Biggest Internet Providers in the United States

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Internet is a technology that we can’t just ignore today. No matter how hard we try, we can’t run away from the internet. This is because the internet has been so deeply rooted in our society that all our activities and interactions are associated with it, whether they are with another human being or a machine.

You will observe the inclusion of the internet in all walks of life today. That is why in order to lead a successful life in this modern world it is necessary to have basic knowledge about the internet and to use it in various day-to-day activities. Especially after the pandemic, our reliance on different types of technology overall has increased quite a bit, and the biggest chunk of dependence is on the internet. Today more than half of the world’s population uses the internet and considering we are more than 7 billion speaks volumes about how many users are currently present on the web.

This huge reliance on the internet basically originates from two different reasons. One that we have explained above because it is now part of most of our daily activities like work and education so its inevitable to use the internet if we want to continue these activities.

The second reason is the ease of accessibility and the affordable cost at which it is available today. There was a time when the internet was quite expensive, and not only that, it was practically out of reach for a general user. During that phase, the internet was considered a luxury and a technological gimmick for elites. The naive public wasn’t aware of the immense potential internet held in terms of long-distance communication and information sharing. And it took quite a while for the internet to penetrate the masses and further bring down costs while subsequently enhancing the infrastructure to reach more and more places.

Internet became commercialized in the early 90s when personal computers were at a boom, and applications like Internet Explorer and Netscape Navigator made it easier for a regular user to access the web. This was a significant milestone in our technological evolution because beyond this point the scope of the internet only grew to become this worldwide network, an image that it holds firmly today. But the credit for the internet’s success should also be given to the telecom industry, which realized its potential soon enough and started pumping billions of dollars to improve the web infrastructure and bring down the cost. Today there are so many companies that offer internet services, but with immense saturation, there are some reasons for concern as well.

Saturation in the ISP Market: A Reason for Concern?

This is an industry-standard fact that an increase in quantity always degrades the quality. The same is the case with the internet service industry. Back in the day, there were only a handful of providers that offered internet service to the people, among which Cox Communications is a famous name and now many internet service providers are coming up in the market who don’t actually offer what they advertise or promise. Cox internet is the third-largest cable company in the United States operating since the 1960s and the company makes sure that its customers get the best of the best.

The time has changed. At the moment there a more than 7,000 internet-providing companies in the USA alone. Where the benefit of which has been in terms of more coverage area and reduced cost for the users. But because of immense competition that has been created in the industry many companies now use false practices to bring down their costs in a bid to attract more and more customers. And usually, these false practices result in the degradation of services. 

Because many new companies just focus on how to make a quick buck from consumers not providing adequate customer service or value for money. This approach can be quite dangerous as today most of our sensitive tasks like jobs, business, and education are centered around the internet, and disconnection or poor speed can prove quite damaging in these aspects of life. People can lose their livelihood or fail at education due to these technical glitches of the internet. That is why it is recommended to always go with reputable providers that have a strong customer base and a clean track record of good quality of service along with sufficient customer service practices to take care of their customers properly.

Biggest ISPs in the USA

Talking about repute, the below-mentioned list has two of the biggest and most reputed internet providers in the country. Users can easily trust their services and can subscribe to them if any one of them is available in their area.


At number one comes the number one internet provider in the US, Xfinity. It’s a division of the telecom giant Comcast working as a subsidiary offering services like internet, television, and home phone to residential customers. With the name Comcast attached to it, customers can have peace of mind that they are going to receive the best quality of service, and at a very economical cost, through Xfinity.

With coverage in more than 40 states and an active customer base of an estimated more than 32 million customers all around the US is a testament to the kind of service provider Xfinity is. Being in the service industry for more than two decades can make any company realize the worth of its customers and this is what the motto of Xfinity is, to keep the customer a priority.


In second place comes the second biggest internet company in the United States by subscriber count, Spectrum. Spectrum is a service provider that is available to 32 million customers in 41 states. Formerly known as Charter Communications, by 2016 Charter acquired Time Warner Cable and its sister company Bright House Networks to rebrand all three companies as Spectrum.

With the inclusion of these different companies came their share of consumers and made Spectrum the second-biggest cable company just behind Comcast. Spectrum offers superior quality of service at a very meager cost and excellent customer support for customer retention. This has always been the main reason behind their success. Spectrum has also been ranked in the fortune 500 lists of the largest US corporations by total revenue.

DIT Wrap Up!

This is a fact that saturation always results in poor quality of service because with so many good companies there are plenty of bad ones as well, that are just in the money business. In order to such internet companies, customers are recommended to go with providers that have a long and proven track record in the industry with a big subscriber base to justify it as well, like the two biggest companies mentioned in the above list.

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