iOS Home Appliances 2020

Apple is a brand in its own separate league. Their MacBook and iPhones are legendary and they cater to a completely separate user base. They are superior in the world of technology and their iOS home appliances are above all else.

Apple spends a lot of money and time researching new revolutionary technology and its products are always unique. Not just laptops and phones but Apple has innovative smart devices as well.

Apple products are regarded as the safety of personal information as to their top priority and claim to be the best among the bunch in doing so. Their security on tablets, laptops, and phones is unparalleled.

Although Apple products fall on the expensive side of the spectrum, their consumer base is loyal to them because of the quality of the product they deliver. The company always thrives in surprising its customers by bringing out features never seen before.

iOS home appliances are dependable and worth investing in. They help us in carrying out our work effortlessly. Apple products are always awaited by the consumers and they look forward to what new the company has to offer with each launch.

iOS Home Appliances 2020

Compared to Android, iOS is a more advanced developed operating system. The latest version going around is iOS 14. Since Apple works on its own operating system to support its hardware, it is highly compatible with the devices making them highly efficient and high-functioning.

This unique software-hardware combination is what sets Apple apart from the rest of the companies. People who start using iOS never feel like switching to any other operating system. For them, every other operating system is of inferior quality as compared to iOS. 

Having such a loyal consumer base helps the brand thrive more persistently and bringing out many new technological advancements. Here is a list giving us an overview of all iOS home appliances that Apple has to offer.


The fastest laptops and desktops: Apple MacBook

The laptops and desktops from Apple, or popularly known as iMac and MacBook, are popular amongst all age groups. From students to corporate offices, those who desire quality products always turn to invest in iMac and MacBook.

There are 3 main models in the laptop version of Mac. The MacBook Air is one of the lightest laptops available in the market. Apart from that, if you need a slightly larger screen Apple has 2 more laptops available. The MacBook Pro 13” and MacBook Pro 16” are the rest of the two models.

 In terms of desktop, Apple has 2 integrated desktops popularly called as iMac and iMac Pro. They also have a Mac Pro and Mac Mini which are processors that you can connect to any normal desktop screens. They also have a display desktop model known as Pro Display XDR. 

The price of these products ranges from Rs. 92,000 and Rs. 5 lakhs. Apple also has its own, ‘build your own Mac’ feature where you can customize the final product as per one’s own convenience.

The overachieving phone: iPhone

There must not be a single person who hasn’t heard about the iPhone. This Apple smartphone with the iOS operating system is a favorite of many. So much that you can call them a cult for their dedication. The users are loyal to the brand. They always await the latest launches and switch to the newer model. Currently, the latest iPhone 12 series is all set to launch.

The brand is so confident in its loyal consumer base that along with this launch they have purposefully excluded the charging brick from their main box. Since the majority of the buyers are old users, they already have their accessories with them and just need the new device.

Those who are buying for the first time can buy the brick separately. Such a thought process saves the company from generating unnecessary waste and thus it is easier on the environment.

The iPhone is an investment piece, thus pricing on the expensive side. The latest iPhone series is priced between Rs. 92,000 and goes up to Rs. 1.5 lakhs.

The lightest tablet: iPad

iPad is one of the most convenient all-purpose tablets available in the market. They are high-speed, light-weight, and compact. The processor on these is very fast and they are surprisingly affordable if buying a Mac is expensive for you.

The basic iPad is priced at a whooping lost cost of Rs. 29,900 only and the premium models such as iPad Pro, iPad Air, and iPad Mini start go as high as Rs. 1,12,000 for the highest-grade model.

They can be paired up with accessories such as the magic keyboard or Apple pencil for ease of use. Carrying these iPads around is very easy and hassle-free and thus many prefer them while traveling for work or going to university.

The smartest watch: Apple Watch

Apple watches are what you can call the cream of the crop in the smartwatch industry. They are highly advanced and the processor on them is of top quality. The smartwatch calculates various health factors as well.

Currently, there are 7 models present in the Apple Watches range. It is one of the handiest iOS home appliances. It can monitor your heartbeat and work as a pedometer as well. It is capable of accounting for the calories you burn by various methods such as running or swimming. The Apple Watch is priced from Rs. 20,000 and goes up to Rs. 50,000.

The most stylish TV: Apple TV

When we talk about iOS home appliances, we not only talk about the laptops and mobiles Apple has to offer, but also a home entertainment unit such as a television. Apple TV is a smart TV on which you can view all OTT apps and enjoy streaming your favorite shows on the big TV screen.

The Apple TV set-top box starts from Rs. 17,000 and goes up to Rs. 25,000 depending on the storage size. The TV is voice command enabled; thus, you can directly command Siri to do your work.

The one with heart-dropping audio quality: Apple Music

Remember iPods, Apple has been bringing out new technology ever since back then. Their most recent innovation was the Apple Air Pods.

These little wireless earphones are so handy and hassle-free. They have 2 models in these called Apple Air Pods and Apple Air Pods Pro. They are priced between Rs. 14,900 and Rs. 24,900.

iOS Home Appliances Showrooms

iOS has established its place in all the big cities in India, such as Hyderabad, Mumbai, Delhi, Pune, Kolkata, and many more. There are several showrooms in these developed cities. The customers can directly contact them and enquire about the necessary. They provide 100 percent genuine products with various discounts. 

iOS Home Appliances Customer Care and iOS Home Appliances Service Centre. 

iOS Home Appliances gives a warranty to each of its home appliances and ensures its quality. If any difficulty is faced by the customer regarding any appliance, they can contact iOS Home Appliance Customer Care.

They are available 24 hours a day and 7 days a week. If the iOS Home appliance is faulty and within the warranty period, it can be replaced or repaired free of cost.

Any complaint about the service or regarding any appliance can be filled. If an appliance needs to be repaired, a customer can quickly contact the nearest iOS Home Appliance Service Centre. Given below are some numbers a customer can contact if needed: 

000 800 100 9009 toll-free customer care number (24 x 7)

Apple Support

Apple has its presence pan India. It has its own stores and support center all over India in all major cities. They have their prompt team to guide you in case of any difficulty that you may face.


Apple is a top brand and their launches make sure they stay that way. The company keeps on bringing out new never seen before stuff with every launch. Investing in an iOS home appliance is worth every penny. The brand offers a variety of home appliances like laptops, tablets, TV, smartphones, Set-top box and accessories like ear-phones, keyboards, and mice.

 You can also buy these iOS Home Appliances from its main website or Amazon or Flipkart. The products from Apple provide security from your information leaking out to the world. The brand believes in safety and invests millions in researching and bringing out products that comply with their ideologies.


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