Best Washing Machine in India 2020

Technology has lessened mankind’s burden tenfold. All our tasks have become easier with machines all around us, saving our time as well as energy. Best Washing Machines have become a necessity in the majority of households, and we are here to make your job easy.

Need to buy a new washing machine but don’t know which one? We have jotted down the best of the crowd. This article will give you an overall insight into different best washing machines available in India and compare the washing machines based on features, price range, warranty, and many more factors.

Best Washing Machine in India 2020

Electrical Appliances like best washing machines are a long-term investment, and it is important to make informed decisions when it comes to buying one.

We have listed a few popular, reliable, and sturdy washing machines and accumulated only the best washing machine brands in India. Please keep on reading to learn more.

5 Best Washing Machine In India

1. Panasonic Fully-Automatic Top Loading Washing Machine

Panasonic is one of the biggest electronic brands in India. Thus, it is no surprise that they have one of the best washing machines as well. This particular model from Panasonic is very popular with those who will not go beyond a tried and tested brand like Panasonic.

1. Panasonic Fully-Automatic Top Loading Washing Machine

It is a highly compact and sturdy design. It takes a load of about 6 kg. It is a fully automated washing machine and has pre-programmed wash functionalities. The capacity is suitable for a family of 2 and an infant at most. They provide a warranty of 2 years for all parts and a 10-year warranty for the motor of the machine.


  • Fuzzy Control Technology automatically measures the weight of the load and controls the water levels accordingly.
  • Their aqua beat technology helps in rinsing the clothes thoroughly and remove persistent dirt.
  • It is a top-load best washing machine with a high-speed rotating tub, which prevents bacteria growth.
  • Along with the programs, it also has a one-touch smart wash feature where the machine does all using a single button.
  • It has power-off memory, that is, if the power is gone mid-wash, it resumes from where it had stopped.
  • It has options to customize the wash based on the type of clothing.


  • It has a 5star rating, thus saving a lot of power units.
  • It is affordable for the features it’s offering.


  • Does not have a countdown timer

2. Samsung Fully-Automatic Top load Washing Machine

Samsung is known for providing quality products at an affordable price. This is one of the top models in a budget and is fully automatic. It has a capacity of 6.2kg, which is suitable for a small family of 3 people. The Samsung washing machine is a top load type.

It comes with a warranty of 2 years and the motor with a warranty of 4 years. The motor on this machine is that of 680 rpm.


  • Diamond Drum design helps in maintaining the softness of the fabric with its diamond-shaped crests.
  • Magic filter captures all the fluff, lint, and other particles, which might get stuck in the drain.
  • It has 5 water levels to set according to the load capacity.
  • It has a center jet technology that causes a jet of water, which improves the effectiveness of the quality of washing.


  • Completely automatic. Just add detergent and press start.
  • Powerful motor


  • Takes a long time for 1 cycle
  • Clothes get tangled

3. Intex Semi-Automatic Top Load Washing Machine

Some people don’t trust the quality of wash in an automatic machine and want to be methodical about their cleaning. In such a case, there is this semi-automatic machine. It is suitable for a small family of 3. It has a motor of 1320 rpm, and the higher is the spin speed, the faster it takes for the clothes to dry.


  • It has an anti-rust body, which ensures longevity.
  • It has a lint filter.
  • It is integrated with pulsator technology.
  • It is power efficient, consuming 340 watts.


  • Under a tight budget, a very good option
  • Dries clothes very fast


  • The machine is a little noisy.

4. Whirlpool Fully Automatic Top Load Washing Machine

Whirlpool is the leading brand in the world of the washing machine. Whenever we here the brand Whirlpool, we immediately associate it with washing machines. This is one of the bestselling models of washing machine suitable for a small family for no more than three people.

Whirlpool Fully Automatic Top Load Washing Machine

The machine has a very high spin power with a speed of 740 rpm. The quality of washing is top-notch, and it has about 12 pre-programmed settings available according to the load type.

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  • It has a hard water wash option, which helps in maintaining the softness and freshness of the water, thus enabling a better quality of the wash.
  • A 3-spring model helps in taking out even the toughest of the dirt.
  • It has many smart sensors which detect various errors like voltage fluctuations or water level to avoid damage to the machine.
  • With special technology, the tub fills 50% faster than any other machine.


  • Top-quality service
  • Quick wash time
  • For daily wear, which doesn’t need rigorous washing, a light wash completes 50% faster than a normal wash.


  • No-rinse plus pulse option available

5. IFB Automatic Front Load Washing Machine

Some people prefer a front-load machine as it can be a strenuous activity to take clothes out of a top-load machine for some people. Such a crowd prefers a front-load washing machine as it is easier to handle the ins and outs. IFB is an industrial scale brand and, in the last decade, has indulged in-home use level of machine production.

 IFB Automatic Front Load Washing Machine

Their machines are sturdy and durable. One-time investment, and you don’t have to look back for years to come. IFB has great reviews in general. When it comes to a front-load option, this model is anyone’s first choice. It has various technologies engineered in it, which makes this model highly ergonomic. A compact 6kg load machine satisfies a small family.


  • It supports deep clean technology to remove stubborn stains from clothes.
  • The spa therapy helps in treating the clothes with the utmost care
  • Its special pulsator cleans the clothes gently but still removes stains.
  • The tub is such that is creates a cushion for the clothes.
  • The auto-balance feature helps in maintaining balance and doesn’t let the machine go wobbly.


  • It is protected from voltage fluctuation.
  • Very good customer support
  • Best quality in the market


  • A little on the expensive side

We have included different types, such as fully automatic and semi-automatic machines, which are top load as well as front load.



Yes, it is. Direct sunlight can quickly heat up the washing machine and slowly damage parts of washing machines. Especially the buttons on the front panel are very susceptible to damage. Too much of exposure to direct sunlight will ultimately lower the lifespan of a washing machine.

The average lifespan of a washing machine is about 7 to 13 years. Typically, you can expect a new washer to last about 11 years.

So before you go out to bring home a washer, here are 8 things you should know about the machine you’re buying.

  • Is it a semi-automatic or fully-automatic machine? …
  • Wash settings. …
  • Spin cycle. …
  • Efficiency. …
  • Size. …
  • Load capacity. …
  • Does it have a dryer? …
  • Material of the drum.


Here is our list of washing machines that we researched to suit each and every type of person’s requirements. We have included a wide variety of brands such as LG, Samsung, Inalsa, IFB, Whirlpool, and made our Top 5 best washing machines in India list. You can buy this best washing machine on Flipkart and Amazon.

In this list, we have included a load capacity, which is enough for a small family or bachelor’s, but larger sizes are available from the same brands to suit your family size. I hope this list gave you enough insights to make an informed decision to choose the best washing machine for home.

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