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With the world growing at the speed of light, technology has set a remarkable footprint. Ranging from basic necessities to the tech basics; all of them have seen a rebirth this century.

Coming to a popular phone in India “The source of oxygen in today’s world”, “A CPR to the youth”.

It is certain that mobile phones have now become a prime necessity in one’s life.

Yet, possessing one has become even more a tough task, which one will fulfill my need or rather say which one lewd me better.

Honestly, what should one look for while purchasing a Smartphone?

  • Processor- Processor, the ‘soul of your handset’. Look for a processor that suits your requirements.
  • Storage and Ram- what is a phone without apps and games in it? Look for one with storage that fits in your kind of apps and also fulfills your gaming.
  • Display- LCD or AMOLED- Thanks to the technology worm, that has gained speed and is now accessible by everyone. The LCDs have now been replaced by the Superior Quality AMOLED screen that provides high definition best display mobiles with lucid colors.
  • Battery- Should you run out of it? In today’s world running out of battery is out of the norm. The batteries are now upgraded with a power of least 3500mah to binge on our favorite shows, browse extensively, and a game or room scroll.
  • Camera- The world is giving birth to a new photographer daily, with the high-quality cameras in almost every handset delivers us a 48 or a 64-megapixel lens serves the purpose.
  • Software- The core of the hardware. You could almost flip the world around with compatible software with your device. Android is the best software, we could still check our hands at other skinned versions like   MIUI, Oxygen Os, and ONE UI.
  • Architecture- Who doesn’t want a phone that is much prettier than one’s girlfriend.

So let’s get around a see the best popular phones in India 2020 across the globe.

2020 has taken us on a bumpy trail though; let’s get to the tech world to see what it has in store for this Spooky 2020.

If you are looking for the best out of the best Smartphone; Apple I phones have bagged the crown way too earlier. Despite its new launch, iPhone 11 seems to be the best popular phone in India 2020.

Besides, One plus 8 pro reigns the track ” Never settle for less’

The next best popular phone in India 2020 is Apple I Phone SE (2020), followed by Samsung galaxy S20 Extra and Samsung Galaxy Note trailed by Apple special IPhone 11 pro. Google not left behind, also bags its place in the best popular phones of 2020 with Google Pixel 4, followed by Samsung Galaxy S10 Plus.

With Sony entering the charts for its Xperia 1 series followed by Google launched Pixel 3a, Xiaomi, Motorola and Oppo are few brands also competing for the list for the best popular phones of 2020.

Rank Setters Popular Phone In India

One Plus 8T, ranking the best in all its prime features. This brand seems to be the best popular phone in India 2020.

Standing next would be the Samsung Galaxy S20 FE, or Fan Edition, which promises the most popular features of the flagship Galaxy S20 family at a much lower price.

And Samsung again- the Galaxy note Ultra 5G, an extremely expensive but offers the best of Samsung’s technology. Followed by One plus Nord and Google Pixel 4a, Asus ROG Phone 3, Vivo X50Pro, RealmeX3 Super zoom being a few of the best popular phone in India 2020.

With Apple losing its rank this year due to the pandemic induced economic crunch, we still can expect productivity out of these best popular phones in India 2020.

Popular Phones In India Reports That Will Prove Us Right

According to a report in the year 2019- Xiaomi is the leader in the Indian list of the best popular phone in India.

 Xiaomi Redmi 6A is a top seller in the sub 6k price range and is the successor to the Redmi 5A that the brand claims to have sold 5 million units. Moreover, Xiaomi launched the Redmi 7A in India on 11th July 2019.

Xiaomi Redmi Note 5 Pro or Note 6 Pro –with a splurge in the say up to 60,000 units

 POCO F1 – The low-cost flagship phone from Xiaomi is another top seller and crowd favorite. POCO; sub-brand from Xiaomi merchandises only 1 device.

 The initial shipments for the device were very strong as per counterpoint research.

Despite losing the leadership position to Xiaomi. Samsung is not a dominant force online but has a very strong retail distribution network that helps in selling huge volumes.

Samsung released a series of budget phones that were popular both in the online and offline market.

Samsung Galaxy J6 and J8 were amongst the best popular phone in India that claimed a market of more than 2 million amongst all the J series of Samsung.

 The new Samsung M series was a top seller in the online market while it’s newly launched A-series also gathered a huge crowd as the bestpopular phone in India.

 The Galaxy S10/S10+ and Note 9 were the best sellers in the more than 50k price segment, was also amongst the best popular phone in India;  not only in the metros but also in tier 2, tier 3 towns.

Oppo, not left behind has an 8% share of the Indian market. It produced crowed pulling best popular phones in India like Phones like Oppo A71K, F9, and F9 Pro, Oppo F11 and the F11 Pro  

With Vivo coming up close to 10%, in popular phones of the Indian market; the brand has a strong retail presence in India and even manages to do well online.

 Realme – The new kid on the block had more than 3 million shipments. The brand is becoming a threat to the market leader Xiaomi; focusing on 8k to 15k price segment.

Realme bagged the top position of the popular phones in India during the festive season with models like the Realme 3, Realme C2, and the Realme 3 PRO.

Struggling for a year in the Indian market, Huawei has now gained traction. Pushing down apple to the second position globally.

 The Huawei Honor 9N, Honor 7s, Honor 8X, and the Honor Play are some of the popular phones in India. Last but not the least, One Plus a superb performer in the premium segment, raced against Samsung in the chart of the best popular phone in India.

Popular Phones In India That Fits Our Budget

Indians have always been parsimonious and also expect too much in too little. Thankfully the gadget world considers Indians as a larger market for their product sale.

Quarter 1 of this year saw multiple smartphones being launched at an aggressive price and most of them pulled the kibosh on in Q2 due to the Covid-19 pandemic and lockdown. However, we could now witness things reverting to normal, with a couple of new phones launched recently.

But the question still remains which are the affordable popular phones in India?

With Xiaomi and Realme categorized as Budget sellers.

We could now see players from Motorola, which made a great comeback with Fusion Plus, Samsung with its M series, and Poco who entered the affordable popular phone in India segment.

These are the best affordable popular phones in India:

  • Poco X2
  • Realme 6 Pro
  • One Fusion Plus
  • Redmi Note 9 Pro Max
  • Samsung Galaxy M31
  • Poco M2 pro
  • Realme 5 Pro
  • Redmi Note 9

The Year Of Smartphones

The Smartphone era has never seen such a dip since then; still, we could expect 2020 not to be so disgraceful.

In terms of the handsets brands, a major shift with big names like HTC, Blackberry, and Motorola could be seen.

The newbies Xiaomi, Realme, One plus, and Huawei competing with Samsung, Apple Nokia, and LG have taken a toll.

You can buy these products on Amazon or Flipkart very easily

Talking about 2020, the Economy depreciated due to the pandemic is seen to bounce back and we could expect better devices from the brands. With a re-conceptualized handset custom made to sustain in today’s uncertain era quoting it the best of the phone for the rest of the times…


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