Top 5 Tv under Rs. 30000 In India

Television is no longer a medium to just watch cable. We have smart TVs now and they are getting popular by the day. Watching shows on mobile apps is not the same as watching them on the big screen.

Smart TVs have helped in enabling us to enjoy our favorite shows from various apps on a much larger screen. Nowadays, people like enjoying big screens up to 55″ in their living rooms, but one cannot ignore the budget for buying a TV.

Here we have compared various TVs with top specifications and compiled a list of Top 5 TV under 30000 of a budget. The list is made of renowned brands and all the models enlisted are available on good deals on e-commerce sites like Amazon and Flipkart.

5 Best TV Under 30000 In India

1. Onida 43 Inches Fire TV Edition Full HD TV

This model from Onida comes in 2 variants. One is 32 inches and the other is 43 inches. Onida has been a trusted brand ever since TV was introduced to the world. The display is full HD. This model of Onida has been integrated with Amazon’s Fire TV stick and we can enjoy all shows and stream apps in HD on this TV.

The refresh rate of this model is about 60Hz. The pixel count on this full HD screen is 1920×1080. The TV comes with 3 HDMI ports to connect your Blu-Ray, set-top box, or gaming console and also comes with a USB port to directly connect hard-disk or pen drives to the TV. The sound system on this device is Dolby with an output of 16W.

Since it has an in-built Fire TV stick OS, it supports voice commands for Alexa. The TV is Wi-Fi enabled. The remote has a voice command option so you can directly command launching an app without navigating. It also supports screen mirroring so you can display your mobile on the TV. The company provides a warranty of 1 year.

This is our first product for Top 5 TV under 30000.


  • Fire TV OS is smooth
  • The display is crisp and vivid
  • No lagging when connecting the mobile with screen mirroring or Bluetooth
  • No lag time with Alexa
  • Customer service is very efficient


  • Sound is loud but falls flat on the ears.

2. OnePlus Y Series 43 inches Full HD Smart TV

OnePlus is a very popular brand when it comes to smartphones and one of the top 5 TV under 30000. We all go crazy when OnePlus comes out with newer models. They are known for the quality of their devices at an affordable price. Recently they have dabbled in manufacturing on TVs and we expect the same quality of performance from their televisions as well.

OnePlus TV received a lot of positive responses from its customer base and people have been raving about this top quality yet affordable TV that OnePlus has launched. The TV comes with a Full HD display with pixels of 1920×1080. 

The refresh rate of this model is 60Hz. For ease of connection to gaming consoles and set-top boxes, the TV comes with 2 HDMI ports and for pen drives, it comes with 2 USB ports, which can definitely come in handy. This TV is integrated with Dolby audio with an output of 20W.

It also supports noise reduction. The smart TV supports Android v9.0 and connects to various stores like OnePlus connect Google Play, and supports features like Chromecast and Google Assistant. This model has a screen to body ratio of about 88.5%.

The company provides a 1-year warranty plus an additional 1 year on the panel provided. You can keep this best TV under 30000 on the stand provided or wall-mount is as per your convenience.


  • TV remote supports IR as well as Bluetooth
  • Good color reproduction
  • Dolby Atmos sound quality is top-notch and can resonate in a decent-sized living room


  • Does not support connectivity with Echo Dot from Google.
  • Does not support data saver.

3. Croma 43 Inches Full HD Smart TV

Croma is a well-known brand in the world of electronics and the best tv under 30000. It has been a trusted brand for generations now. Croma is known to keep launching new models in all kinds of electronics with the latest technology at an affordable price. 

This model had to be included in our list of top TV under 30000. Although the TV is priced higher in terms of MRP, you can always find great festival deals and discounts and can easily fit in your budget.

This model comes with a full HD display of 1920×1080 with a refresh rate of 60Hz. The device is fitted with 2 HDMI ports and 2 USB ports to keep many external devices like a set-top box, gaming consoles, or pen drives connected simultaneously to the TV. This TV is one of the best TV under 30000 – 50000.

It also comes with 1 VGA slot for your laptop, 2 AV input slots, 1 RF slot, and 1 Optical output slot. The sound output on this TV is 20W and has dual box speakers with various modes to best suit the effect of the video. Croma TV supports Android OS v8.0 and has built-in Wi-Fi. It enables screen mirroring with Miracast and also comes with a 3-year service warranty.


  • Supports all OTT apps
  • 16GB RAM and 8GB ROM for smooth functioning
  • 178-degree viewing angle
  • A + Grade panel with zero dot


  • Does not have Dolby Audio

4. MI TV 44 inches Smart TV

Similar to OnePlus, Mi is another popular brand that started as a mobile manufacturer. With this new launch, people are excited to see the TV performance. It is a full HD 1920×1080 pixel display with a 60Hz refresh rate. It comes with 3 HDMI ports and 2 USB ports for simultaneous connectivity. It supports Android OS v9.0 and has many smart features like Google play, google assistant, Chromecast, and google data-saver. This is also one of the best TV under 30000 range.

It has 20W stereo speakers with DTS-HD sound. The company provides a 1-year warranty on TV and 2 Year on the panel. Xiaomi service centers are available pan India and the customer support is responsive. Consider being one of the best TV under 30000.


  • Clear picture quality
  • High def sound quality
  • Easy connectivity
  • Energy efficient


  • No wall mount stands available. Need to buy separately.

5. TOSHIBA 43 inches Full HD Smart TV

Toshiba has been a reliable brand in the world of TV and that’s why it had to make it to the list of top 5 TV under 30000. It is a full HD 1920×1080 pixel display with a 60Hz refresh rate. It comes with 2 HDMI and 2 USB port and supports screen mirroring as well for mobile connectivity. 

The TV has an audio output of 24W and has Dolby audio. It comes with a manufacturing warranty of 1 year. The TV supports all smart OTT apps and has Android OS.

Toshiba is a well-off brand and has customer support all over India. The TV is programmed to make it easy to customize as per the user’s need and is thus highly versatile. It is one of the best models in the affordable range of TVs.


  • Dynamic Mode improves picture quality for action videos.
  • Picture optimizer helps in providing smooth and uninterrupted display
  • Fast response time


  • Some OTT apps are not supported. Might get updated in a firmware update.


What is the O in OLED?

OLED stands for organic light-emitting diode. Each pixel in an OLED display is made of a material that glows when you jab it with electricity.

Is a big TV worth it?

Takeaway. In the end, the price you pay for the bigger size TV depends on your TV watching habit. If you watch sports, movies, TV shows and play video games, a bigger size definitely provides value. The immersive experience and crisp picture quality are crucial issues that help decide on the size of the TV. Buying TV under 30000 is also worth.

What is classed as a big TV?

Large‘ TVs – 55 inches upwards

In some ways, you’re right to think that.


These were our top 5 recommendations on the best TV in India within a budget of Rs. 30,000 or Best TV under 30000. Now you can inspect all the features, pros, and cons of each model and decide for yourself which is best suited for your needs and enjoy the experience.

We have included many known brands like Toshiba, MI, OnePlus, Onida, and Croma. All of them have excellent customer service requirements and are highly reliable. Hope this list helped you in making a better decision. Happy Shopping!


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