The Best Power Banks: Best buy

Nowadays, smartphones are not less than a life partner, whether it is Social media, Browsing, Chitchat, Emails, Business meetings, or even Marriages are also now happening on Smartphones But wait!! Are you missing something?

Yes, the charging problem, the unwanted interruption between you and your smartphone is the notification “battery Low”.

“Boom” the mind’s reply when it saw those unwanted, uninvited battery low notifications. So reducing the distance between you and your smartphone power banks has been introduced by the tech players.

A lot of power banks are taking place in the market and in your “home,” too. But there is always one question raised in mind before investing in the power banks: What is the best power banks in the market​?

In this blog, we will solve your queries regarding ​the best power banks in India. ​Here we have compiled a list of the best power banks of 2022 ​that you can rely upon-

Best Power Banks: Best buy

1. MI Power Bank 3i

Xiaomi has always been on the top in producing low cost but excellent feature products in the market. Xiaomi has recently launched its Mi power bank 3i in the market incorporated with outstanding features considered ​the best power bank​. Xiaomi has launched 2 power banks one is 10000mAH battery capacity, priced at Rs. 899, and the other one is 20000mAh capacity priced at Rs. 1499.

MI​ Power Bank 3i

Featured with 12 layers of circuit protection, packed with lithium polymer battery, set it the best power banks and ​the safest power bank​.

10000mAh takes 4 hours to charge 100 percent, whereas 20000mAh takes around 7 hours for 100 percent charge. For this price range and features, this is ​the best power banks to buy​.

Key Specifications-

·​ Both​ 10000mAh and 20000mAh power banks come with 18W fast charging capacity.

·​ 10000mAh​ comes with dual output and input ports (Micro USB and USB Type-C).

·​ 20000mAh​ comes with triple port output and dual-port input (Micro USB and USB Type-C).

·​ Both​ power banks are packed with advanced 12 layer chip circuit protection.

·​ 10000mAh​ comes with smart power management, whereas 20000mAh comes with power delivery.

·​ Both​ power banks covered 6 months of domestic warranty.


  • ·​ 18W​ fast charging.
  • ·​ Triple​ slot port (20000mAh).
  • ·​ Elegant​ design.
  • ·​ Built​ quality is good.


  • ·​ A​ bit heavy and bulky.

2. Redmi Power Bank

 Ahead of the smartphones lineup, Redmi launched its power bank and really performed best in the market, just like their smartphones. Redmi’s power bank is also one of ​the best power banks​. The main game changer strategy of Redmi is their price range, always low on price and full on features. Redmi is currently serving two power banks, one is 10000mAh priced at 799, and the other is 20000mAh priced at 1499. This can be considered as ​the best power bank under Rs. 1000 ​for a 10000mAh battery.

Redmi’s power bank comes with advanced li-polymer batteries that are both durable and optimized for charging efficiency, making it ​the best power bank for smartphones.

If we talk about the design, both 10000mAh and 20000mAh power banks have a special design for a better grip. Available in black and white colors, they also offering simultaneously charging too.

Key specifications of 10000mAh Power bank-

·​ Double​ USB outputs of 10W fast charge that intelligently adjust the power output.

·​ Double​ input ports, Micro USB & Type C.

·​ Made​ up of plastic material

·​ Weight​ at 246.5 grams

·​ Charge​ 3000mAh battery 2 times and 4000mAh battery 1.80 times

Key specifications of 20000mAh Power bank-

·​ Comes​ with 18W Fast charging capacity.

·​ Dual​ input ports, Micro USB & Type C.

·​Two-way​quick charge capacity enables charging of power bank and connected devices at the same time

·​ 12​ Layers of advanced circuit protection.

·​ Compatible​ for Tablets, earphones, headsets, BT speakers, etc.


  • ·​ Fast​ charging to Power Bank and Power Bank to the device.
  •  ·​ Comes​ with USB Type C and USB type 2.0.
  • ·​ Reasonable​ price.
  • ·​ Design​ is compact and perfect in looking


  • ·​ 10000mAh​ lacks 18W fast charging.
  • ·​ Quite​ heavy.
  • ·​ Output​ charging is a bit slow as compared to other Power Banks.

3. Realme 30W dart charger

Realme is the only player in the market who is completely focused on fast charging technology. Realme is always hunting for providing the best, whether it is a smartphone or a power bank. Realme is producing ​the best power banks in India​. The newly launched Realme 30W Dart charger completely stunned the market with its fast-charging capacity and make itself the ​best power bank for smartphones.

In terms of design, Realme power banks did a great job. And curved design makes it more attractive and handy. All credit goes to carbon fiber design, which makes it handy and feels comfortable in the pocket. With all these features, realme is considered ​the best power banks brand in India.

