What is PEMF TREATMENT, and How does it Work?

Medicines, surgeries, and drugs are common ways of treating medical conditions. These treatments are invasive and have their due side effects along with the perks. Therefore, people have now started restoring to natural, non-invasive treatment options to heal their illnesses and achieve good health and well-being! But what does all this have to do with today’s article? Well, it was necessary to give you this introduction to lead you to the topic of our discussion: Pulsed Electromagnetic Field Therapy (PEMF treatment)!

PEMF therapy is a natural groundbreaking technology in the realm of healing. It first began thousands of years ago, with ancient Greeks and Chinese using Earth’s electromagnetic fields as a form of therapy for healing ailments. With the advancement of science and technology, we now have proper electronic devices curated for the production of electromagnetic fields to heal various illnesses. The best part about this therapy is that it’s noninvasive, naturally based, and has no side effects at all! Who would want to opt for medicines and drugs, which are full of side effects, when there’s a wholesome option (read PEMF Therapy) available?


Although we’ve already discussed a little about PEMF treatment as natural and noninvasive, you might be wondering what it is actually about? Don’t worry; we’ll take you through every important detail about this treatment!

PEMF treatment basically is a therapy that uses energy (electromagnetic fields) to treat various illnesses. Now the concept behind this therapy is that it radiates exactly the same electromagnetic fields that are naturally emitted by the Earth. In other words, the frequency and intensity of the radiation emitted by PEMF machines are exactly the same as those emitted by the Earth naturally. This radiation has the frequency of 7.8Hz (approximately) and the intensity of 1 pico Tesla (approximately) and is known as Schumann Resonance.


We’ve already talked about how PEMF treatment involves replication of the Earth’s natural electromagnetic radiation (The Schumann Resonance), but you may be wondering why exactly does it work? How is the Schumann Resonance important and heals illnesses? Well, it is important because our bodies are used to inhabiting it. We’ve spent our entire life with the Schumann Resonance surrounding us, and so this electromagnetic field is pivotal to keeping our bodies healthy. When we fall sick, the natural electric charge of our cells gets disrupted, and our body experiences symptoms of illnesses like inflammation, pain, etc. What PEMF treatment does is naturally and noninvasively restore the healthy electric charge of the cells, thereby making them healthy. In order words, PEMF treatment works on the cellular level to make our bodies healthy and well.

PEMF treatment can be done very easily and within the comfort of your home with the usage of portable PEMF devices, like imrs 2000, which boosts microcirculation to give you a variety of health benefits.


The benefits of PEMF treatment are versatile and wholesome. It’s used to treat a variety of diseases, as well as to improve general health and well-being. Following are the most prominent benefits of PEMFtreatment:

● It helps reduce pain and cramps. It’s found to be very beneficial in pain-causing illnesses like arthritis etc.

● It helps improve sleep quality and may even help cure insomnia.

● It boosts blood circulation, thereby elevating heart health.

● It increases the absorption of oxygen into the lungs and is therefore beneficial in lung diseases.

● It boosts energy and makes the body and minds active.

● It helps boost metabolism.

● It helps boost the immune system.

● It helps in bone healing.

● It helps reduce stress and anxiety.

● It helps boost the absorption of nutrients into blood.


PEMF Treatment is undoubtedly the best option for you to attain healing and overall body and mind well-being. 

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