6 Best AI Writing Tools You Need to Check Out in 2022

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We are living in a time where the content writing world is changing on its head. Gone are the days when human writers used to suffer for ages to get their work done. AI writing tools have come and assisted creators to write more quickly and efficiently.

Currently, if you aren’t using AI tools, you will be left far behind. Because those using AI will write more content with far better reach, eventually making them top-ranked on all search engines. So, our suggestion is to learn more about AI writing tools.

6 Best AI Writing Tools You Need to Check Out in 2022

Here is the list of the top 6 AI writing tools you need to check out in 2022.


Jasper is one of the most widely used AI writing tools on the planet. Powered by OpenAI’s GPT-3, it found its utility in generating ad copies, social media captions, blog posts, etc. Currently, it has over 50 templates to work with.

Jasper comes in two models: Starter and Boss Mode. The starter mode helps in creating content related to ads and social media posts. While Boss Mode is used to create content of longer length like blog posts and web articles. The prices and word count for each mode are available on their website. You can read the how jasper works review to learn more about this AI writing tool.


ClosersCopy is another AI-based tool with a predominant focus on copywriting. It has hundreds of templates and frameworks available to create A-plus copy material for you.

Another important feature is its ability to communicate in multiple languages. It can understand up to 100 languages. 

The tool is available in 3 different models, which are:

  1. Model for copywriting
  2. Model for article writing
  3. Model for storytelling

You can get the premium model as per your requirement.


With over 60,000 active users around the world, Rytr. is one of the most notable AI Toles. It can understand 30 languages and more than 20 different tones.

The tool can write short stories, essays, blog posts, social media posts, lyrics, and product descriptions for you. It can also enhance the appeal of your initial draft by replacing suited keywords.

Rytr is among the very few AI Tools with an unlimited edition, where you can use it without bothering about the word count.

SEO Magnifier AI Paraphrasing Tool

SEO Magnifier AI Paraphrasing tool is a free focus on taking care of writer’s block, SEO Magnifier offers to provide human-like content using the article builder. If you’re feeling burned out or fatigued, this is the tool you should procure.

SEO Magnifier is used to produce blog posts, articles, social media posts, and product descriptions. The SEO Magnifier Ai Paraphrasing tool has made training modules and videos to educate the users regarding how to use this tool.


Pappertype.ai stands tall among tools due to its unique templates and various use cases. The templates help you write quicker than any average tool.

These templates consist of product review generators, BAB copywriting, product descriptions, and blogpost conclusions. The tool is available in two modules; starter and growth modules, which can be used according to your need.

SEO Tools Centre AI Paraphrase Tool

SEO Tools Centre Ai paraphrase tool is a great and free help to business writers. If you want to write content aimed at one specific business theme, you can rely on SEO Tools Centre article builder and paraphraser with your eyes closed.

It is used to create tag lines, company vision, mission statement, and core values. 

The tool can understand six languages and it includes free plans. The free plan allows no limit on copies.

This is our list of Best AI Writing Tools You Need to Check Out in 2022

Final Thoughts

If you want to compete in the content world, you must get equipped with AI writing tools. Otherwise, you would be left far behind. 

These tools will be your greatest allies and will aid you in targeting your audience in minimum time. After using these AI tools, you can say goodbye to writer’s block. Therefore, as a content writer, you must learn how these tools work.

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