Best OLED TVs 2021: The Futuristic Guide

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Updations are everywhere, and when it comes to the Television Segment, we have seen tremendous changes from the past decade, and in this series introduction of OLED TVs set the market by storm. OLED TV is the best, and if you do not have budget issues, it will be an excellent agreement to choose the best OLED TV as your new television. OLEDs have the best image quality, and you will love it.

Best OLED TVs of 2021: The Futuristic Guide
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Although they are costly if we consider the whole segment, it must be noted that they will take your viewing experience to a different level. But before we go any further, we strongly recommend that you know about the best OLED TV.

OLED TVs are so different from LED TVs that OLED does not use an LED-based lighting system that is available on standard led TVs.

When watching TV in a dark room, OLEDs can display perfect black, which improves image quality. They can’t stand out like LED TVs and risk storing images or heat, although we expect most people not to be affected by this.

Pixels on OLED TVs are self-explanatory. As a result, you get a panel similarity on OLED TVs, which is the main reason you tighten the contrast and quality of the complete picture quality with entirely black and white colors, which is a trademark of an OLED display.

In this list of top OLED TVs in India, you will not only find the best OLED TV you can buy right now but also an OLED TV purchase guide.

Best Oled TV

#1. Sony KD-55A8

Sony always steals the show when it comes to image quality. The Sony A8 is a real-world OLED that incorporates a bright, crisp, and natural image with excellent sound quality and comes in the best OLED TV list.

Sony KD-55A8
Sony KD-55A8

HDR content (HDR10, HLG, and Dolby Vision supported) is light, powerful, and sensible. The Black pixels of the TV are deep and full of crisp details. It is an excellent amplifier that deals with full HD and standard-definition video.

The sound quality is equally impressive. Sony uses two actuators, which (and invisibly) vibrate the entire screen, turning the whole panel into a large, flat driver. It’s smart and does a great job of mixing audio and video.

HDMI lacks some features such as VRR (Variable Refresh Rate) and ALLM (Auto Low Latency Mode), which can be annoying to an extent to gamers, especially for those who are die-hard game lovers and are planning to upgrade their console to PS5 or Xbox Series X. Still, to all other people the A8 is an excellent choice that will not make you feel low after making a purchase.



  • Natural and authentic image
  • Excellent movement management
  • Crisp in Sound with Crystal Clear image


  • Punchyness is absent from Images
  • Lack of future HDMI features

#2. Philips 55OLED805

Philips is the best deal to ditch a price war these days. When you are ready to sacrifice a few high-tech features, you will struggle to find a 4K OLED TV that offers a better price than the one set by Philips.

Philips 55OLED805
Philips 55OLED805

Philips produces magnificent, crisp, and detailed images and delivers better sound performance in the segment than most of its active competitors that’s why we have included this in our list of the best OLED TV, including the beautiful Philips Ambilight (extends the action on the wall around the TV in the form of colored light), and has a lower price than Sony, LG, and Samsung OLEDs.

Gamers can opt for the HDMI features such as VRR (eARC is also not available), but for all others, the 55OLED805 represents the best purchase of 2021.



  • Produces beautiful, crisp, and detailed picture
  • Powerful sound


  • Not the right choice for gamers


LG always updates their TV models and brings some of the best OLED TVs to the competitive market, and this GX model is the best one. It can improve image quality in a few key areas that I think it would do with its next updates, with dark details, color richness, and motion control for all the intensification. It produces the best HDR and SDR image too with full details.

The sound from the lower-end speakers is excellent, and its built-in Dolby Atmos delivers a wide range of good credibility.

The GX is an attractive set and is one of the best OLED TVs for wall mounting – no standing rod comes with the box, but there is a small amount to hang on to. The input includes four HDMI (2.1) sockets and a USB trio on the TV’s backside, so there is no external connector box.

WebOS is an LG operating system, and the TV is a booth you can use. Broadcast apps such as Netflix, Amazon Prime Video, and Disney + are all on the go without any lag in the process.



  • Consistent performance
  • Improved motion and dark details
  • Beautiful design


  • It currently has no UK hosting apps
  • There are no feet on the boxy list

#4. Sony XBR-48A9S

LG introduced the world’s first available commercial set of 48 inch OLED, even when getting a 55 inch OLED TV has not been possible. Now Sony has owned the one. A sleek and the best OLED TV with small bezels and low base settings. The enclosure is tied to the back with speakers, processing Hardware, and connectivity.

Unfortunately, Sony lacks some HDMI features such as 4K @ 120Hz (HFR), VRR (Variable Refresh Rate), and Auto Low Latency Mode (ALLM – automatic switch to TV game mode where appropriate). It’s bad news for Sony lovers and die hard PS fans who want to integrate PS5 or Xbox Series X.

But if we consider other things except for games, we will get many more latest technologies in this Sony OLED TV. Sony’s X1 Ultimate processor produces beautiful images, has many dark details in the game, and has access to almost every streaming app you can trust. Movement control is impressive, and in terms of sharpness and detail, you won’t find a better TV at this size. This TV will not disappoint you in this price segment.



  • Amazing crisp picture
  • Bright sound
  • Strong app selection


  • It’s expensive
  • It lacks Some HDMI features

#5. Panasonic TX-55HZ1000B

Panasonic is an old hero and a great artist who brings a well-balanced image. You will be hit by the Panasonic TX-55HZ1000B. Punchyness is sharp but not exaggerated. This is the best OLED TV that makes extensive use of 4K HDR content and manages low resolution and SDR content. Its motion management is out of the box.

Many companies introduce Dolby’s vision, but it’s not work in the way we want. But Panasonic’s Dolby Vision’s presets feel right, and we’d love to see some more advanced HDMI features like VRR.

That’s a small mistake, though. The biggest thing is that the HZ1000 is currently the most expensive of its apparent rivals, and those TVs are great, too.

Still, this is undoubtedly one of the best OLED TV you can buy right now in the right price segment. If you are looking for the premium OLED feel, you should check this beast.



  • Well-balanced images
  • Good movement management
  • Crisp, clear sound


  • No Next Gen. HDMI features
  • Missing good Dolby Vision setup
  • Expensive than competitors

Worthy Words

If you want a better and premium TV watching experience, go for OLED TV. In this blog, we have included the best OLED TV available in the market. You can also buy these best OLED TV in Amazon or Flipkart or from their official website.

From extraordinary pictures to extraordinary sound quality, from updated technologies to the games, now OLED TVs come with the future perspective and next-generation HDMI features. I hope this article brings some light regarding the best OLED TV. Now I think your confusion has been replaced by clarity regarding the best OLED TV.


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