How to Write a Perfect Essay by Using These 5 Apps

Writing is a difficult task, particularly when you are a non-native student and desire improved grades in university. People used to take help from outside teachers, trainers, and even writers who worked for money in the past. Currently, in the digital age, there are various apps to provide writing help from outside. Below are the top five of them.

Pro Writing App

If you are looking for a writing assistant on all levels, the Pro Writing app is what you are searching for. It is the only essay writing app offering top-notch gamma and style checker in combination. In addition, you can improve your writing with its advanced and unique features as given below:

  • It notifies you about writing style issues like passive voice, frequent adverbs, and unnecessary repetition of words and sentences.
  • It highlights grammatical mistakes like spelling issues, wrong use of punctuation, helping verbs, verbs, and fragmentations. 
  • It also underlines the misuse of articles with suggestions of correct articles. 
  • It marks your weak writing by notifying duplicate words and repetitive sentences.
  • The app suggests you remove sticky sentences or make them clearer to be read.
  • You get an idea of the transition score to improve the readability and meaning of the sentences. 
  • It also lets you know if you use overly long sentences, slowing down the reader.
  • The software asks you to capitalize words where it is necessary. 
  • You can get to know the pronoun percentage to regulate the accurate use of pronouns in your paper. 
  • It announces the overuse of dialogue tags.
  • Also, it identifies the pacing issue in your essay.
  • Around all writing agencies are using the Writing Pro app to meet their customers’ demands regarding quality. Their writers write perfect essay using this app and get positive customer feedback. 


Grammarly is one of the most downloaded and used apps for writing papers. The app is popular among students as well as all people who need to write professional documents like CVs, cover letters, memos, appreciation letters, stories, etc. The app has two versions; one free and one premium. You can also use the free Grammarly with the complete satisfaction of proofreading after you are done with an assignment. It will highlight your mistakes and give you suggestions to correct them. In a couple of minutes, you can proofread hefty documents without any outside help with the features given below:

  • It has a user-friendly interface; even beginners consider it the most reliable proofreader. 
  • It highlights all spelling mistakes and suggests correct spellings in place of them.
  • You get to know if you have written a grammatically incorrect or fragmented sentence.
  • The app points out if you have written a wordy sentence and keeps you notifying unless it is perfect.
  • It asks you to remove repeated words and phrases to improve readability.
  • The wrong punctuation and adverbs are underlined with accurate recommendations. 
  • It lets you know if your sentences are not clear or slowly readable.
  • Grammarly also suggests the most suitable words for your sentences. So, for example, if you have written a word that is Grammarly and spelling-wise correct, but it can have a better alternative, the app suggests the strongest word.
  • The most stunning feature of the application is that you can replace the suggested words and sentences with only a single click from your mouse. By doing this, the app will make auto-correction in your document, and you will get perfectly written essays without any single mistake.


Edusson is a brilliantly developed app to assist students in their academic voyage. Once they begin to use this app, they can reap all the advantages of this essay writing app right on their mobile phones because it is compatible with every operating system. This app was specifically designed to simplify the life of students, particularly the busy bees who have less time to spend on their assignments.

Students around the world are using this essay writing app because it grants them academic help at their fingertips. Using it, they get access to plenty of excellent writers who are always ready to work for them. Below are its features, you can get on downloading it:

  • Edusson is a free essays app. Besides, whenever you need upgrades, you don’t need to spend any money.
  • It is easy to use, and even beginners can easily understand its interface.
  • The app offers a high level of security and privacy of your personal data, so you are safe from cybercrimes using it.
  • You can use this app to book your essay orders round the clock.
  • The best thing about this app is its compatibility with all operating systems. 


FocusWriter is one of the worldwide-known essay writing tools used by millions of students in the world. It gives you a simple, easy, and distraction-free setting to complete your assignments. The app operates a hide-away border, which is accessible by touching your cursor to the ends of the screen. Doing this, your writing appears in a familiar environment, and you feel quite absorbed in your work. The app is available in various languages to maximize its access for students globally. Besides, you can use it with Windows and Linux with features given below:

  • You can set alarms and timers as per your desire during work.
  • You can personalize the theme as per your requirement.
  • It lets you set daily goals with reminders to keep you alert in academic life.
  • The app gives various file support like RTF, ODT, and TXT.
  • You can also use sound effects for whatever you write.
  • It has a built-in spell checker to make your essay accurate.
  • The app is available in 20 different languages.


FreeMind is one of the most effective apps for writing essays. It is a Java mind-mapping application with recurrent upgraded features, which has made it an immense throughput tool. The plus point of FreeMind is its fast working; you can ‘fold’ or ‘unfold’ with a single click of your mouse on it. Given below are its features making it globally popular.

  • You can export your file into other file types like PDF.
  • Also, it is possible to export hypertext to HTML with this software.
  • The application saves documents in mm format.
  • The application comes with icons and nodes. 
  • You can utilize folding branches and the option of clouds around them.
  • You can export pictures to different formats like SVG and PNG.

It is not the end of applications used for perfect essay writing. There are many other programs and software with marvelous features to assist students and writers. But, the above-given applications are the most downloaded, used, rated, and suggested writing solutions, so you can rely on them.

Author of the article:

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