Motorola Revou Tv – New line of Android TVs from Motorola 2020

Motorola is making a mark in the Smart TV industry. Flipkart will be launching 4 new models of Smart TVs with Motorola on their big billion-day sales on 15th October. The Smart TVs come with Android 10 and x4k resolution. The Motorola ZX2 will be launched in 4 different sizes of 55 inches, 43 inches, 40 inches, and 32 inches. The ultra HD 4k display shows real-life quality images and is mesmerizing to watch.

Motorola ZX2

Flipkart is coming out soon with its big billion days sale and they have a few tricks up their sleeves. Working with Motorola, they have ensured a monopoly of sales point for the Motorola ZX2 series of TV. The page visits for this product are particularly worth noticing and it’s presumed to be a successful launch. In India, the launch of this new TV range will happen on the big billion-day sales mega discount period as well.

Motorola ZX2 Series Price Range:

The 4 models being launched in this series range from affordable to expensive, to cater to every type of budget. This has caused quite a conversation among the masses and they are eagerly waiting for the launch. The price range of the Motorola ZX2 starts from 13,999 INR and the premium model goes up to 40,999 INR. The 32-inch TV is priced at 13,999 while the 40-inch, 43 inch, and 55 inches are priced at ₹19,000, ₹30,999, and ₹40,999 respectively.

Motorola Revou Tv

Astonishing Features of Motorola ZX2 Series:

Motorola ZX2 series TVs are integrated with the 1.5GHz CA53 quad-core processor. It is fitted with a RAM of 2GB and a Graphical Processing Unit (GPU) of Mali-G52. It comes with Android 10, which is the latest smart software out there.

The memory storage capacity ranges from 16GB to 32Gb based on the size of the model. Only the premium models of 43 inches and 55 inches come with a 32GB memory option for storage. The TV is built to support Wi-Fi (dual-band). The TV is engineered to incorporate motion enhancement using Response Time Compensation Engine.

Astonishing Features of Motorola ZX2 Series:

The TV can be mounted on the wall as well as comes with the option of keeping it on a stand. The stand provided with the TV is sleek, stylish, and has a metal wire finish. The premium models of 43 inches and 55 inches come with 2 speakers as well as 2 tweeters. The sound output is around 50 W which is a great deal in terms of quality of sound.

Motorola ZX2 Models And Display

The basic models of 32 inches and 40 inches will be produced with only 2 speakers. Their output wattage will be around 24 W. The soundbar is integrated effortlessly in the design. The screen is engineered to give the notion of endless display and the finish on the design is Swedish Linen.

The display screen of the Motorola ZX2 series comes with 91% NTSC. It is capable of smart contrast dimming based on its surroundings. The colour gamut included for this range is extra wide.


The Motorola ZX2 series is a complete package and is being awaited to launch as soon as possible. The features are noteworthy and we are getting a sweet deal. The TV falls in the affordable category compared to the features of its presenting. It can be said that the Motorola ZX2 series is being launched in India keeping in mind the demands of today’s day and age as well as the economic factor. The masses can’t wait for Flipkart’s Big Billion Days sale, so they can get their hands on this product. This Motorola launch is expected to be a major success.

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