Realme 30W dart charger

Realme 30W dart charger comes with 15 layers of circuit protection, which provides extra safety.

With a battery capacity of 10000mAh, it includes two high-density Li-polymer batteries; even after that, it only weighs at 230g and a thickness of 17mm. Maybe your research for the ​best power bank ​ended up here.

Key specifications-

·​ Supports​ two-way dart charge, can charge itself, and a device with 30W.

·​ Dual​ ports, Type-A, and Type-C. Offers 30W fast charging for a single post and 25W fast charging for dual-port output.

 ·​ Provides​ fast charging for VOOC, PD, QC, AFC, etc.

·​ Can​ charge wireless earphones, fitness bands, etc.

·​ Low​ current mode option is also available; you can enable it by double-clicking the power button.

·​ Comes​ in two attractive colors Black and Yellow.

·​ Carbon​ fiber body material.

·​ 95​ minutes of battery charging time.


  • ·​ 30W​ dart supports warp charging.
  • ·​ lightweight​ and handy.
  • ·​ Supports​ the low current mode.
  • ·​ 15​ layer circuit protection.


  • ·​ No​ cons, but a point that is must come in 20000mAh option too.

4. Philips Power Bank

Philips is an old player that produces a complete lineup of consumer electronics. Recently Philips also tried their hands in power banks, and thanks to its brand image, it delivers the best power banks for smartphones in India​. Philips power banks come in capacities ranging from 8000mAh to 32000mAh.

In terms of build quality and performance, it really did well and made a mark ​in the best power banks.

 Philips power banks also give the option of the torch in it, but on the other hand, it cuts its cost on fast charging technology, which is disappointing to many users. But still, we can believe in Philips for its brand image in the market.

Philips power banks are made up of suitable quality plastic with stylish looks.

Key specifications-

·​ It​ takes around 1 hour and 30 min. to completely charge a 3000mAh battery.

·​ It​ takes around 5 hours to charge itself from a completely discharged state fully.

·​ Comes​ with USB 2.0 port.

·​ Battery​ is made up of Li-polymer, which is a decent criteria for the power banks.

·​ Weight​ around 421g with Type-C micro connector in 20000mAh.

·​ Dual​ output ports; one supports 2.1A and the other supports 1A


  • ·​ Available​ at affordable prices.
  • ·​ Great​ weight distribution.
  • ·​ Slim​ design.
  • ·​ Stylish​ matt finish.
  • ·​ Pocket​ friendly


  • ·​ Built​ quality should have been better.
  • ·​ Takes​ much time to charge itself completely.


5. Ambrane Power Bank

When one asks for durability, Just one name comes to mind, Ambrane. Yes, Ambrane maintaining its position in ​the best power banks​. You can easily rely on Ambrane power banks due to their solid nature. These power banks are for those who believe in a rough lifestyle. Ambrane power bank comes with Dual input port options: Type-C and the other is a USB port.

Ambrane Power Bank

Come to its body; it is made up of strong plastic material with a premium finish. It is scratch-resistant and suitable for long-term usage.

Ambrane 20000mAh power Li-Polymer power bank stands in the Best power banks in India with RS 1299. It is recognized not only for its durability but also for its price range too.

Key Specifications

·​ Protect from overcharging.

·​ 3​ output ports.

·​ 5V,​ 1.5A Input, 5V, 2.1A Output

·​ 20800MAh​ Li-Ion

·​ Charging​ time 24 hrs.

·​ Led​ Indicators.


  • ·​ Overcharging​ protection
  • ·​ Provide​ both C type and USB ports
  • ·​ Scratch​ proof.
  • ·​ Handy​ design
  •  ·​ Comes​ with 6 months warranty.


  • ·​ Comparatively​ expensive with other power banks of 20000mAh
  • ·​ A​ bit bulky

Final stroke

We tried out our best to solve your queries regarding the​best power bank​. We have compiled a list of the best ones. The power bank should be the handiest smartphone accessory that you can easily carry in your pocket. Nobody knows when you need a quick top-up. Whether it is a function or day out. The power bank is a necessary accessory nowadays. Power banks range from as low as 8000mAh t0 as high as 32000mAh, but only mAh’s are not effective; it should be handy, good with the performance, complete with safety features, and yes your pocket friendly too.

In my opinion, power banks ranging from 10000mAh to 20000mAh are perfect; neither they are too much bulky nor heavy. And yes, you can get the good options in this power range; from Mi to Redmi, every power bank is packed with a lot of features, so here your searching for ​the best power banks ​surely be ended up in this blog. You can also buy these best power banks on Amazon or Flipkart or from there original website

Happy power!!

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