Xiaomi MI is assaying its success (still again) in the reward section, though the funds’ section is where the label has now made its impression in the nation. Furthermore, this is where it is guaranteed of steadfast increase. Xiaomi has launched its new phone Redmi Note 9.


Redmi Note 9

Xiaomi’s Redmi list is the group’s preference in Xiaomi stores over the society as it exercised over quickly after the Moto G list missed its charm and the most advanced production Redmi Notes arrived quick this year with a significant purpose overhaul, more suitable processors, longer batteries, and everything the MIUI 11 peculiarities at your direction. And as forever, at an inexpensive price spot.


Today’s discussion of our analysis is the Redmi Note 9 – a device that’s a friendly related to the Redmi Note 9S. It welcomes approximately as if the two handsets are quite distinctive arrangements of one model. The vanilla 9, for instance, is somewhat more treaty as it has a shorter screen, operates a MediaTek G85 SoC, owns NFC in largest stores, and there’s a commitment decline in the macro plus selfie shooters.

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More extended the pleasanter. Reaches the famous saying, which in a nutshell, implies the intensity of aggregates. Something related has been the appearance of the smartphone kind Xiaomi MI which has overflowed the store with various phones beyond the cost spectrum. The fellowship propelled its Redmi Note range smartphones in March this time. The group then composed of Redmi Note 9 Pro and Redmi Note 9 Pro Max arriving at an opening price of Rs 13,999. The corporation has now propelled a unique, affordable phone below the category named the Redmi Note 9.

The Redmi Note 9 arrives with a cost patch of Rs 11,999 (foundation price) and does power via a MediaTek processor (unlike the Redmi Note 9 Pro plus Redmi Note 9 Pro Max appear with Qualcomm processors). We practiced the machine for some.

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Unboxing of this Xiaomi Redmi Note 9

Redmi Note 9 unboxing

The equipment arrives in a case holding the general user texts, a USB-A to USB-C wire for charging plus data alteration, a see-through silicone protecting case, and an energy adapter. The current one is estimated at 22.5W; still, the phone itself caps to 18W. Xiaomi tells it practices that charger for more extra than one machine, so you could answer it’s a common plug for Xiaomi accessories.



Excellent battery lifetime, great design communication, reliable rear-mounted fingerprint sensor.


Software requires tweaking, dizzy light camera achievement, long-delayed charging

Picture, Looks, and Appearance

The quarterback of the smartphone is elegantly rounded but is not composed of half-pint. The unibody curled plastic intention appears the Corning Gorilla Glass layout in the foreground sans any streams or ravines. The Redmi Note 9 has been propelled in Aqua Green, Pebble Grey, and Arctic White shades. Interestingly, the Aqua Green shade alternative is not contemplative and has a matte glaze. The Aqua Green alternative seems more incentive than the other two choices. The Arctic White-colored totality that we experienced is not prominent white but highlights an inclination at the back.

Redmi Note 9 picture

Following the quarterback is good-looking reflective, it is apt to excite fingerprint blemishes, and, thankfully, Xiaomi is giving a guarding silicone cover in the case to approach that. The layout of the phone does not appear inferior at all and more appears with a splash-resistant form. The phone is undoubtedly on the bulkier side, but this is enough to the beefy 5020mAh battery housed within.

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Software and Administration

The phone operates Android 10 by its night-loving custom MIUI 11 on the roof that seemed closer to vanilla Android this point when associated with earlier paraphrases of MIUI surface. The Redmi Note 9 is not unfettered of bloatware. For instance, apps such as Mi Community, Helo, Osom Rummy, and then on lived pre-installed on the phone. Some of those have been forbidden in the motherland and Xiaomi has proved that it is operating on the latest MIUI variant for the Indian store that won’t proceed with these forbidden apps.

While introducing up the mi Xiaomi, we noticed prompts to install some of the different bloatware apps also. The Mi Video app retains posting spam advice, which is a put off for assured.


The Redmi Note 9 decks in a quad-camera containing a 48-megapixel, an 8-megapixel wide-angle lens, a 2-megapixel macro eyepiece a 2-megapixel profundity sensor. The camera set-up is satisfactory, given the cost position and the photographs caught in proper illumination requirements resemble spiked with the appropriate volume of features. Portraits shot in dizzy light had sound.

Redmi Note 9 camera

The camera app is something we have regularly attended on other Redmi gadgets. The camera performs control of AI that identifies the views and terminates the game, respectively. Photographs captured at 48-megapixel determination were highly developed; however, the photos dispatched utilizing the wide-angle lens pointed to the decline of features and colors. The pictures resembled genuine until we hurried in. The close-up noises were genuine, and the macro sensor lets you know very approaching the caption to click a photograph. The bokeh outcome was very predictable, with high-grade edge disclosure.


Surprisingly, the battery is the USP of the Redmi Note 9. The handset producer has implemented a massive 5020 mAh system inside the phone. It quickly satisfied the unit plus a half-day on an individual assessment, thankfulness to the battery optimizations. The beating advances 22.5W high-speed charging through a USB Type-C gate. Moreover, though a 22W fast steed is involved in the case, it got longer than two moments to spirit up the battering of 0 to 100 percent.

Cost and determination

REDMI NOTE 9 Cost and determination

The Redmi Note 9 is accessible at an opening price of Rs 11,999 and allows excellent battery time and adequate overall fulfillment. The camera, too, catches good photographs in pleasant illumination. Despite holding a fund phone, the machine where the phone secures the most eminent. That polycarbonate unibody form minus any streams glance high-grade in the skills. Those watching to purchase a Redmi Note should spend in the first modification of Redmi Note 9 that gives all the characteristics; besides that, it appears among 4GB of RAM.


The Redmi Note 9 starts at Rs. 11,999 in India which is a lot higher than the Redmi Note 8 which had managed to slot in under the Rs. 10,000 mark. The smartphone comes in three different colours: Pebble Grey, Arctic White, and Aqua Green.

Redmi Note 9

Battery Life


The smartphone comes in three different colours: Pebble Grey, Arctic White, and Aqua Green. Price starts from 11,999.



On writing, the Redmi Note 9S appears like the more genuine dealings; however there are amazing creatures to examine here before plunging into any resolutions. The vanilla Note 9 sway question to someone watching for a handset with a shorter screen or the characteristic that delivers the phone exploit as a dynamism.

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