCs like IBM and Google are on the teaching panel. This learning platform successfully imparts knowledge to millions of students daily. Moreover, the website has changed millions of lives since its inception in 2012.

#5 Udacity

It is yet another excellent e-learning platform which offers hundreds of programs to help students move forward. The programs they offer are known as Nanodegrees. The Nanodegrees include four to ten courses that give students in-depth knowledge about their selected topic.

However, the programs available are not very extensive. You are limited to mainly business-related and technology areas, but the good part is that the hands-on lessons provide practical learning. Gaining knowledge through such classes helps you easily apply it to your practical work. 

So, are you looking to gain knowledge and learn new data science, business, or programming skills? If so, this platform is the right place for you. The courses it offers provide you with fundamental employable skills.

You will love this platform for its

  1. Student discussion forum
  2. High-quality content
  3. Industry professional instructors,
  4. Strong mentor support
  5. Career advice services

#6 Habitica

Habitica offers its users an exciting way to accomplish their tasks and achieve their goals. Based on the principle of gamification, this app helps you make your life fun and exciting. If you fail to accomplish your daily tasks in real life, your app avatar will slip backward. Are you struggling with goal attainment, time management, and productivity? If you are nodding, this app could be your savior.

All of the e-platforms mentioned above are great learning sources and helpful resources. Knowing such great online resources in this digitalized era is crucial to making life easier. So, explore the abovementioned platforms and enjoy your student life fully. 


Above all listed websites are very useful if any students want to improve their skills. It is a solid collection you can add to and extend your research further. Never forget to rest, drink water, and keep a positive attitude.

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